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Sunday, November 25, 2007

New Home

Well it looks as if it is official, unless God has other plans, we are moving in early December to a lovely home with 3 bedrooms up and some possible down, 2 bathrooms, a large living room, a large family room, a lovely dinning room, and really nice kitchen, a nice fenced in back yard, an attached garage and another unattached on as well as storage shed. It is in another town, oh well, it is not too far away from where we are really just 25 miles or so.

It is a nice town within decent driving distances to other bigger towns is necessary. Anyway we are excited, to be in a home for Christmas, not that we are not ever so thankful for where we are because we are it is very comfortable and warm, and having 2 bathrooms has been awesome!! But we are kind of cramped and living out of boxes is well not the most fun.

So praise God, he does indeed answer prayer and of course will never leave us nor fosake us!! Thank goodness, LOL

Nighty night

Okay now for some Christmas Spirit

Okay so it is not the best picture, but well I forgot to turn off the flash and hold still and well get out of the car, or even to stop the car from moving, LOL. But someone is feeling the Christmas spirit and I will try to find better ones and to take better pictures. Alas one of the best places to take pics decided not to decorate anymore. Sigh...... Oh well, I know there are some awesome pics to be found somewhere. So we shall see what I see.


Saturday, November 24, 2007

Snow, sigh

Okay so it has been snowing, we have perhaps 2 inches of snow. SIGH!!!!!!!!! Okay I am not so ready for winter, especially as we have to move here soon. So roads and yards and sidewalks that are snow free would be preferable. Oh well it is quite lovely, however I went to take a picture of the yard and then decided not to as well, what you would get right now is a pic of my neighbors mobile home. And while it is a very nice mobile home, it still is well a mobile home, LOL. Maybe tomorrow I will get out and take a picture in the park or something or not depending upon how cold it is and if we even have any snow left tomorrow.

I hope that every one has a lovely weekend, and that you and yor family are all safe and warm.


Friday, November 23, 2007

How was your Thanksgiving

We had a very good one. WAY WAY too much food. Even more then usual as my sister had her husbands side of the family there as well. So they made all of their favorites too. And you know what we had tons of food left, although no one minded that. I am making a thanksgiving dinner here again sort of tonight.

My husband likes how I cook everything and wanted me to do it again no biggie. As we did not get into my green bean casserole that is already done. Plus I have the stuffing baked already, and I took hom my gravy, plus we have 2 pumpkin rolls and a sweet potato pie, although I may get roped into making something sweet with apples, oh yes and we have some ham rolls left.

Anyway I must go brave the local walmart sigh....... although by this time of day the sales should be over and there should be less people there. But I need some rolls I don't feel like making homemade ones today. I am still tired from yesterday.

I hope everyone traveling has a safe trip home.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Thanksgiving Myspace Graphics

You know if I was this turkey I am not sure that I would be smiling. He looks entirely to happy for it to be thanksgiving, LOL. So whats your weather like??

Today we are actually getting some snow. If it keeps up I will take some pictures and post them. Okay I need to get busy we will be going to my sisters house this year. Both sides of her family will be there totaling 26 people, I am bringing a second green bean casserole, 2 pumpkin rolls, ham and salami rolls, the stuffing, and since I am the designated gravy maker for the family, I will be taking the stuff for that and doing that there.

You know I have always thought it such a shame the way families are so spread out today. Thanks to planes trains etc... families are spread all over the world. One of my brothers, a Marine, is in Ca, on base he will be home for Christmas, but will be shipped out early next year for overseas, sigh.... my other brother, a Marine, is in Arizona with his wife, they are unable to come home at all this year, he will be shipped out early next year as well. Lots of praying for them. I have two sets of grandparents and tons of aunts, uncles, and cousins in California. Then there is all my family in Minnesota, and Oklahoma, plus my husbands family back east. Geesh if we were all local we would need to rent a hall to get together.

I hope each and every one that reads this has a blessed Thanksgiving and I hope that no one is alone for the holidays. Such a sad thing to be without family or loved ones. I am so very thankful for my 6 children and my wonderful husband as well as my two sisters and three sister in laws and their families, and my 3 brothers and 4 brother in laws and their families as well.
Also I am thankful for my parents and how much they love my kids even when they are stinkers, LOL. I am also thankful for dear friends some I have had longer then others, but all special and encouraging and willing to help when needed even when not asked. How wonderful to have friends like that!!! I am also thankful that a dear friend is in remission from lymphoma right now and pray that it lasts a very very long time.

I pray that everyone makes it safely to where ever they might be traveling for Thanksgiving. Be Blessed and let us all remember to be thankful for what we have. Even in my situation I know that we are indeed truly blessed.

Happy Thanksgiving

Sunday, November 18, 2007

We may have a home, yeah

We have been offered a home!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!! At church this morning our Pastor brought up the fact that we are about to be homeless. So after a bit someone passed me a note in church, LOL. Made me feel like I was in high school again. But they passed me a note, saying I have a house I will rent to you. So we went out to look at it. It is so awesome. There are 3 bedrooms upstairs 2 bathrooms, a good sized living room nice sized kitchen and dining room a terrific family room with wood buring stove. There are also 3 rooms downstairs, plus a fenced backyard an attached garage plus 3 out out buildings. It is a lovely house and pets are not a problem, thank the lord as I would be sad to lose my Emmaline Harris, Anne Shirely and Lucky Duck Mini Schnauzers. We just need to come up with the first months rent, and it is ours. So keep us in mind all. We have 3 days now to be out, so the timing is awesome.

So be thinking about us.

PS To the soap winners I will be sending them out ASAP. Sorry I had to do some running around.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

And the winners are..............................

The two winners are



Nance in France

My 5 year old and my 4 year old each drew a name this time.

Ladies if you could each use the contact form and send me your address. Thanks

By Monday I will post the next giveaway, the drawing will be held on the 21st. So please check back.

Thanks Everyone it was fun reading your answers. The next one will take a bit more thought.


Good Morning

A cloudy morning for us here. I was hoping for sunshinny. But it could change cause after all it is Kansas and the weather does change rapidly here. So I will hope for a brighter afternoon. My youngest brother is celebrating his birthday today. We may be meeting them for an ice cream party this afternoon. But since it is his birthday..................

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Mark John, Happy Birthday to you!!!!

I will hold the drawing for the winners of the bars of soap later today. It may be this evening, due to the birthday. So I hope that everyone who is interested has posted their comments. If you haven't the post is down the page so please go and do so.

Well with a full day ahead of me, I had better run. I gotta head to the laundry mat, sigh....... my washer stopped agitating while we were packing stuff and moving and since my hubby did not have the time to work on it it was put into storage with everything else, soooooooo off the the stupid laundry mat I go. You know the price of doing laundry is enough for me to consider selling and arm, leg, or kidney, and going out and buying a brand new one...... Ah well, life goes on.

Have an awesome Saturday everyone.

Be Blessed

The need to bake......

I decided it was a good time to bake. I love baking. Of course I had better as I do wedding cakes and want to open a tea room. LOL. But these are the BEST scones. I have tried some other recipes and been satisfied until about 6 months ago..... I came across this one. Made a few personalizations and wow am I thrilled.

Tomorrow I will be making zucchini bread. A friend gave me the best recipe. You let it cool and then whip some cream cheese and spread it on and OH MY GOSH........ LOL Yes I do like bread related items, LOL.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day tomorrow.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Fall has arrived I believe

We had a busy yesterday. We had to run errands yesterday. First a trip to the doctor. Our 9 year old had to have a staple removed from his head. He had been in the middle of a "brawl" last Thursday. And after a trip to the ER and one staple he was fine. Our pediatrician took it out no problems. We have the best doctor for our kids. They love him.

Then we stopped and visited one of my sisters, had a nice visit with her and her husband. I had not been up for a few weeks to see them. Then drove around looking at some houses. No luck there, sigh...... Oh well.

Then we tried to catch my mom at home but missed her. We turned in some handwriting work. And then we decided to take the kids to the park. It was so nice and pleasent the kids had loads of fun. They ran around and played for over two hours. After watching them I was beat, LOL ; )

The drive home felt a bit long to me but we got here and shortly after that my mom called. They felt bad that they had missed us so the came up to stop for literally 5 min. As my youngest brother had a treat for my kids. The really bad thing is I thought about calling her again while we were at the park, but I decided she was probably busy and chose not to.

They left town to come here before we did. Opps. Oh well they forgave me and it was nice to see them.

I will draw the names tomorrow evening.

Have a lovely night.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

And the race is on!!!

We are coming down to the wire again, sigh.......... The mobile home park has found us out. We have been given two weeks to be out, which is actually when we were suppossed to be out anyway. The additional problem, besides the fact that we can not seem to find a home to rent, has been that my husband has been out of work 3 days for a back injury a couple of weeks ago, and then 2 weeks now due to a broken ankle and soft tissue injury. So we are out half our income for the month.

I wish things could just work out. I am weary..... But we will be fine.

Heading to bed


Monday, November 5, 2007

Hey, it's time for dessert, LOL

I am so enjoying reading all the comments left. Ladies, you all are making me hungry, LOL!!!!! You know, today while I was making dinner, I glanced over at the bananas sitting on the counter and thought....... I need to make Banana Pudding. Now I am not talking about a box of banana pudding. YUCK!!!

What I am talking about is a wonderful sinful layered dessert that I never knew exsisted until I lived in Tennessee. Layers of yummy vanilla waffers, french vanilla pudding, bananas and whipped cream. The first time I saw this I was thinking I don't really like bananas, but then I tasted it OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This was so not what I expected. I am not sure who made the pudding Miss Helen, Miss Minnie, or Miss Charlotte but it was awesome. I tasted all of theirs and they were all excellent.

Thank you ladies!!!

Anyway with Thanksgiving and Christmas coming I have just been thinking of all sorts of thing I want to bake this year. I adore baking well you can probably tell from some of my other blog pages specifically the bakery one, LOL. I also have been thinking of decorations and have been making Christmas Cards. I hope my life is a bit more settled by the time all the holidays get here.

Anyway if your just now visiting my blog for the first time, welcome, and be sure to go down a few posts and sign up for the soap giveaway.

Gotta run it is getting late.

Have an awesome day everyone.


Friday, November 2, 2007

I have internet yeah

It took only 8 or 9 phone calls and hours of my life explaining to person after person about the previous calls. I also spent alot of these calls bitting my tongue so as not to yell at people, as I never managed to speak to the same person twice. So each time I called they were asking me what can I do for you today........ AHHHHHH, but it is fixed yeah, no more frustrating phone calls. So I can back to being more pleasent, LOL.

Remember scroll down to the next post and sign up for the soap giveaway. There will be two lucky winners. I love this soap, and we buy nothing else anymore. I may have a few more post later.