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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Happy Beginnings

I have been pretty much absent over the last couple of years. Had a lot going on. And I may at some point talk about all that. I had the best couple of years and then it all came crashing down at once. 

On a happy note, I was blessed to make both the wedding cake and bridal shower cake for a couple who have both walked through their struggles and come out stronger for it, thank you Lord. And then last year they found each other and they are amazing together and totally adorable. I am so happy for both of them. 
The wedding cake was white cake with my wedding cake frosting. Not a speck of nasty shortening to be seen. I hate shortening. 
The bridal shower cake was french vanilla, 4 layers.  Between two of the layers there was made from scratch lemon curd and raspberries and the middle layer was cream cheese frosting and of course the outside was frosted with the same cream cheese frosting. I used edible pearls on it as well.

I am so happy for them. God truly brought them together and I believe he has amazing plans in store for them, their 4 children,  2 each and many blessings for all.