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Saturday, October 24, 2009

New Pictures LOL

I decided to play around and take some new pictures a couple of days ago.... These are my four favorite, I may take some more soon....I spent to much time hiding from the camera and not enjoying life as much as I should, LOL.,...

I hope everyone is having a nice weekend....Earlier I replaced a couple of lights in one of the tail lights and then the drivers side mirror....learning lots of new things now that I do not have a husband to take care of all those husband sort of things. LOL ; ) Not that us ladies can't do it cause well hey I am!! Next spark plugs.

I am so enjoying the new tires God blessed me with. No one would work on them because they were to bald And unless I replaced all 4 they would not rotate 2 of the best to the back. Well, my parents tire guy said he would do it so that my kids and I would be safer, and then the week prior to my plans to go up there I noticed holes in where the tread should have been..

When my mom called and made the appointment for me, she told him how bad they were, he said "Forget moving two to the back I am replacing all four and she can just pay me back when she can". " I don't want her and her kids to die." THANK YOU GOD!!!! So thanks to God and a wonderful man I have brand new tires with TREAD!!! lol... Now just need radiator repaired, the new spark plugs and maybe wires, then we will be pretty good. The Lord is surely merciful and gracious.

Off to the church hot dog roast and hay rack ride.


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