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Sunday, November 8, 2009

What we have been up to lately

A couple of weeks ago the kiddos and I went to a bonfire at a church friends house. We roasted hot dogs and made smores....had a hay rack ride, witnessed the wonders of God up in the sky thanks to the lack of street lights unfortunately my camera batteries were dead so I took a couple with my camera which really does not take the best night pictures.

These are my new boots, I got them at a major discount. They are Fatbaby boots by ariat...They have nice rounded toes and are really comfortable, besides way too cute.. They had a variety of colors and I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have them all... Hi my name is Amy and I am a shoe-aholic, sigh....yes I have a problem I doubt I will ever take a pic of all of my shoes and share it. I once joked that smart cars are dumb cause they would not even hold all of my shoes, I was only mostly kidding...sigh. : )

Kitty on parents farm, it almost let me hold it okay well it did let me hold it for like 3 seconds and then apparently it got a good look at me and was like HEY, I DON'T KNOW THIS WOMAN, hissing and scratching insued....SIGH....he is pretty cute stripy legs solid colored body

And this way too cute sign I found a TSC just like my boots, and while yes I am not a little kid, I found the sign to be way to cute and it matches the colors in my room and I like it.

We have been busy in church and I am taking membership classes and plan to join the church when we can. I am so glad that I have found my new church family.. Our lives are kinda smoothing out, SIGH... although today was a hideously bad day and I even ended up in the ER with one kiddo getting a staple put in the head, a block fight accident. God has carried us through in so many ways as He has promised.

My tires were bald on my car and I could not afford all 4 at one time. No one would touch them until I did all 4 as they told me they were so bad it was illegal for them to touch them unless replacing them. The man my parents get their tires from said he would replace the two I could afford and put the best two old ones on the back. Well when the appointment was made and he heard about how bad the tires actually were, I had holes through what was left of the tread, he said he would replace all four and I could just make payments on the other two. He did not want me and my kids to die as they were at serious risk of blowing.

God provides, what a blessing this man has been to me and my kids. I am so thankful he allowed God to work through him. There have been all sorts of things that popped up like this alot of them little things. These neat little reminders that God is indeed there and that He has a plan.

Wednesday night, my ex-husband kindly check the fluids in the suburban, as I know the radiator has a crack in it, that's next on the repair list. Anyway I had NO oil in it at all or at least not enough to read. This makes no sense. I had the fluids check not very long ago and my suburban has NEVER leaked oil. Come to find out the oil filter is loose. It is not on as it should be. God kept my engine from blowing, I know that with every fiber of my being I had put over 3 hours of driving time on the car that day. The nice gentleman at the car place here in town tightened it all back up for me for free.

I have had a number of other things happen that I will share later, but for now I have a movie to watch and pizza and floats to eat with my kiddos.



Anonymous said...

It does my heart good to hear how things have been going for you.
I know it's never one smooth easy road, but you are taking each day as it comes and trusting the Lord.

I love that you are finding joy in the little things that make up so much of our lives...bonfires, boots and beautiful smiles. They all belong to you.

Lovely pictures all around!
Will keep checking in.
God Bless you, darlin'!

Anonymous said...

...sorry, Amy,
Even with my own blog...I still can't figure out technology.

I couldn't post the last comment with my google password...kept saying I'm "incorrect".
Well, of course! I've always been incorrect. (big smile)

Just so you know which Julia...it's "redink" Julia.

hope I made this clearer than mud.