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Sunday, October 27, 2013


Must spend time adoring the dogs at the farm!

These dogs are just lovers.

Here Kitty kitty kitty.

Beautiful girl. 

Joey riding the horse..

Kitty getting a sniff..

Warm crackling fire.

Elijah by the cabin.. Yes a bit fuzzy this was late tonight before leaving.

Joseph with an arm full of fuzzy love!

I just love to watch the fire.

Elijah riding the horse.

Elijah riding the horse.

Hmmm maybe I can find another kitty..

Sweet mule.. Patiently waiting.
Needless to say we had a lovely time. As seems to be my usual, I collected a few spare children to take along. I have 6 and apparently its just not enough! 

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Fall activites

I know I've posted before about fall activities. This weekend is the church bonfire and the kiddos are so excited!! We are making popcorn balls and puppy chow to take with to share. Always love making these things this time of year. The kiddos are looking forward to the horse back riding and the hay rack ride, not to mention the bonfire. I am in the process of sewing yet another period type gown for my daughters friend for Halloween. 
This was my daughters costume last year. This was also after a long night of trick or treating. Which is why one little boy looks darn tired. I am fairly good at modifying the patterns I have and making them into the design I want/need. May be in high demand for costumes one of these days! 

Well onward with the sewing.. 
Have a delightful night.

Saturday, October 19, 2013


Well today I accomplished one thing.. I replaced the kitchen faucet... The thingy, yes I know a very technical word that some of you might not understand, but the thingy that made either the faucet work or the sprayer broke. We had no water... I know I could have just replaced the thingy, however the top to that area wouldn't unscrew and besides the faucet was U....G.....L....Y..... Now I have a nice white Moen faucet that has the sprayer on the faucet itself and can be pulled out. I am so thrilled. It sucked putting it on. But now that it's totally done, I'm glad we did it.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Possibility of change.

Finally decided to make some changes in my life.. I have been working a third shift job, which is killing me! I loathe being away from home at night. I miss enjoying the day at all. I feel as if I can't ever get enough sleep and I feel as is I am missing everything.

So I called about a job I that would be very beneficial. The pay is more, there would never be an issue about my kids not having someone around, because if I needed to I could take them with me. I would be home nights, off weekends and holidays. All the way around a win win. I have an interview Monday.

My daughter had a job interview today. She pretty much has the job, pending background check and drug test. So we are not worried. She is excited. It will be her first job outside the home of course. She has a friend who works at the same job. The job is as a life coach. She would work with the disabled to be encouraging and helpful. She has a fair amount of practice since she her brother Andrew has downs and autism.

I am really praying that everything works out. I seriously need a change. I am just this close [..] to walking out of my other job without a backward glance. I am fed up with a lack of care from most of the other employees. I am tired of all the bad attitudes, all the sloppiness, the laziness. They all know what I think and pretty much all loathe me. And I can live with that. I'm not there to make friends. I am there to do a job.

Anyway... We shall see what we see. Otherwise, tomorrow is the last soccer game of this season. The boys have enjoyed it as usual. They have had such a fantastic coach. He worked hard with the kiddos.  He worked on fundamentals all the way through to the last practice. We've had a coach who didn't show up for a number of practices and even a couple of games. We had one that was there, but didn't really cover any important things. And then this year they were truly blessed. :)

Well, gotta get ready for work here shortly. Be blessed!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Oh how I love fall this time of year is so wonderful. The cooler air, the crisp apples, the crunchy leaves.. WE decorate for fall in the house, fall scented candles, and pumpkins and gourds, and fall colors of red gold and purples. And oh the urge to bake... Its like stopping the wind sometimes, LOL.
We are excited the annual church bonfire is coming up. With a weenie roast, roasted marshmallows, hay rack rides... The kids cant wait. they have a lot of fun running around with all the kids..

Love sitting by the fire.. Sometimes I feel left out being a odd one out as a single mom. Most people sit around in couples and enjoy the season.

Love carving pumpkins. We tend to stick with more classic type designs. Never have carved a huge castle out of a pumpkin.. :)
Apple pies.. This one I cut out maple leaves for the top and layered it on...

Gorgeous night skies..

Beautiful  color on the trees.

Apple crisps with ice cream.. MMMM

I love love love fall!!