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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Signs of Fall

We have had such wonderful weather here the last few months....We have been blessed. It has seemed like fall is here a bit earlier then usual this year. On Sunday morning with drove though fog to get to church. The weather has remained cool. We have had a number of grey rainy days. I so want to get out all of my fall decorations and decorate the house with the leaves and scarecrows and pumpkins. I enjoy doing that with the season.

However this year I will not be decorating my house. I still do not have anywhere to go. I was contacted by a realtor last week letting me know that Fannie Mae wants me out by the 15th I believe she said. I have been unable to get any information on who to contact about getting until the end of the month. I will be renting a storage unit this week and starting to put all of our stuff in it, how handy that there is one right across the street, saves on renting a trailer, as I can no longer use both of the back doors of my suburban because of someone trying to break into it, so I can't fit alot into the back now. I have made numerous calls and been unable to track down anyone who can actually talk to me about this.

I know God has a plan for me and my kids. I trust him, but to say I am not a bit worried would not be totally truthful. I am worried a bit. LOL... I have no money as I have yet to receive any child support it is hard to make ends meet. I had a 500 dollar electric bill, plus 5 kids to enroll in school and buy school stuff for, as I can no longer home school. I do not have enough time in the day. Plus all the other bills and necessities...So I have no savings, no prospect on a house, and am running out of time.

Also I am struggling with making all these decisions alone... I do not want to mess up. I do not want to make my children struggle or suffer anymore then they already are. Not that I have alot of choices left to me. I KNOW that God could work it out for us to have a nice house in the country where the kids could keep their pets and I could keep my dogs...Is He going to?? I am not sure I do not begin to imagine I can totally understand His plans. I know He has them...

Gotta run,
Amy Ellen

Friday, September 4, 2009


Yesterday was NOT a good day..... I found out the an aunt who was very close to my age died Wed. I had not even known she was sick.....I have been sooo busy with falling apart and getting it back together that I had not made much in the way of phone calls etc out to California lately. She is only a few years older then me and she had been batteling cancer for awhile. It came back again and through out her body. The good news is today she is no longer in pain. We will see her again someday.

I also discovered some one at work has been spreading more lies about me. Even going to the administrator and accusing me of some highly inappropriate things. Things that never happened. I have been very fruistrated. Why why why must people do this... I know that God will take care of this. *see previous post!! It hurst, but Lord you will never drop me. Well got kiddos to get to school.