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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Life and the fun that goes along with it

We have been so busy this last month. I do not have time to blog like I used to. I miss it and miss reading all the blogs that I used to read. Life has been somewhat difficult lately, but I know that God never promised me or any of us a smooth road. So to get you up to speed here is what has been going on.

Good things first, my kids are doing well they are adjusting to school and becoming involved with things there. My little ones really like school and riding home on the bus and as I am pretty happy with the schools, this area is feeling better.

Secondly I am still growing all the time in my understanding and love of God as well as my personal growth in just being able to live as a now single mom of 6. I am very blessed to be in a church were the Pastor tells it like it is and the members are not afraid to encourage you and will tell you like it is as well. Kindness but not sugar coating that I can live with.

Next my suburban is mostly all repaired. My step dad, a couple of his friends, and my two older boys, put in all new spark plugs, a new heater fan motor, and a brand new radiator. They worked on it on a really cold day, but were blessed by the company he works for letting them use a heated shop. Praise God. I also repaired my drivers side door, I took it all apart repaired the handle and put it back together. It was a bit frustrating as when you take of the inside of the door and lower it the window lowers and then you have to muscle it back into place, but it is done.

The water leak in the basement is repaired. Praise God. I had to purchase a sump pump recently as we were getting about 4 inches of water a week. That was not good. We also have a brand new large sump pump as well. So hopefully things will dry out down there.

I still have my job and I love working with the residents and many of the people there. I am still struggling with the fact that I only see my kids for an hour or so a day when I work. But I do have a job.

Okay now the not so good things, I am on my second round of pink eye, first the right and now the left..... Not fun... My eye is hurting, the skin around my eye is hurting, however my eye is a lovely festive holiday red and green...hhahaha yeah I try to find the humor in everything. I am still struggling with the tail end of a cold as well, so I am tired.

The heater in the house is still not working, but we have space heaters and really it is not bad the core part of the house stays around 70 the edges of the bedroom not as warm, but I heat up rice bags and tuck them in around my kiddos and my feet and tuck them in and they stay warm till morning. So that works.

I do still struggle now and again that my husband ran off and left us. He insists that he only left me, but I figure some day he will get it. I can only pray for him, but I focus on my kids.

Tonight was my weekend off, and we watched ELF and had Christmas party food, LOL. It was fun. We are having good times when I do NOT have to work.

Well I am beat, need to get kiddos to bed and then myself.

I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and remembers to spread joy and love to others this year. Let us remember the true reason for the holiday and His gift to us, our salvation and eternal live... He paid the ultimate price for us so that we would not have to and no present could ever compare. I am not sure where I read this but something else to think about. Yes, He died for us all, but you know even if it had only been you or me just one of us, He would still have done it. That is amazing.

I bet there are many who would die to save the whole planet full of people, but what about just 1 person. Someone you do not know, are not related to, just a stranger, a homeless person, a thief, a murderer, a pesky neighbor, an ex-spouse, just one. Would YOU die for one of those? If I am being honest, I would have to say ummmm I would probably not. And I most assuredly would not give up even one of my sons for any of them. But God would and Jesus did die for just that one. He died for just YOU, because you are precious and just that important to Him.

Thank you Heavenly Father for that gift.
Merry Christmas

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Work in progress

Hello I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving. I am in the process of switching everything over for the Christmas season.. Please bare with me, I am not really liking the pic I have up and plan to change it, but for tonight, I am watching a movie with my girl!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Just a closer walk with Thee

A heard this song yesterday at the retirement home where I work. Now, normally I am a pretty modern sort of gal, and love a contemporary song service, but I love Patsy Cline. I think sometimes it is because I can sing alot like her. Her voice is deeper, and so is mine. I can do high notes, but I so prefer this. But I also really love this song, so hey bonus!! But with everything I have going on, this song is so true of my life right now. I want a closer walk with my Lord.

Daily I need Him near to make it through. I can not imagine my life without Him. If this all had happened and I had not had my faith in my heavenly Father, I would have been so lost. The Lord is all I need, and truly where I am weak He is strong. I am still sometimes working on the satisfied part. I sometimes take my eyes off of my Lord and worry about what I do not have instead of be thankful for what I do have, my Heavenly Father. And all I need is a closer walk with Him.

Let it be dear Lord, let it be!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

What I am working on

Okay so since I am now a single mom, and I can not afford repairman....I am learning to do things, I already mentioned the head and tail lights. Next with the car, I am going to get someone to teach me how to do spark plugs, that way I can do them myself. I also need to replace the radiator, I am hoping I can find someone with patience for someone who wants to learn and will teach me. Not that I WANT to do car repair, but hey it has to be done.

Wednesday, I took apart the freezer part of the fridge I am getting pooling water in the bottom of the fridge. I tried flushing it and then blowing warm air down it. I am not sure if I have totally solved the problem yet or not....I guess I will see. If not well I can do it again if I have to.

Next up, fixing the major water leak in the basement. It is bad enough that, I just pumped 4 inches of water out of the basement. SIGH.... I asked a man at church who knows plumbing how to do it and he is going to lend me the tools to do it and I will get it done. That way I can get someone down there to fix my heater, as the motot on the blower is shot. Who knows perhaps I will fix that as well. I also need to fix the water line under the kitchen sink, the connection to the filter faucet leaks so I have no cold water in the kitchen. Thankfully I have hot water back in the main bathroom, Tony fixed that awhile back. YAY!!!

So I guess I have some things to keep me busy!! ; )

Busy quick hugs

Loss in Divorce

You know when I first found out that my husband planned to leave me, I was in shock, astounded that this person I have loved, yes through many hard times although there were good, is leaving. The heartbreak of this was so overwhelming that I just kinda narrowed my focus down to this one aspect, I am losing my husband. The man I had shared over 20 years with. The man who really even through the struggles, was my best friend in many ways, we had alot of good times.

Talking at night while laying in bed and laughing over the silliest things, the movies we just laughed over so hard that we would rewind some parts a few times, just to laugh some more. Or when we took the kids to the state fair and they wanted to go into the fun house and the first part you could see as they tried to walk through the hall of mirrors and kept crashing, we almost were rolling on the ground with that.

Or when we started "dating" up at family camp and we were hanging out together and we went walking on the landing strip, and then heard a group of little old ladies coming and though hey maybe we should hide, yeah that always looks better, hiding, LOL. Anyway so we duck behind some trees, and for some reason my Tony decides to throw a huge rock over the cliff as he tossed it he ummmmm how to say it, passed gas loud enough to echo off the surrounding mountains, LOL.....ahahahahah I was having a hard enough time not laughing then he asks "Ummm you didn't hear that did you"? LOL Oh my gosh I said No and started laughing so hard I almost peed my pants. We had alot of funny times. I miss those

Or that more tender moments the birth of our children, the warm hugs and understanding when I lost an uncle, the compassion when I lost a friend, or those many moments that married couples have. The closeness of having your husband there at night warm your toes, LOL. Or knowing you can just reach out to him and he will be there beside you to catch his hand when you need to feel secure. The strength of his arms when I was worried.

Then the worries and concern over my children. Will they be okay, how am I going to support them, I have been a mostly stay at home mom for 18 years. Will they be as miserable as I am, or will they do okay. These eventually turned into, I hope and pray my kiddos do okay at school since I can no longer home school. To worries of I hope they are okay all day long without me being here.

These things overwhelmed me so much that I even missed other painful aspects of this loss. I am losing family and friends. Not just my husband. The band is no longer speaking to me and has removed me as friends on various sites. These men and their families were my friends too, at least that is how I thought of them. I MISS these relationships. I miss being one of the group. Also, I am missing my sister in laws and brother in laws as well as my nieces and nephews and my mother and father in law, and while I can still see pictures and stuff and send cards for birthdays, I will never again be part of the family, especially as I am replaced. The heartbreak in this is amazing. I am unsure some days on how on earth I can live with this continuing pain and loss.

I miss them all so much.

I know that God has a plan for me and that some day all the sharpness of this pain will fade, (I hope) and that I will be able to go through a day without crying. God never intended for it to be this way. When your family, your family!!!

Sadly but not without hope

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


After some discussion I found today that I am still tying WHO I AM up too much in my used to be husband, just because he chose to leave our family does not make me a failure and does not define me. WHO I AM IS A CHILD OF GOD, which yes is true, but more importantly even, and this was pointed out to me today, that WHO I AM IS A TEMPLE FOR GOD, and if nothing else isn't that absolutely amazing??

I mean He is GOD he created everything and we are meant to be a temple for HIM.... WOW Honestly I would never have seen this. I guess with my stress I can be pretty wrapped up in life, but I have an answer now to the question WHO AM I. That IS enough....

I am sure at some point more revelations about Gods plan for my life will be brought to light, but seriously I can live with this, it is WOW

Happy Veterans Day

Thank you all who have served our country, even when we have not always supported you nor deserved your loyalty.....Thank you for your courage, your hard work, your sacrifice, your commitment, your honor, and your bravery!!!! I am proud of you all!!! Thank you again to my brothers, Christopher and David again I am prouder then you know. Thank you Veterans, on this Veterans Day!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

What we have been up to lately

A couple of weeks ago the kiddos and I went to a bonfire at a church friends house. We roasted hot dogs and made smores....had a hay rack ride, witnessed the wonders of God up in the sky thanks to the lack of street lights unfortunately my camera batteries were dead so I took a couple with my camera which really does not take the best night pictures.

These are my new boots, I got them at a major discount. They are Fatbaby boots by ariat...They have nice rounded toes and are really comfortable, besides way too cute.. They had a variety of colors and I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have them all... Hi my name is Amy and I am a shoe-aholic, sigh....yes I have a problem I doubt I will ever take a pic of all of my shoes and share it. I once joked that smart cars are dumb cause they would not even hold all of my shoes, I was only mostly kidding...sigh. : )

Kitty on parents farm, it almost let me hold it okay well it did let me hold it for like 3 seconds and then apparently it got a good look at me and was like HEY, I DON'T KNOW THIS WOMAN, hissing and scratching insued....SIGH....he is pretty cute stripy legs solid colored body

And this way too cute sign I found a TSC just like my boots, and while yes I am not a little kid, I found the sign to be way to cute and it matches the colors in my room and I like it.

We have been busy in church and I am taking membership classes and plan to join the church when we can. I am so glad that I have found my new church family.. Our lives are kinda smoothing out, SIGH... although today was a hideously bad day and I even ended up in the ER with one kiddo getting a staple put in the head, a block fight accident. God has carried us through in so many ways as He has promised.

My tires were bald on my car and I could not afford all 4 at one time. No one would touch them until I did all 4 as they told me they were so bad it was illegal for them to touch them unless replacing them. The man my parents get their tires from said he would replace the two I could afford and put the best two old ones on the back. Well when the appointment was made and he heard about how bad the tires actually were, I had holes through what was left of the tread, he said he would replace all four and I could just make payments on the other two. He did not want me and my kids to die as they were at serious risk of blowing.

God provides, what a blessing this man has been to me and my kids. I am so thankful he allowed God to work through him. There have been all sorts of things that popped up like this alot of them little things. These neat little reminders that God is indeed there and that He has a plan.

Wednesday night, my ex-husband kindly check the fluids in the suburban, as I know the radiator has a crack in it, that's next on the repair list. Anyway I had NO oil in it at all or at least not enough to read. This makes no sense. I had the fluids check not very long ago and my suburban has NEVER leaked oil. Come to find out the oil filter is loose. It is not on as it should be. God kept my engine from blowing, I know that with every fiber of my being I had put over 3 hours of driving time on the car that day. The nice gentleman at the car place here in town tightened it all back up for me for free.

I have had a number of other things happen that I will share later, but for now I have a movie to watch and pizza and floats to eat with my kiddos.


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A gift for a friend

I thought this turned out pretty!!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween this year was.....

pretty good I guess although I had to work both Friday when our town hosted a main street trick or treating, and Saturday on Halloween....and as I am generally the picture taker...we have no pics of anyone in costume this year to share, LOL... The kids carved pumpkins, we made popcorn balls yesterday morning, and then the kids dad brought those who were not exhausted over to my work last night. I work at a nursing home and they came in and visited with a few residents, got a couple of pieces of candy, and I got to see my two youngest and my 14 year much taller then me son, for a few minutes on Halloween. YAY!!! So all in all it was pretty good.

I know I have said a couple of times that I will be posting more. This next Wed I do not think I will be going anywhere until church time, and I will use that time to write many of the posts I would like to post, and then just post them every so often. I have learned so much about myself, and really honestly about God in the last 8 months that it is amazing. God has been so good to me and my kids.

Hugs and happy first day of November, yeah, November can you believe it already??

Saturday, October 24, 2009

New Pictures LOL

I decided to play around and take some new pictures a couple of days ago.... These are my four favorite, I may take some more soon....I spent to much time hiding from the camera and not enjoying life as much as I should, LOL.,...

I hope everyone is having a nice weekend....Earlier I replaced a couple of lights in one of the tail lights and then the drivers side mirror....learning lots of new things now that I do not have a husband to take care of all those husband sort of things. LOL ; ) Not that us ladies can't do it cause well hey I am!! Next spark plugs.

I am so enjoying the new tires God blessed me with. No one would work on them because they were to bald And unless I replaced all 4 they would not rotate 2 of the best to the back. Well, my parents tire guy said he would do it so that my kids and I would be safer, and then the week prior to my plans to go up there I noticed holes in where the tread should have been..

When my mom called and made the appointment for me, she told him how bad they were, he said "Forget moving two to the back I am replacing all four and she can just pay me back when she can". " I don't want her and her kids to die." THANK YOU GOD!!!! So thanks to God and a wonderful man I have brand new tires with TREAD!!! lol... Now just need radiator repaired, the new spark plugs and maybe wires, then we will be pretty good. The Lord is surely merciful and gracious.

Off to the church hot dog roast and hay rack ride.


Saturday, October 17, 2009

No time...

I now I promised a post sooner then this. I have been so busy that I have fallen behind in my plans, LOL....No surprise there...I do not have to work Monday and I do not believe I have to go anywhere until church on Wed evening... So perhaps I will get all the things posted that I have been wanting to share... Until then God is good all the time!!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

I have been sooooo busy

A Kansas sunset....I kinda like the way the bleacher railings from the sunset...although it would have been fantastic without the railings there....and no I did not go closer to miss the railings I hate bleachers.
Anyway, I have alot of neat things to share, I posted a post before this one about some things I am learning, I will share more as I can. Tomorrow I will hopefully be able to write and update. Too late tonight!

Hugs Everyone

Wait for it.....

Habakkuk 2:3

For the revelation awaits an appointed time; it speaks of the end and will not prove false. Though it linger, wait for it; it will certainly come and will not delay.

I had been so struggling when I read this verse. I had wondered what was I supposed to be doing. What are Gods plans for me and my children. Does he have a plan when Lord when...

Then it hit me... Wait Amy, just wait, peace and Gods plan will come through. While we may have to suffer sometimes and we have been going through alot. Gods ultimate will and his plans for my children and myself will come through he wants only God for us. All I have to do is just give it to him and allow Him to work in his time and not get in the way.

It is easier then it sounds I must admit. However with the new growth I have experienced in this area and the godly wisdom of the ladies in my ladies group as well as the fantastic teachings from my pastor, I can wait! I do occasionally have struggle and start to panic and worry. It no longer last very long, I rebuke those spirits of fear, worry, anger and even some bitterness that likes to sneak in now and again. They must leave in Jesus name.

I will not allow those things to divert me from my connection with God and from the peace he has given me. THIS WILL NOT HAPPEN!!!

His plans for me will come. Waiting His timing.


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Signs of Fall

We have had such wonderful weather here the last few months....We have been blessed. It has seemed like fall is here a bit earlier then usual this year. On Sunday morning with drove though fog to get to church. The weather has remained cool. We have had a number of grey rainy days. I so want to get out all of my fall decorations and decorate the house with the leaves and scarecrows and pumpkins. I enjoy doing that with the season.

However this year I will not be decorating my house. I still do not have anywhere to go. I was contacted by a realtor last week letting me know that Fannie Mae wants me out by the 15th I believe she said. I have been unable to get any information on who to contact about getting until the end of the month. I will be renting a storage unit this week and starting to put all of our stuff in it, how handy that there is one right across the street, saves on renting a trailer, as I can no longer use both of the back doors of my suburban because of someone trying to break into it, so I can't fit alot into the back now. I have made numerous calls and been unable to track down anyone who can actually talk to me about this.

I know God has a plan for me and my kids. I trust him, but to say I am not a bit worried would not be totally truthful. I am worried a bit. LOL... I have no money as I have yet to receive any child support it is hard to make ends meet. I had a 500 dollar electric bill, plus 5 kids to enroll in school and buy school stuff for, as I can no longer home school. I do not have enough time in the day. Plus all the other bills and necessities...So I have no savings, no prospect on a house, and am running out of time.

Also I am struggling with making all these decisions alone... I do not want to mess up. I do not want to make my children struggle or suffer anymore then they already are. Not that I have alot of choices left to me. I KNOW that God could work it out for us to have a nice house in the country where the kids could keep their pets and I could keep my dogs...Is He going to?? I am not sure I do not begin to imagine I can totally understand His plans. I know He has them...

Gotta run,
Amy Ellen

Friday, September 4, 2009


Yesterday was NOT a good day..... I found out the an aunt who was very close to my age died Wed. I had not even known she was sick.....I have been sooo busy with falling apart and getting it back together that I had not made much in the way of phone calls etc out to California lately. She is only a few years older then me and she had been batteling cancer for awhile. It came back again and through out her body. The good news is today she is no longer in pain. We will see her again someday.

I also discovered some one at work has been spreading more lies about me. Even going to the administrator and accusing me of some highly inappropriate things. Things that never happened. I have been very fruistrated. Why why why must people do this... I know that God will take care of this. *see previous post!! It hurst, but Lord you will never drop me. Well got kiddos to get to school.


Friday, August 28, 2009

The truth about lies

Recently there has been some lies being told about me to some people in my church. I was very hurt and very angry. I am thankful it was not my husband. I believe in general he is being respectful, well as much as he can in his choices in this situation. Now does that just NOT make sense, LOL. But that has not stopped some others. My knee jerk reaction was to find them and holler at them and of course say all sorts of not very nice things to them.....

Well, boy that sure would have left me looking kind and good and I am sure given them a very high opinion of me. After I found all this out I stopped and was like okay I need to read my bible get into the shadow of his wings cling to those promises of his. I did my devotions, but felt that I needed to keep reading and I opened up to Psalm 12. And wow, Lord I am listening, you will not fail me nor dessert me. Verse 5 is the one that really struck me.

Psalm 12
1 Help, LORD, for the godly are no more;
the faithful have vanished from among men.
2 Everyone lies to his neighbor;
their flattering lips speak with deception.
3 May the LORD cut off all flattering lips
and every boastful tongue
4 that says, "We will triumph with our tongues;
we own our lips who is our master?"
5 "Because of the oppression of the weak
and the groaning of the needy,
I will now arise," says the LORD.
"I will protect them from those who malign them
6 And the words of the LORD are flawless,
like silver refined in a furnace of clay,
purified seven times.
7 O LORD, you will keep us safe
and protect us from such people forever.
8 The wicked freely strut about
when what is vile is honored among men.

The Lord does not lie and he says he will protect those who are being maligned. Just in case I misunderstood the meaning of the word, I looked it up

Malign means



criticize somebody spitefully: to criticize somebody or something in a spiteful and false or misleading way



1. harmful or evil: harmful or evil in nature, effect, or intention

2. wishing to harm others: having or showing a desire to cause harm or pain to others

What was being said would definitely fall into this category....

That's okay, I will just stay close to Jesus my saviour, my protector, my God in whom I trust. The lies will show through as just that. The Lord will protect me and my kids forever and for always. Now I am not happy about this, but by continuing to behave in a Godly manner and by clinging to God and his word the truth will shine through, of that I do not doubt.

Blessed by God Thankful for Grace

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tim Hawkins The Government Can

We absolutley love Tim Hawkins he is way too funny. I plan to buy his dvds and cds. Here is something to make you laugh. Pssssst scroll down and stop the music at the bottom of the page first.

Another year

Well I am another year older today!! I was blessed with a surprise birthday party in the park, and also a gift and some cards from people at work.

My sister, niece, brother and parents came and set up a surprise birthday party in the park complete with pink balloons, pink lemonade and chocolate cupcakes.

I did have a nice day, I was so blessed by my family, and then the people at work. It was awfully nice of them. I did not expect for my family to be ripped apart this year. I am hoping and trusting in God that the next year will hold many blessings for my kiddos and some peace for me. God does not want me to suffer. He wants the best for me and my kids.


Sunday, August 23, 2009

Fear Not!!!

I have so been struggling this week, yes I know I have had alot of reminders about Gods promises of being there and taking care of me and I do not doubt him. But yet here I am struggling. I received a birthday card from a dear friend today. She boosted my spirits a bit, she reminded me that people love me and care about me. Also last night I was doing my devotions and the verses for reading were as usual right what I needed to read.
John 14:1

Do not let your heart be troubled. Trust in God, trust also in me. Jesus comforting the disciples.

Also in my reading John 14:27

Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.

I decided tonight to turn on my playlist from my blog and just started singing and praying and then all of a sudden a wave of peace just covered me...I have not been here, in this peace all week....I have fought and struggled and cried and ached, and while I know normal reactions....I could not keep going on like this, I have been afraid to make any choices in any direction, I was fast heading toward ... fear and panic and starting to hear those nasty lies about being a complete failure again...I will not let the deciever take me there....gonna leave the music on until I head to bed and maybe even after!

Again Lord I believe fully in your promises
Psalm 91:1-2
1 He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High
will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.
2 I will say of the LORD, "He is my refuge and my fortress,
my God, in whom I trust."


Saturday, August 22, 2009

New Blog I like to visit

I have come across a wonderful blog that is telling it like it is with a wonderful creative sense of humor. It is called Red Ink. Well, actually she came across a comment of mine somewhere and stopped by and left me such an encouraging comment, Thank you, that I then went and visited her and have enjoyed reading. So stop by sometime the link is under my favorites on the right side of the page.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Promise from God and other reminders

Psalm 91
1 He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High
will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.
2 I will say of the LORD, "He is my refuge and my fortress,
my God, in whom I trust."
3 Surely he will save you from the fowler's snare
and from the deadly pestilence.
4 He will cover you with his feathers,
and under his wings you will find refuge;
his faithfulness will be your shield and rampart.
5 You will not fear the terror of night,
nor the arrow that flies by day,
6 nor the pestilence that stalks in the darkness,
nor the plague that destroys at midday.
7 A thousand may fall at your side,
ten thousand at your right hand,
but it will not come near you.
8 You will only observe with your eyes
and see the punishment of the wicked.
9 If you make the Most High your dwelling—
even the LORD, who is my refuge-
10 then no harm will befall you,
no disaster will come near your tent.
11 For he will command his angels concerning you
to guard you in all your ways;
12 they will lift you up in their hands,
so that you will not strike your foot against a stone.
13 You will tread upon the lion and the cobra;
you will trample the great lion and the serpent.
14 "Because he loves me," says the LORD, "I will rescue him;
I will protect him, for he acknowledges my name.
15 He will call upon me, and I will answer him;
I will be with him in trouble,
I will deliver him and honor him.
16 With long life will I satisfy him
and show him my salvation."

The Lord words are a promise to me, well to all of us. And while I am going through some of the hardest days of my life right now. I know He will carry me through. I won't lie and say that I do not hurt, because oh my gosh I hurt. I would so much like to just go to bed and stay there for a long time...When you have been with someone as long as this, Tony has been there for me for 20 years, more then half my life, your first reaction is to turn to them when your hurting.

We were standing in that court room before we sat down and my natural inclination was to edge closer to him, I started to reach out for his hand at one point and then, duh Amy reality sat in....your standing here in a courtroom so this man can leave you. He is not going to hold your hand or put his arm around you to shelter you anymore. It felt like my heart was being ripped out. It still does. I almost fell apart right there.

However, Gods words hold true. He is there and in various ways has shown His love and protection for me. I was going to look at a house, which is not going to work, but anyway I turned down the wrong road and went to turn around on the edge. Now I drive a suburban that has 4 wheel drive. Guess what the 4 wheel drive would not kick in....So I am stuck, badly stuck...LOL. I am still in my dress and heels from the hearing, so there is no way I can even climb back out of the mess I got msyelf in. I sat there crying, and praying LOUDLY!!!

Come on God, you can do anything you made the whole world, you can make my car go into 4 wheel drive. I made a call to Tony, he said he won't help me. I called my mom who had driven over an hour to sit with me at the park while I wept, I did not want to fall apart in front of the kids. She was turning around to come see if she could do anything. Then I wept some more and prayed and then a man in a truck stops. He gets out and says I have a chain I can pull you out it will only take a minute. I do not know who he was. He backed up got out got down on the muddy ground hooked the chain on and pulled my truck out. He did not give me his name just un-hooked it said he was glad he could help and left.

Thank you God for your provision you promised and took care of me, you sent an angel in disguise!!

I had to go to work at 5. I trudged in there not feeling well at all as you can imagine. I felt like I just wanted to throw up and go back to bed. Hanging on the fridge is an envelope addressed to me. A card from the the CEO, the Administrator, and the Employee Relations gal. Saying they were thinking about me and praying for me. It was awesome to know that someone cared.

Thank you God for your provision you promised you would take care of me and you sent a job filled with Godly supportive people my way!!!

So then yesterday I went to the library I knew I had some fines, as the books were due the same time I found out about the final hearing and I blanked. They renewed them 10 days ago, but there were already fees. I did not know HOW MUCH yet. I got in there and it was 24 dollars...geesh. I only had 8 on me. So I asked her to put it toward my daughters books and then what was left toward what I owed and then I would get the rest to her ASAP. I apologized and hinted about my life getting in the way. The Librarian knows whats going on as when I had to print out the worksheet for my lawyer I had to go to the library to do it.

So anyway she understood and I said I would be back. Of course it could not have been a quiet time at the library NO..... There were 4 people waiting behind us to check out. And the other bad part is I did not even guess it would be that much so I already had a pile of books out for the kids and myself. UGH!!! Well we moved them over by the return slot. She let my daughter check out books, even though really the rules say no, but she knew I would be back. And we left. How embarrassing. But I had a call right when I walked in my room. It was from the library. Someone behind me in line paid all of my fines. I am not sure who it was, she did not tell me. She said see there are still good people in this world.

Thank you God for you provision, you promised and came through, you sent someone with compassion for someone having a hard day.


Monday, August 17, 2009

Sad day

We have had a rainy gray day here in Kansas. And well it suits my mood and my day just perfectly. I guess today I am no longer married, or as close as. I miss him. I went from being a child to "dating" my Tony at 15 to marrying him at 18 through 17 years of marriage to now. My heart is breaking. I hope my husband finds whatever it is that he thinks will make him happy. I on the other hand have no plans except to try and raise my children in the way they should be raised and to no hopefully find a home where we can live and that I can afford. I looked at trying to get a Rural Development Loan, and it did not work out as I do not have a work history. So that leaves me homeless with 6 kids shortly. I know God has a plan.....I am just don't know for sure what that is yet.


Monday, August 10, 2009

She did what she could and it was ENOUGH

I do not know about you, but I have always had a compelling feeling of I just have to do more and be more. I have struggled for many years feeling like I have never been good enough, and that I could never do enough, that I was never enough. Then recently I read in a devotion called a Gift for Jesus, Mark 14:3-9, it is in the Women's Devotional Bible. It was the part about the woman who came to him bringing perfume. She broke it and poured it on his head.

To many present it seemed like a waste, that is served no useful purpose. Many criticized her and told her the better things she could have done with the money she could have gotten had she sold the perfume. But Jesus saw into her heart, He new her actions were because of her love for Him. The value of the gift was not the point, but the motive behind what she did.

What struck me the most is verse 8. It says SHE DID WHAT SHE COULD.

And that WAS enough.

She did what she could and it was enough....I did what I could, I still do what I can and it is ENOUGH...I am enough....that is enough...not sure if I am explaining this well enough, LOL, but for me reading that she did what she could...it made me feel so much better, she did something so little, but it was what she could do and all my life I tried and tried to do things for someone to show them that I loved them and to them it was never enough...but God knows my heart and he knows that what I tried to do and that I am enough...

Now I am not saying that we all do not need to grow, and that we should not strive to be better connected to God and to try to fulfill the purpose He has placed in everyone of us. But just saying that WE are enough. We are who God created us to be and there is a purpose there, we may just not know it yet. So even if what we can do is a just a small thing, done with a heart for God, it is enough. To God I AM ENOUGH!

Thank you God!!


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A day off

Well I have days off every week of course, but it seems as if I have been running running running every single day. This last weekend is now different. Friday I ran to walmart and then to a quick lunch with a dear friend at The Courtyard in McPherson. The food was really good and the atmosphere was wonderful. I WILL be going back.. Then rushed to work.

Saturday and Sunday I was off, but we kept going, LOL. We went back to walmart I needed a new cell phone as I could not hear on my other one. One drop too many I guess. Then we spent afternoon at the water park in McPherson. The kids had lots of fun and NO sunburns this time, yeah!!! The kiddos loved the lazy river and would have gone again and again, but their sibling wanted to swim more then float and they needed someone to go with them.

After all of our fun in the sun, where I actually got a bit of color, not a burn... Anyway we went by unanimous vote to Golden Dragon. We LOVE Chinese food. We have not been able to go in quite awhile. The kids and I enjoyed it sooo much. So after dinner it was off to walmart again for a few snacks and then back to the park at the band shell for a movie.

They were showing the movie the Princess Bride starting at dark. It was kind of bittersweet for me as this was like the first movie I ever watched with my husband when we were dating. It was his favorite back then 20 years ago. ROUS'S, he's only mostly dead, Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die, wuv tru wuv... SIGH...

It was a bit chilly, but we toughed it out. It was alot of fun. We got home kind of late nearly midnight. Then we were up bright and early for church the next day. Went to church, then walmart again for the stuff for floats. Since it was my Sunday off we always rent a movie, have pizza, and root beer floats. We rented Bedtime Stories.

So today is my day off before I work 6 days straight. I need to run and get a few things from the store, and then we have Wednesday night church. I am looking forward to that. I have been so blessed by the ladies in this group. I have a couple of other posts I have been working on that will hopefully follow shortly. Some neat things I have been learning.

I hope everyone has a fantastic day!!
Amy Ellen

Friday, July 24, 2009

Give away over on Prairie Flower Farm

You can win this sweet clothes pin bag.

Just copy and paste the folowing address and mention where you read about her giveaway and I can be entered to win again.


I am not sure why I can not post links in my blog posts, no matter what I try it won't work. Anyone want to let me know what I am doing wrong??

A wedding entrance to remember

I saw this and thought it was soooo cute, that I would post it for others to enjoy! You will want to scroll down to the bottom of the page to stop the music in my player before playing this video. Enjoy I did.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Still hanging in here

Every day lately seems to present new challenges. I often feel like asking God why he thinks I am so strong, or perhaps why he made me so strong. I feel like saying hey God today can I be weak, today can everything go RIGHT??? Please, please, please, with whipped cream and a cherry on top??? SIGH..... Okay so I guess not. The really cool thing is I keep learning so much more at our new church. I am so thankful to be in this new church. And actually some of my situation that I am currently going through has given me some new things that I am able to share with some people who need to hear it.

So for that I am thankful. I DO NOT like the situation that I am in and do not want a divorce. This is ripping my kids apart, and I hate to see them suffering. But I am thankful for the things I have been learning through all of this. God is good and most assuredly has a plan. So I am hanging on and waiting upon his timing. He will NOT leave me, or my kids, nor forsake us. He wants the best for us.

I am still amazed at the new things I am learning and at exactly how often, like daily, the bible is now relevant, thank you Lord. If the Lord was not a God of grace and mercy, he would surely have gotten sick of me years ago. I am still grateful for these gifts everyday!!

Thank you for all the prayers. I greatly appreciate them.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July

I hope everyone has a fantastic and safe 4th of July. I am thankful everyday that I and my children live in this country with all the freedoms we so often take care for granted. Yeah, right now this country has alot going on that I don't like, but still the alternative is nothing I want to consider so I am thankful everyday for being here.

God Bless America.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

A direction in life I do not want to take.

I have not posted much over the last few months as my life has been in turmoil. My husband of over 17 years has decided he no longer wants to be married. We have had a rough marriage I do not deny that, however we have finally begun going to a church where there is the help we need and the tools to head in the right direction. With hope in site, he decided to quit. At our previous church the Pastor decided coaching basketball was more important then doing our counseling. He quit and never even asked again how things were.

I have been struggling alot with fear, panic, hurt, sadness, anger, and so many other things. My children are also struggling with all of these things as you can well imagine I am sure. I am now working a full time job for the first time in ever. My youngest two, who are almost 6 and 7, have never been away from me much at all and now this is added to the fact that their daddy moved out.

Along with all of that, I have had some health concerns which praise God, just turned out to be stress, thought I was having a heart attack, spent time in the ER, had echo cardiogram run, and lots of blood work. All came back pretty much normal, yeah!! Praise God again. Still have some other tests run for a few other issues, and just yesterday found out I have a large bone spur on my spine. It is putting alot of pressure on some nerves, I am dealing with alot of pain, alot of the time, the chiropractor is helping me work at keeping those muscles relaxed and things where they should be as much as possible. Hopefully we will see and improvement, if this does not work then surgery becomes something to look at. SIGH.....

And then for some reason unknown to me someone wants to get into my suburban. Someone has tried at least 3 times and now one of the doors on the back no longer opens. I am not sure how much that will cost to fix, but at this point it really does not matter as I have no money.

Then I find out my husband qualifies for free legal aid, and I do NOT. He is living free with someone, and I have all the kids and bills and do not qualify. This makes no sense to me. He can just chose to move out and file for divorce and it's free, I have no choice but to respond and I can get no help at all, BUT wait...... I can make payments to them and after I pay it all off then within 6 weeks, I will get a lawyer appointed to me. 6 WEEKS??????? The whole thing could be over by then. I just don't get this. So I had to borrow 1200 to pay for a lawyer so now I will be unable to put new tires on my suburban which I needed a year ago.

But wait there is more......

The house I live in, the one we were supposed to be buying from someone who went to our previous church, the one who just pocketed our 740 a month, has finally been repoed, so now I have 3 months to either move..... which is a laugh... no one wants to rent to someone with 6 kids, someone who is recently divorced, has no long term employment history, etc.... OR try to talk the bank into working with me some how. We shall see what we shall see.

And then I guess the other thing that is bothering me right now is it seems there is no one, besides our pastor, not a single friend of his, not even his band, a christian band who is willing to hold him accountable and say NO this is not right. Most people in our church do not know us yet nor do they know the situation. I have heard from him that people, CHRISTIAN people, have said well hey you stuck it out longer then anyone else would, you deserve to be happy...... Well you know what I do want him happy, but we need to let God fill those places not count on someone else to do it.

Now before you think all is lost.... there are some good things going on.

I have been truly blessed in my job, during a day when I was falling apart, the CEO and the administrator, took the time to talk to me, to encourage me and to even pray with me and hug on me. Both of these ladies are fantastic. I have been so blessed. The job is going well. And I have finally been able to make some changes in my home that were needed.

There has also been tremendous spiritual growth, thank you God. It has been encouraging to here people say that you can tell I am a christian woman because of my actions, or someone else say there is just something different about you. It is all due to God. I have finally been able to let go of alot I needed to let go of and he has done some astounding work in me. I am amazed by everything I have learned at the new church. I can see the growth. I was stunted for so many years. I went no where. I was busy trying to give myself direction, when I did not even have a map. I was frustrated about how long it took, like all my life, but have some to accept it is all in Gods timing. I have also come to understand that many of these changes that He has made in me would not have been possible with Tony here.

I would have been very content to be where I was. Up until about a week ago, I would have said that no matter what I want Tony here. I want him to come home right now. But due to growth and my eyes being opened. I do not want what we had. And my husband is not there yet. I am still praying for him, but I do not want him no matter what the cost anymore. DO NOT GET ME WRONG, I do not want a divorce. I want my children to have both of their parents at home at night. But I also realized that I want more for my kids, I want more for my marriage, I want more for my husband. I want us to be RIGHT with God not just here no matter what anymore.

I think this is enough for now. I have no intention of defaming my husband so saying much more might head that way. Just know that I so appreciate all of your prayers and your good thoughts. I do know that no matter what God has plans to bless me and my children, I just need to keep doing what I need to do. God is good.

Amy Ellen



I have not posted in quite a while it seems.... Lots going on. I do not have much time to post at the moment. However, this evening, I will finish up on another post and it should be here...... Thank you all of those who are praying for my family and myself. Those prayers are greatly appreciated. So many changes in life right now.

Grateful Hugs until later

Amy Ellen

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Neat things about blogging

One of the neatest things about blogging for me is being able to see how many people are interested in what is going on way out here in Kansas. I get quite a few visitors from California, which is really cool. I grew up there and alot of family is there. So hi everyone!!! There are also quite a few visits from other countries!! I am so glad you stop by! Also other bloggers visit now and again. There are some fantastic ladies out there with some wonderful blogs, thanks ladies for stopping by. I hope everyone has a fantastic day.

Monday, May 4, 2009


As you might have noticed by my songs, I am big on grace lately. I am so thankful for Gods grace. I sometimes took it for granted I think. I have been a christian for ever really and was saved many years ago. I thought okay I am doing what I should .......... Well lately after going to this new church, I realized how many things I have missed and or messed up. I have just been astounded by all of my mistakes and I still am. I am thinking what if God had been impatient or just got fed up with me. Thinking okay she has had enough time, how dense can one person be?? LOL!!!! I know that looking back at it I would have gotten impatient with my mistakes. I would not have been so kind to myself. Frankly I really get mad at myself sometimes. Thank you Heavenly Father for you grace. I do not deserve it. I guess that's why it is called grace.

Humbly thankful

Friday, May 1, 2009

I am so behind


I have meant to post for a few weeks now. We have been so busy. We have had many changes in the past few months. As I mentioned we have begun going to a new church and I have been astounded by what I am learning. So many things that no one has ever said to me before. It is all so simple and is like WOW for me, I feel this way every week right now. It feels like I have known nothing. In ladies group, church and the conversations with the Pastor, I have learned so much about the way God made me and who I am and SO MUCH about God word that I feel like I have never been in church before. I kinda feel bad a bit, as I have been in church my entire life. I was saved many years ago, and have gone no where. Praise God I am in the process now.

I have also started a job. This is the first full time job ever. I have never worked much out of the house. 17 years of being home with my kiddos. We are going through some major transition here. The littlest kiddos are not happy campers. Frankly they are pretty mad at me. But it has come to the point where it has become necessary for me to work. We are still homeschooling which this year will go through most of the summer probably as we have had some tough days recently.

The new job is going well. I am working at a nursing home, in a homemaker/hospitality
sort of position. I will be serving dinner to residents, sweeping dinning rooms after dinner, visiting with residents, reading mail to them, reading to them, doing activities, answering doors in the evenings taking visitors where they need to be. And a number of other things. So far it is going well. I am enjoying the residents and the people I work with. It is a wonderful Christ centered place. The atmosphere is unlike many retirement homes I have visited.

This month promises to be busy. We have mothers day next weekend. We will not be "going" to tea this year, but will be having a tea party at my sisters house. We plan to have it outside and each bring tea foods, etc. It should be lovely. Also we are hoping that by having it at my sisters house, my other sister and my nieces will come. They are not big on the tea room idea.

Then we have my Elijah's 7Th birthday near the end of the month. He wants to go to the zoo, the park, the movies, out to dinner, a picnic, LOL. We need to kinda pin down exactly what we are doing. I am thinking not everything will happen. Then we have fathers day and so more birthdays and 4Th of July. We are just a busy family with all the get togethers etc.

Well gotta run

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Hope everyone has a Fantastic Easter today.... I MAY have something to post tomorrow, but we will have to see. I still need a couple more to join in on the Pay It Forward. Please join in it should be lots of fun!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Giveaway over on Country Pleasures

There is a giveaway over on Country Pleasures blog, just click on the title of this post, and you will be taken there. Please stop by and enter and if you mention my name I will get another entry, so feel free to mention it, LOL. ; ) Also be sure to stay awhile and visit over there she has such a lovely blog.

Monday, April 6, 2009

A smile for your day

I found this wonderful video over on A Sparrows Home, link on the left in favorites, or just click on the title of this post. I just could not help but smile. I thought other might need a smile as well today. Please be sure to scroll to the bottom of my page and stop the player down there first. You will enjoy this to the very end.

That would have been so fun to have seen in person. Anyone want to go to the train station with me??


Friday, April 3, 2009

Pay It Forward

I have an opportunity to participate in Pay It Forward thanks to Madrekarin at One Perfect Little Miricale(a link is in my favorites or just click on the title of this post). If you also want to join in, but haven't had the opportunity to yet or you want to enjoy the fun once again, then this invitation is for you!

Here's how Pay It Forward works:

I've signed up with Madrekarin and committed to send the next 3 people who sign up here with me on my blog a handmade item and goodie package within 365 days.
By accepting my invitation, YOU agree to Pay it Forward to the next 3 people who sign up with you (on your blog) and send them something within 365 days. An easy amount of time in which to get it done! ; )

Want to join the fun and Pay It Forward? I'd love to have you sign up with me!!
Please leave a contact email so I can confirm the details with you. Let's keep the PIF going strong!

Okay, everyone, who wants to play?

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Sunset

Hello I have been so bad about posting. I have had alot going on around here. I am still not quite ready to post about it. I am sure I will eventually. I have had some good things happen and some not good things happen lately. I am trusting God to take care of the not so good things. He made everything. The world, the rain, the feet of snow we had over the weekend, the sun rise and yes even the sunset. He is always and forever faithful. He is working on us and for us before we even know there is a problem. We had to drive in to Hutchinson, Ks today for some doctor appointments. As we were driving home this evening two of my boys and my daughter and I were so blessed to see such a lovely sunset. We stopped and took the first 5 pictures and then we headed farther toward home and then decided we wanted to watch the rest. So I turned back of the highway and we pulled over and watched the lovely sun set. What a blessing to have had the freedom and time to just sit and enjoy the art that God placed here for us. I hope you can enjoy the pictures as much as we enjoyed taking them.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

SNOW and small update

Things here are obviously cold and wet. I am so wanting spring to finally get here. I am waiting on many things right now. And am looking at a whole twist to my life. God has already blessed me in some of what is to come. Just need to hold on and keep trusting and have that faith that God has a plan and he wants only good for us.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Been working on a gift

I have been working on a gift this evening for one of Wade from Staynlis' daughters. She had a birthday yesterday. So besides the other hair things and lip gloss and goodies she isgetting thought I would make her a little book.

Have a delightful Sunday

Thursday, March 12, 2009

With out God it is just talent, I got the illustration before the lesson

So I had women's group last night. We were bringing in goodies for snacking on, plus it was someone birthday. So I decided I am making lemon squares. I have the best recipe for them. And since I kinda pride, gasp, yes pride myself on my baking and cooking, I am actually trying to look at this a bit different today and I will explain, just bear with me.

So I have made a wonderful looking batch of these bars they smell great and the crumbs tasted good. I need to leave in 20 min. So I am trying to get them out of the pan. I used my pan that has a removable bottom, so that I won't mess any of the bars up taking them out of the pan, I can just pop out the bottom and cut them and then have perfect squares. So I am pushing it out when suddenly it just flies out flips over and SPLAT on the floor it goes. I screamed, I fled, I wept.

I have been so struggling the last few weeks and this was the first time I would have been bringing any of my cooking to this church. And for someone who is a perfectionist by nature, a pleaser by nature, and one who very used to compliments on her cooking and may be a wee bit proud of that, I broke. I have never had something like this happen to me. I ran to my room and just wept. My husband came in and rubbed my back and said he was sorry, and then said well you still have the wraps, and while yes the turkey, bacon, ranch wraps that I make are always a hit, they ARE NOT LEMON BARS. I was so frustrated. I said no the only thing I am good at is this, this is my thing and now it is ruined. I then told him no I don't want to take the wraps, yes pity party, I am not taking anything.

My husband said everyone will love the wraps take them. I sat here in misery a few more minutes. Got up washed my face, I had no time for makeup now, great no make up and a red blotchy nose and face and eyes. SIGH........ I got going grabbed a plate from the china cabinet, cause NO I CAN NOT SERVE OUT OF A STORAGE CONTAINER. Then headed out the door with the wraps, my bible, a journal, and alot of self pity..... As I drove I listened to K-Love and decided to be my usual cheerful self. Decided I would just throw it out there and say Hey you almost got some of my yummy lemon bars, but as they fell on the floor and even though we mopped today with 6 kids and the dogs....... well you probably don't want them now, HAHAHHAHAHHHAHAHA.

So I did everyone laughed and I served the wraps which everyone loved and complimented me on, which I do appreciate made me feel a bit better, remember, pleaser here. But that is not the point of this.

We were studying more then this but the quick point to last nights lesson is how without God our talents are just talents not gifts. And how if we are just using them and not letting God use them through us that they will often fail. My jaw still hurts from hitting the table, LOL. So I sat there with a small little smile of chagrin on my face thinking, Okay God, yes I was using my talents to try to do something not letting you use me. I get it, I guess I needed that lesson. I so often try to do things, because, I can do them, I need to remember to wait on God to use me.

Rats I hate when I get some pruning done. Like I mentioned before in my previous post, I am looking at myself as a plant, perhaps a showy red loud rose bush. That's kinda my speed I love red, I do admit to being thorny sometimes, and yeah I can be a bit showy and loud, but really though it is not in an obnoxious way, I would hope my friends would tell me, and as people seem to like to see me coming, I think I am good. Anyway, last night I had some pruning done, pruning is good. It promotes growth, makes the plant healthier.

But still the human person in me wishes I could have learned this with a stupid batch of cookies...... Oh well, God knows I probably would not have learned it that way.


I have been repotted!!!

Okay so you all know that I have been struggling. Well we have been going to a new church as I mentioned before. I have been so blessed there has not been one time that I have been there that if the Pastor had only been speaking to me, that it would have been totally relevant and pertinent. This in itself is awesome. He has me reading a couplf of his books and I have already underlined alot in the first chapter that were like "DING' lightbulb moments.

So anyway I am now going to the ladies group on Wednesdays. I have been so blessed by the this group already. I really struggled with our last church when suddenly after everything I have given to this church, they all turned on me. I have been going through alot, over the past few years. Suddenly it seems almost as a collective group they all started pecking me to death like chickens do to a chicken that is already struggling.

This hurt as I tend to be a pleaser and so I tried to do so much for this church, I painted, cleaned, cooked, set up, tore down, organized meals, organized meals for the sick,voluntered for everything, organized community sevice workers, answered phones, worked in the nursery, provided breakfast for the whole church on Sudays, baked cakes for the special occasions, made phone calls for events, etc. Yeah I try to be a pleaser. Anyway, I stopped going to the ladies group when I was picked at during an occasion where I was asked to lead the group for the night. I have been alone there.

I have come to accept that a change was most definatley needed. Lets take plants for example, some of us, me, just hate change so much that we are willing to take the few sprinkles of water were harldy ever given and just keep on hanging in there, not thriving, not growing, just being there. Well every now and again, you have to prune you plants and repot them to give them more space for their roots to spread and their branches to grow. So even though I had been feeling for a long time that I was dying in this little squashed pot of a church, we did not make the change.

Praise God that he made it so uncomfortable that WE HAVE BEEN OFFICALLY REPOTTED LOL. I can feel my roots streatching out already. This new group is gowing through lessons that are allowing growth and thought. PRAISE GOD

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Well at least I wasn't trying to save a spot at the gas station

So if you recale my Feb 19th post about the inccident at the school program, then you will appreciate the title and the following story, if you have not read it scroll down and you get it, LOL

Man trying to save spot for wife gets run over

LEHIGH ACRES, Fla. – Authorities said a man intentionally ran over another man who was trying to save a parking spot at a gas station on Monday. The Lee County Sheriff's Office reported that the victim was standing in a spot to reserve it for his wife at the Murphy USA gas station.

The man saving the spot told deputies that he held up his hands when another man pulled up to the line, but the man drove forward and hit him in the knees.

When the victim yelled at the man to stop, authorities said the suspect pulled forward and hit the man again, causing bruising and swelling. Other witnesses backed up the victim's story.

The suspect was arrested and charged with misdemeanor battery.

A lovely place to visit

I was touched today by a post from another gal on her blog. It was a blessing on this winter time of life that I am traveling through. Her blog is called Prarie Prologue. The link is down a bit in my favorites on the right hand side. Please go visit and check out her wonderful thoughts.


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

These things

Okay you can probably guess what this first picture is. My two youngest begged for rainbow Slinky's. Now I do not usually but them things just because they asked, but their big brother got one on Saturday and boy have they been envious. Well yesterday we were at the dollar store and they had bog rainbow Slinky's for 1 dollar. So okay I thought you can get a slinky. The smiles were well worth the 2 dollars. And now do you know what I have been doing for the last now 24 hours, I figure I have untangled them approximately 3,240 times, LOL. They are having lots of fun with them, making them walk down the stairs, making smiles with them, making rainbow hair with them, making necklaces, bracelets, you get the general idea. So I spend part of my day untangling them. It is so worth the priceless smiles of joy when Mom fixes the toy yet again.

So what's this you ask.

Okay now do you remember from my Saturday post what I wanted to shop for??? Well after an hour and 15 billion different bras. I finally found one that makes me and parts of me happy, LOL ; ) Gosh darn it who makes these things. There are those lovely creations of lace and pink satin that look nice on the hanger and then you put it on and you ponder WHO on earth made this thing???? I mean your "parts" are headed east and west, not just say north, LOL... HAHAHAHAHAH Then there are the peach colored ones who again look good on the hanger and then you put it on and it looks like either a bra from way back when pointy was good or remember Madonna in the 90's???? Okay so you know what I am taking about. Then there was the lovely brown one that had both the aforementioned problems. I will not bore you with all of the details, but, after trying on that many, I had a lovely rubbed area on my back, OUCH!!!! Now what you might ask does the above picture have to do with all this??? Come now there must be another not very tall yet well curved gal who knows what these are..................................... No, well this is what I have to do to every single last bra that enters my home. The lovely under wire/torture devices, must come out. They dig into my ribs and even worse right up into my underarm. I am only 5'1" so my shorter stature makes these hideous things just evil in my book.

LOL now that some of you may have gotten much more info then you wanted, I AM HAPPY. I am thankful for my small things. And a new bra with only 1 hour of trying them on and only having to go to 1 store well that makes me happy.


Monday, March 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Babe I love you

Well today is my husbands 36th birthday. While I told him I would not plan anymore surprise parties, LOL. Okay so yes in the 20 years we have been together, I have planned only 2. But anyway, while I am NOT planning a party. Our 6 kids and I are planning something. And while he does read my blog, he is at work and will not be reading it until he gets home later today or after that. So we bought his present yesterday. The kids actually picked it out and that's fine with me. They know what he likes too! He has a favorite cake that I will be making later and it really is yummy. I started it the first year we were married. There is chocolate, strawberries and whipped cream involved. Lets just say that. I do not tend to give out my recipes for cakes very often, so I just give the general idea, LOL..

Babe I pray that your day today is wonderful and you next year truly blessed. I love you.


And if you all read this and would like to pray for my husband to have a blessed day and a wonderful year, then hey the more the merrier!!!

Be Blessed everyone


Sunday, March 1, 2009

A few, check that alot of things that stress me out

Some of you who know me and have actually talked to me know that I am a fairly upbeat kinda gal. I am always trying to find something to be happy about. I believe firmly in the fact that I find my joy, peace and happiness in God. Today I am just grrrrrrrr stressed, angry, mad, you know those kind of words, LOL. I am pretty much keeping a tight rein on my tongue, LOL. Which is good. I have had such a long day.

I was up until 3:30 Sat. morning. My husband and one of the guitarists decided to get together yesterday and practice and stuff. So I went to a friends house in McPherson and helped to stamp out some cards and get them put together for someone. That was alot of fun. Except that it got kind of late. My husband did not get there until almost 1:00 am.

Then we had to go to Walmart. There were things we needed this morning and so we went to Walmart. Drove home and finally after taking dogs out and making sure everyone was tucked in and where they needed to be. FINAllY, I got to bed. So early this morning. I woke up, kinda slowly got moving ran to the thrift store where miracle, upon miracle I found 4 pairs of pants for my little boys that were in decent shape and did not cost an arm and a leg.

Went home and my husband suggested taking the kids out for lunch and then out to do something. Well, I had been wanting to do a bit of shopping for some let's say feminine undergarments. Okay y'all got me?? Plus I had 3 kiddos that needed new shoes. And 1 that needed a new coat as the zipper busted off on his and as it was a not so toasty 20 degrees today where we live. I figured a new coat was in order. Especially as he was outgrowing his anyway.

So we went to lunch and while eating my husband started not feeling well. So I said okay let's drive you home, get you to bed, and I will take the kids myself. I made sure he was settled in and then after people needing to use the bathroom and running back in for something. We headed out.

So, we go to an unfortunate, 8 stores today, myself and 6 kiddos, and then I went into 2 others alone. In the first 4 store we found nothing, except my new Schnauzer key chain. SIGH....... Nothing like cold weather that chaps your hands and face and nothing much to show for it. We went to the dollar tree picked up a few odd and ends that we needed some pencils and paper. Okay so we needed that stuff. ONWARD.....

Payless shoe store had a BOGO half off sale and this included everything. They had little boys Airwalks marked down already, plus the BOGO half off. As we like the Airwalk brand, I went ahead and bought them. We only had a small incident of fussing from the 5 and 6 year old who for some reason thought they were getting Heelies. Yeah, not today... Okay this one it was worth going in. Then we briefly went into Game Stop.... SIGH, why is this store always full of a bunch of men??? Sometimes a woman or two like myself, saying to someone at the register, well I don't know they just told me....... or they said this was scratched and they needed me to return it. Those few of us, a couple of kids, and a bunch of overgrown boys, I mean men looking for games. SIGH.... I decided that I did not want to be in there with 6 kids.

So I had my oldest stay with my daughter who was looking for a game, and I loaded the 3 youngest and my 14 year old into the car and then drive it down in front of Game Stop and parked sent my oldest out and then paid for the game. Whoohoooo onward to Walmart. Yeah........ Was my enthusiasm waining, yup. Did I really want to go into Walmart, no. But we still needed a coat, a pair of shoes, and for some reason the thought of purchasing the aforementioned undergarment had yet to leave my head.

So we found a coat pretty fast. 7 bucks for a warm, toasty, thick coat. I can live with that. Onward to shoes, this took awhile, but then shopping with a 13 year old girl usually does.... We finally found the last pair of a black with blue trim pair of tennis shoes. Then we searched the electronics department for an inexpensive pair of headphones. Finally I gave up said I hate shopping at a Walmart I do not know, I am done we have a few other things we need let's go. As I turned to leave electronics, that's when it hits me.

What you ask??? What was it that finally dawned on this sleep deprived, weary, mother of 6???? THERE IS NO POSSIBLY WAY I AM GOING TO TRY TO SHOP FOR THE AFOREMENTIONED UNDERGARMENT WITH 6 KIDS IN TOW. ESPECIALLY AS 5 WERE BOYS. Why on earth it had not occurred to me until then, I will never know. You would have thought I would have given up on that idea quite quickly. You know like hours before when my husband said he was not going with us??? That would have been a fine time to have a realization. As it was in the middle of the store after other frustration, I was kinda annoyed. Not with the kids, not with my husband, just plain ol' annoyed. SIGH.....

So I turned to leave and a few rows down guess what? I found the stupid headphones. So we bought those and then the hunt began. WE WERE ON A MISSION. The search for ginger root. All of a sudden it seems Walmarts aren't carrying it. I finally gave up, paid,packed all the kids in the suburban, and then started for home. After I got on the freeway, my daughter says Dillon's sells ginger root. Now I was not sure if this was true or not as I do not typically shop at Dillon's, but about 2 miles down the highway, I pulled off and turned around.

Now I did not want to turn around. I don't take ginger root. But my husband, you know, the poor guy sick at home. He uses ginger root. So I turn back. I go back to the Dillon's a few miles back and go in. Brrrrr it's cold as it is now dark. I go in, search 3 places where they have herbs. NO GINGER ROOT...... I could have cried. I am so tired. AS I get back into the suburban the kids ask if I got it. NOPE they did not have it here. I start thinking hey wasn't there some stupid place called Vitamin something back another couple of miles, the wrong way. I think okay I will call home ask husband to get number and call them. I try calling. No answer, no answering machine..... GRRRRRRRRR What the heck here I am running myself all over looking for ginger root and he isn't answering the phone.

Then I noticed a Papa Murphy's, So I pull in there and go in and pick up a couple of their take and bake pizzas. After they made them all up and I climb in the car, I finally get a return call. I was on the phone with someone else, I am told. I am now cold, weary and hungry and could really care less about the stupid ginger root. Hey I don't need it. So not a nice attitude, I know. I am working on it, okay? I mean hey what if we were being hijacked or held for ransom or the car broke down or hey what if I needed to ask him a question and I only had the one call for some reason. SIGH....... WHY DID YOU NOT ANSWER??? Of course that last few things I thought to myself. I said hey I was gonna have you look up this place and see if they had it, but just never mind now, I am heading home.

So he asks me, how far away are you, SIGH......... Man, I am such a sucker pushover sort of gal. Okay Hun, you look them up and call them and if they have it I will go and get it, I will start driving that way, but I will not get out unless you get and answer. Well he calls them and they have it and so I go and get it. YEAH!!!!! GINGER ROOT!!!! Can't you feel the love, the enthusiasm, the excitement, the joy. NO??? Me either, just checking!

Okay so it is 7:00 and cold. I drive home 30 minutes. I stop to pick up the movies I promised to rent and then we go home. I was going to put gas in. But you know the mean part of me won that battle. I decided my husband could put the gas in tomorrow morning while I sit warm and comfy in the car on the way to church. Yeah, not the nicest. I know. I am really trying otherwise. No not a good excuse, but come on it was sooooo cold. Sniff sniff, come on you all know you feel sooooo sorry for poor ol' me.

So, I get home dinner is made, I wait until after the movie and then finally cut my 14 year olds hair. I brush him off, send him to the shower first and say be fast I need a shower too. I always take a shower after I cut hair. Otherwise I feel like way itchy, LOL. So kiddo gets in the shower and I hear I am done. I was honestly not watching the time. And incidentally, we are having to use the shower in the laundry room/bathroom, as one of the youngest got mad, kicked a little wooden door in the hall and cracked the PVC pipe for the shower in the front bathroom. So we need to fix that now, and the laundry room shower head has a much higher pressure and flow for the water. So I finally go to take a shower to wash my hair for church and get the cut hair off of me.

I HAVE NO WARM WATER..... IT IS ICY COLD.... WHY, I AM SO TIRED, I JUST WANT A SHOWER, WHINE WHINE WHINE. I did start to cry. With everything going on in my life and then today... I am just plain ol' worn out. So that's why I am here whining at you all. Cause I have to wait.

I hope everyone is having a better weekend then me. I hope you all have a delightful Sunday.

Be Blessed

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thank you Mr. Anton Epp You have said it all and so well!!!!

I read this letter to the editor of the Hillsboro Free Press. I called them and they graciously allowed me to use the letter in my blog. Thank you!!! The gentleman who wrote the letter expressed it quite well and so I will not try to add anything to it, except the following, the mention of state, county and city should be expanded to all states, counties and cities. That's it and then a hearty,


Mr. Anton Epp of Gossel Kansas it is refreshing to see that there are still good solid Christians, such as yourself, out there who are tired of standing by and watching people dilute the truth and say it's okay to keep on preaching that watered down just do whatever nonsense, bring back the Bible, bring back the truth, so without further ado Mr. Epps letter.

Wake up, you are being deceived

In Matthew 24 the disciples asked Jesus, “What will be the sign of your coming and the end of the age?” Jesus answered: “Watch out that no one deceives you.” As we near the rapture, deceit abounds. Deceit in the White House, statehouse, city hall, school house and the home.

America has a president that, in less than a month of office, has given away more money in a lump sum than any president before. He has told America that the banks, mortgage companies, Wall Street, that gave themselves $20 billion bonuses, that made bad loans on houses people could not afford and could not pay back, that these bad financial decisions would not have to be held responsible for.

He says by his actions; “I, the president, am your saviour and messiah. Your bad decisions are somebody else’s fault, and you will be bailed out so as not to be held responsible for your actions.”

People, one of the best lessons of life is to fall, to start over, and not make that mistake again. Here, the people are being rewarded with billions for being incompetent.

Our president comes from a generation that was taught that if things don’t go right, it is somebody else’s fault, and your self esteem is all that matters. My generation, in their 70s to 90s, is the last of a breed that was taught and lived that you are responsible for your actions, both earthly and spiritual.

The next generation, in their 50s and 60s, have not heard that sin is sin and were taught in the public schools your self-esteem is important. They raised a worse generation, today in their 20s to 40s, and their school kids of today run around with “No Fear” shirts on.

I’ve got to say, people, in this day of breakdown of law, respect, decency, character and economic problems, I fear what is to come.

All because we have been deceived.

Our governor has failed to say, “If we can’t afford it, we don’t spend for it.” The best stimulus plan is get out of the working man’s pocket and let him take care of himself. Get rid of these welfare programs. “He who does not work should not eat.” That’s in the Bible.

You people on welfare with all your life problems, nothing is going to work in your life until you do.

School costs are out of control because they have failed to live within their means. Most people on school boards, administrators and teachers came out of college into the school system. They never worked a full-time 12-month-a-year job, expected to perform or be fired, and do not know how to earn a dollar on Monday and make it last until Sunday.

Money is poured into so-called visionary programs that are a dead end. The public school system is a government within government with no constitutional authority to exist and levy taxes. Yet, they levy taxes without accountability to the people.

City government, such as in Goessel, has become arrogant in behavior. The mayor and town council, without holding public meetings where the people could be heard, or without a vote, borrowed $390,000 for a project that was never clearly thought through. And put every house in Goessel as collateral for the bonds.

The mayor, when asked by a gentleman at a town meeting to tell the plan for repayment of these bonds, blurted out at him, “You have an agenda against this town!”

All because we have been deceived.

What will it take to return to the days when we did things right?

A president that goes to Congress every morning and prays for them and America.

A governor that goes before state employees and opens each day with prayer.

Marion County commissioners that open meetings with Bible reading and prayer. (Have the meetings from 5-9 p.m. so citizens can attend and be heard.)

A mayor and town council in Goessel that opens meetings with Bible reading and prayer. And recognize the citizen has a constitutional right and duty to speak and seek redress of grievances without seeking permission and sponsorship of a councilman. This is censorship. The mayor and town councilmen need to greet people with a sincere smile and welcome. The attitude now is to greet people with a scowl unless it is a buddy.

Schools open each day with Bible reading and prayer. Kick out the lie of evolution and teach the Bible. Then they can take out the metal detectors, watch grades go up and teen pregnancies go down.

Let’s not leave out the churches. Pastors, whatever happened to sin? Preach that sin is sin and a day of reckoning is coming near.

People, wake up. You are being deceived.

Anton Epp