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Thursday, March 12, 2009

I have been repotted!!!

Okay so you all know that I have been struggling. Well we have been going to a new church as I mentioned before. I have been so blessed there has not been one time that I have been there that if the Pastor had only been speaking to me, that it would have been totally relevant and pertinent. This in itself is awesome. He has me reading a couplf of his books and I have already underlined alot in the first chapter that were like "DING' lightbulb moments.

So anyway I am now going to the ladies group on Wednesdays. I have been so blessed by the this group already. I really struggled with our last church when suddenly after everything I have given to this church, they all turned on me. I have been going through alot, over the past few years. Suddenly it seems almost as a collective group they all started pecking me to death like chickens do to a chicken that is already struggling.

This hurt as I tend to be a pleaser and so I tried to do so much for this church, I painted, cleaned, cooked, set up, tore down, organized meals, organized meals for the sick,voluntered for everything, organized community sevice workers, answered phones, worked in the nursery, provided breakfast for the whole church on Sudays, baked cakes for the special occasions, made phone calls for events, etc. Yeah I try to be a pleaser. Anyway, I stopped going to the ladies group when I was picked at during an occasion where I was asked to lead the group for the night. I have been alone there.

I have come to accept that a change was most definatley needed. Lets take plants for example, some of us, me, just hate change so much that we are willing to take the few sprinkles of water were harldy ever given and just keep on hanging in there, not thriving, not growing, just being there. Well every now and again, you have to prune you plants and repot them to give them more space for their roots to spread and their branches to grow. So even though I had been feeling for a long time that I was dying in this little squashed pot of a church, we did not make the change.

Praise God that he made it so uncomfortable that WE HAVE BEEN OFFICALLY REPOTTED LOL. I can feel my roots streatching out already. This new group is gowing through lessons that are allowing growth and thought. PRAISE GOD

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Marcia said...

I'm so happy you have been repotted into a beautiful new pot! It's about time. :) You deserve it. I love the lesson you shared from Wednesday night. It was great. Something for me to think about as well.

Love you,