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Friday, October 31, 2008


I know with alot of people chose not to celebrate Halloween. We have always chosen to let the kids dress up and go trick or treating. We have always had fun. Well this year I did let them dress up a bit scarier then ever before, yes you do see a whole pack of skeletons, my hubby too he is just not in the pic, a pumpkin boy, a wanderer, and Brea dressed as a princess, LOL. I told the kids next year we are doing the cast of the Wizard of Oz, we'll have flying monkey dogs, a witch dog and Glenda the good witch dog, plus my daughter as Dorothy, 2 members of the Lollipop Guild, the lion, scarecrow, and the tin man. I think it will be awesome. Now I just gotta convince the kids.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Vanity Plates

You know vanity plates can be fun, they can tell you alot about someone even such as these next few

2 3PAIR Too(th r)epair...get it? On a dentist's car

2PCME To pee, see me! Urologists plate

2TH DR On a dentist's car

6 KIDS On a Chevy Suburban in Utah

BAA BAA Baa Baa 'on a ' Black Jeep

BYMYHNY Buy my honey, a beekeeper

DR IBALZ An optometrist's plate

I found all of these online and thought they were kinda cute, one of the teachers one of my sons had in Kindergarten her plate said 5Kolas which was their last name and how many there were, makes sense. Today however, I came up behind one and frankly it made me mad. It read


What kind of person puts that on their car. I mean come on. Where do you get enough gall not to mention the nasty attitude to put that on your car. I don't care who my parents are, how much money I have, what I drive, where I live, or how stunning I was, I would never put that on my car. I just can not imagine why anyone would.

Another thing even if someone actually thought they were better then you, one would hope that they would have enough class to not slap something as rude as that on their car. That perhaps they would at least have enough decency to appear as if they were nice. I mean I would not want people to think I was stuck on myself this way, but then I like people and enjoy being around them and always smile at people, cause you never know who might need that today, I guess that's me though.

Does this person go to church?? I would not have the guts to drive that into a church parking lot. NTNRML sure, why not, I would drive around with that one, I do not claim to be normal, LOL, I like myself this way God made me after all!!!

And I know, yes, not everyone is church going, God fearing etc. But seriously with an attitude like this one it sure does not allow for finding new friends, or being accessible in any way to those who may need us. What a shame...........

Well I need to take my NTNRML self of to the store. I hope everyone has a delightful fall day.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

When no one is safe

As you all know I posted last year about all the nonsense going on with the Kansas Milkmaid. She has been blessed with the custody of her kids and has moved on and has a good life with her kids. Praise God for a judge who has eyes and intelligence. As the DA in that county leaves so much to be desired.

I have continued to be so angry about the fact the in this county, this state, this country or this world, women, children, and those who can not help themselves are not safe. I have been witness to another tragic divorce where the police were called in by the wife, he has had felony convictions, he has threatened and harassed the family through phone calls sometimes upward of 30 calls in one night, that I have heard, has called up repeatedly drunk and while the child was visiting hit him while he was on the phone with his mother when the child told his mom that his dad had been smoking I believe.

A man who has lied to police and filed false reports. All of this mans older children have issues they have even told their teachers that their dad was dead. This children are all known liars, and yet a judge in Georgia pretty much took this man and his kids words copied exactly what his lawyer wrote as far as what he wanted for custody and holidays and gave him custody of a 5 year old little boy. I would like to know who paid who off. They are fighting it and she filed for a PFA who knows how this will turn out.

And then there is the little boy that someone kidnapped in Nevada because of something his grandpa might have done, then Jennifer Hudson's tragic circumstances and now her 7 year old nephew has been found shot to death. When did it become okay even to criminals to kill children because of what someone else did. And as to an insanity plea for people who have kidnapped and murder children. Frankly I feel that goes without saying, aren't they all CRAZY????? They should be locked up, I don't care how unstable they are cause you would have to be to do this stuff.

And I have a friend who works in a rest home in the dementia ward she has witnessed callous treatment, people not rubbing lotion into their skin to soothe it, people not using wipes on people who have soaked and adult diaper, people not changing gloves after cleaning up BM accidents and then moving into a clean area and touching things. When did it become okay to sit by and treat those most helpless as nothing, but a hassle. Also is was told about how the new management of a program/company/whatever for the disabled in McPherson has fudged on reports and changed dates and generally not followed rules.

Has everyone lost their sense of right and wrong?? Why do cases get dropped, why do DA's hang up on desperate mothers try to get help, why are there not tougher penalties against the people who hurt the defenseless, why do DA's drop charges when there has been a confession even. WHY DO WE ALL STAND FOR IT????????


This last week has been long. Oh so long. LOL On Tuesday a man came to our door saying he was a handyman for the woman who owns this house. He wants to come by @ 8:00 am on Thursday to take out two ceiling fans and a garage door. Okay, now I let my younger kids sleep in until they are ready to get up. As we home school we have the older kids get up earlier and get going on their day, and then as the kiddos get up they eat and get going.

Yeah, I know alot different then most, but it works for us. Well, he is a no show on Thursday. After putting our entire day on hold, we finally call the owner late that afternoon. We are told he might still come by that evening or the next morning. Well, next day same song same verse, later that day we call and are told a family emergency came up okay I understand that, but seriously if she knew why did she not call. We are told Monday he will be here.

So Saturday Tony had practice, and I drove to a friends house and picked pears. She blessed us with 14 walmart bags fully loaded with pears. We stopped and visited with some friends and did not get home until 11:30 pm. The next day we had a busy day, and I planned to process all my pears Monday afternoon. Well the gentleman shows up around 10:00 am and he gets one ceiling fan done and then takes a break, he comes back takes the other, and then says he has to go out to put those in in the owners house and will let us know if there is another light that needs exchanging and also about the garage door.

He comes back later and tells us he can not do anything until he gets ahold of her, as she was not there. No one informed us that he planned to come back today. This afternoon he shows up to not only remove a large fenced in covered thing out of the backyard, and the garage door, he also wants to come inside and check out about moving the water softener out of the house. I have just started to get ready processing the pears as I never got the time to do it on Monday.

So know instead I clean up and wait while he inspects it. I know we are no longer paying the house payments, but come one we still are living here. So for 4 days we are held up and can accomplish nothing that needs done as we need to keep the kiddos out of the way and the house neat enough for someone to be here. GRRRRRRRRRRRR Yes I am frustrated. At least after this she should be done stripping away things from the house. Perhaps I can get the pears done tonight. Sigh..........

Friday, October 24, 2008

Downs Syndrome Girl Wins Homecoming Queen

Many of you may have seen this on this ABC news earlier this month, but I did not, as I currently have no TV reception, sigh. Trying to bring down expenses, oh well. Anyway, this is a sweet story. As a parent of a downs syndrome child, it is so awesome to me to see this story about another child who is not only accepted, but is loved enough to be nominated. This story made me sniffle. Enjoy!! Oh yes you'll need to pause the music at the bottom of the page to hear this.

I hope everyone has an awesome weekend. It's looking to be chilly still for us. The dogs and puppies are not enjoying the chilly damp toes and legs when having to take those trips outside.

Happy Fall Y'all ; )

Monday, October 20, 2008

A nice fall evening

We have had some lovely fall evenings over the last few weeks. The kiddos and I went out and took a few pics. I will miss our yard when we have to move. I know God knows our needs and can give us an even better backyard. I am still not sure how a cafe or whatever will work into our lives. I have not sold the puppies yet, although I have not pushed it yet, as I could not afford to get all the registrations sent in until late, and so I am still waiting. I keep trying to figure out what I can sell to make money. Oh well, God knows. I just gotta keep waiting and being patient and trusting him. I am gonna go watch the New Indiana Jones movie. My hubby and I grew up watching those. So we of course must watch the new one. I have been told the old ones are alot better, but if you liked those you have to see the new one. So I guess we will see. I hope everyone has a wonderful night. Nighty Night!!!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Happy Sunday

Today has been a slow day. We have not done much, LOL. Chores and meals and movies. Oh well that's okay. I realized that with having a such a variety of ages that we have not watched as many of the Disney movies aimed for much younger kids in awhile. So we rented the Heffulumps Halloween (Winnie the Pooh), and Robin Hood the one with the fox you know the early Disney movie. The little guys loved them. When I can I want to purchase more of the Disney DVDs.

It is breezy here and kinda warm today. Around 70 so we are using the clothes line to dry laundry today. We did this all summer, but it had cooled down and kinda gotten wet here for a bit, but today is an okay day for drying laundry. I am still trying to keep the bills down. It is amazing to me how expensive things are anymore. Although praise God, gas is down to 2.49 here where I live. YEAH!!!!!

I have been having lots of fun making cards with all the gals, and doing some up for orders. I have an order for sock monkey cards that I need to get working on. I also need to get more Christmas cards finished. I plan to get the cards mailed out to the winners here shortly. I still have not heard from one gal, I will need to email I think. I am planning on another giveaway soon. I also have lots of ideas for Christmas and am going to try to get them all done. Here's hoping, LOL. I hope everyone has a delightful Sunday afternoon.


Saturday, October 18, 2008

17 years today!

Could we been much younger in this picture??? Today my darling hubby and I have been married for 17 years. It just does not seem like it has been that long. We got married at 18 years in Modesto, California. It just seems like yesterday that I was decorating the cake, and my mom and our good neighbor Laurie were decorating the sanctuary. My hubby had brought me a chocolate croissant from the bakery he worked at and that is what I had for breakfast. We picked up the extra sheet cakes at Costco a couple of hours before, and we ran into an older gentleman from our church, he served samples there. He told me we had better hurry, LOL. A lovely lady named from our church, Debby Boling sang one of the songs at the wedding. Sigh......... I am so blessed to have married him and I love him even more today then I did then. I have been blessed.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Winners Are

The winners of the card giveaway are........... a drum roll please............ LOL

Aunt Jenny and Carrie-Gigi. Congrats!!! Thanks ladies for entering. Let me know which of the options I mentioned before, you would prefer. Thanks!!!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

I forgot GASP

I am sorry I forgot to draw a name yesterday. Things just got busy the past couple of days. I will draw one tomorrow. And then will let that person know.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The lamest thing I have encountered in a long time

Today I called the phone company to make sure that a company, who was not supposed to be on my bill, who had added something to my bill a long time ago had been removed and the money refunded. Now if that sentence did not just make you crazy, LOL. This next bit of info might. Well yes this had all been taken care of so there was only 18 dollars left and apparently that was now due immediately. Well, I said can I pay that on Friday? I forgot that I had funds in the bank. They said well now as you broke your payment agreement last month. WHAT???? I said they said the payment agreement I had made last month which was I would pay 52.00 on Friday and 52.00 the next Friday.

It ended up that I had enough the first Friday to pay the whole thing, so I called in and paid it. Well, since I did not follow the terms of my payment agreement, but had in fact paid it completely and early, I broke the agreement. So will not wait till Friday which is 2 days away for the payment. I was astounded. I was like this is nuts, you would think that a company would be happy that I paid the whole amount and early, but nope it broke a pay agreement. I said again that this is ridiculous and she said well it's not just you it's everyone.

Oh my gosh this is one of the dumbest thing I have ever heard. Then I remembered wait I have some money in the bank I can pay this so it is paid and everything is okay, but good grief. Can you imagine???

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Oh my goodness we have had such lovely weather. I so enjoy fall. The crisp freshness of the air, the colors in the trees, apples, pumpkins, etc... My kids have even gotten into the fall spirit. My 13 and 12 year olds put out a fresh table cloth and filled a basket with fall colored leaves for the middle. I purchased some more fall "scented" candles, pumpkin, apple pie, gingerbread, mmmmmmmmmmm. Which incidentally the dollar store has some of these scents of candles in cute little mason jars for 1.00. I love to have things smelling good and looking pretty. We may not have much longer here, but I plan to enjoy it.

Fall like spring also seems to goad me into doing a bit of extra clean up. We straightened out some closets this week, the washroom, and my bedroom. I had so many magazines and books under my bed and one of the dogs awhile back had crawled under neath there and so my bed looked as if it was throwing up books and magazines. So my husband took the mattresses off and I packed all the books in a couple of boxes that fit under there and stacked the magazines in between the boxes. So now my room is so much neater. I also reorganized my craft and stamping area, which out of the desire to keep all of my things together, must be in my room. So now I can get to making all those cards for the giveaway. ; )

Since we are homeschooling, I have given the kids an art project, a fall picture, I remember in the 7th grade doing a picture out of dots of colored paper, you know circles punched out with a hole punch. My middle schoolers have been given the task of making some sort of fall picture using this technique. They are a bit iffy on it as all my kids love to draw and so doing this is not quite what they had in mind, but I figure using new ideas and different techniques is good for all of them.

We are still heading toward a cafe etc.... I am not sure how it is going to work, but we are heading that way until we get the door closed. I figure God knows whats best, so????

As to my anxiety. I am doing okay, I have been doing alot of reading in my Bible, praying and remembering to take my herbs. I take black cohash which let me tell you is very helpful to us women, ; ) Also ginko, and since St. Johns wart and I can't go outside, I had to stop that awhile ago. It helped my but I became a lobster if I left the house. But anyway, I am okay. God has got me, I may still head into some valleys, but I am sure that God well help me back up into the sunlight on the hills. So thank you for all of your prayers.

I will draw the name for the giveaway sometime on Saturday. You all that have entered have a pretty good shot, as not many entered this time. Last fall I had bunches, but that's okay. I have not been consistent in my posting so have not had the readership that I had before. Oh well!!! ; )

I hope everyone has a good rest of their week. I am looking forward to the weekend. Not sure why just am. Be Blessed everyone.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

We have posted new puppy pics!

We have new pictures posted of the puppies. This little guys is our tiniest puppy. he is about half the size of the other guys one of his sisters is not too much bigger then he is. He is just a sweetie, he kept climbing up on my feet and my sons legs to get higher up. Guess he wanted to be the tallest. He just had a blast outside running around and playing. Check out the other new pics on the Amore Schnauzer puppy page. The link is over on the right!!