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Monday, May 4, 2009


As you might have noticed by my songs, I am big on grace lately. I am so thankful for Gods grace. I sometimes took it for granted I think. I have been a christian for ever really and was saved many years ago. I thought okay I am doing what I should .......... Well lately after going to this new church, I realized how many things I have missed and or messed up. I have just been astounded by all of my mistakes and I still am. I am thinking what if God had been impatient or just got fed up with me. Thinking okay she has had enough time, how dense can one person be?? LOL!!!! I know that looking back at it I would have gotten impatient with my mistakes. I would not have been so kind to myself. Frankly I really get mad at myself sometimes. Thank you Heavenly Father for you grace. I do not deserve it. I guess that's why it is called grace.

Humbly thankful


Prairie Chick said...

amen. so happy you are basking in the light of His grace.

kaire said...

God is so good everywhere..in Kansas and in Estonia....thank you God :D

Gail said...

His grace is sufficent for me. His strength is made perfect, when I am weak. All that I cling to I lay at his feet. His strength is sufficent for me! I Love You!