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Monday, November 16, 2009

Just a closer walk with Thee

A heard this song yesterday at the retirement home where I work. Now, normally I am a pretty modern sort of gal, and love a contemporary song service, but I love Patsy Cline. I think sometimes it is because I can sing alot like her. Her voice is deeper, and so is mine. I can do high notes, but I so prefer this. But I also really love this song, so hey bonus!! But with everything I have going on, this song is so true of my life right now. I want a closer walk with my Lord.

Daily I need Him near to make it through. I can not imagine my life without Him. If this all had happened and I had not had my faith in my heavenly Father, I would have been so lost. The Lord is all I need, and truly where I am weak He is strong. I am still sometimes working on the satisfied part. I sometimes take my eyes off of my Lord and worry about what I do not have instead of be thankful for what I do have, my Heavenly Father. And all I need is a closer walk with Him.

Let it be dear Lord, let it be!

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