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Sunday, March 1, 2009

A few, check that alot of things that stress me out

Some of you who know me and have actually talked to me know that I am a fairly upbeat kinda gal. I am always trying to find something to be happy about. I believe firmly in the fact that I find my joy, peace and happiness in God. Today I am just grrrrrrrr stressed, angry, mad, you know those kind of words, LOL. I am pretty much keeping a tight rein on my tongue, LOL. Which is good. I have had such a long day.

I was up until 3:30 Sat. morning. My husband and one of the guitarists decided to get together yesterday and practice and stuff. So I went to a friends house in McPherson and helped to stamp out some cards and get them put together for someone. That was alot of fun. Except that it got kind of late. My husband did not get there until almost 1:00 am.

Then we had to go to Walmart. There were things we needed this morning and so we went to Walmart. Drove home and finally after taking dogs out and making sure everyone was tucked in and where they needed to be. FINAllY, I got to bed. So early this morning. I woke up, kinda slowly got moving ran to the thrift store where miracle, upon miracle I found 4 pairs of pants for my little boys that were in decent shape and did not cost an arm and a leg.

Went home and my husband suggested taking the kids out for lunch and then out to do something. Well, I had been wanting to do a bit of shopping for some let's say feminine undergarments. Okay y'all got me?? Plus I had 3 kiddos that needed new shoes. And 1 that needed a new coat as the zipper busted off on his and as it was a not so toasty 20 degrees today where we live. I figured a new coat was in order. Especially as he was outgrowing his anyway.

So we went to lunch and while eating my husband started not feeling well. So I said okay let's drive you home, get you to bed, and I will take the kids myself. I made sure he was settled in and then after people needing to use the bathroom and running back in for something. We headed out.

So, we go to an unfortunate, 8 stores today, myself and 6 kiddos, and then I went into 2 others alone. In the first 4 store we found nothing, except my new Schnauzer key chain. SIGH....... Nothing like cold weather that chaps your hands and face and nothing much to show for it. We went to the dollar tree picked up a few odd and ends that we needed some pencils and paper. Okay so we needed that stuff. ONWARD.....

Payless shoe store had a BOGO half off sale and this included everything. They had little boys Airwalks marked down already, plus the BOGO half off. As we like the Airwalk brand, I went ahead and bought them. We only had a small incident of fussing from the 5 and 6 year old who for some reason thought they were getting Heelies. Yeah, not today... Okay this one it was worth going in. Then we briefly went into Game Stop.... SIGH, why is this store always full of a bunch of men??? Sometimes a woman or two like myself, saying to someone at the register, well I don't know they just told me....... or they said this was scratched and they needed me to return it. Those few of us, a couple of kids, and a bunch of overgrown boys, I mean men looking for games. SIGH.... I decided that I did not want to be in there with 6 kids.

So I had my oldest stay with my daughter who was looking for a game, and I loaded the 3 youngest and my 14 year old into the car and then drive it down in front of Game Stop and parked sent my oldest out and then paid for the game. Whoohoooo onward to Walmart. Yeah........ Was my enthusiasm waining, yup. Did I really want to go into Walmart, no. But we still needed a coat, a pair of shoes, and for some reason the thought of purchasing the aforementioned undergarment had yet to leave my head.

So we found a coat pretty fast. 7 bucks for a warm, toasty, thick coat. I can live with that. Onward to shoes, this took awhile, but then shopping with a 13 year old girl usually does.... We finally found the last pair of a black with blue trim pair of tennis shoes. Then we searched the electronics department for an inexpensive pair of headphones. Finally I gave up said I hate shopping at a Walmart I do not know, I am done we have a few other things we need let's go. As I turned to leave electronics, that's when it hits me.

What you ask??? What was it that finally dawned on this sleep deprived, weary, mother of 6???? THERE IS NO POSSIBLY WAY I AM GOING TO TRY TO SHOP FOR THE AFOREMENTIONED UNDERGARMENT WITH 6 KIDS IN TOW. ESPECIALLY AS 5 WERE BOYS. Why on earth it had not occurred to me until then, I will never know. You would have thought I would have given up on that idea quite quickly. You know like hours before when my husband said he was not going with us??? That would have been a fine time to have a realization. As it was in the middle of the store after other frustration, I was kinda annoyed. Not with the kids, not with my husband, just plain ol' annoyed. SIGH.....

So I turned to leave and a few rows down guess what? I found the stupid headphones. So we bought those and then the hunt began. WE WERE ON A MISSION. The search for ginger root. All of a sudden it seems Walmarts aren't carrying it. I finally gave up, paid,packed all the kids in the suburban, and then started for home. After I got on the freeway, my daughter says Dillon's sells ginger root. Now I was not sure if this was true or not as I do not typically shop at Dillon's, but about 2 miles down the highway, I pulled off and turned around.

Now I did not want to turn around. I don't take ginger root. But my husband, you know, the poor guy sick at home. He uses ginger root. So I turn back. I go back to the Dillon's a few miles back and go in. Brrrrr it's cold as it is now dark. I go in, search 3 places where they have herbs. NO GINGER ROOT...... I could have cried. I am so tired. AS I get back into the suburban the kids ask if I got it. NOPE they did not have it here. I start thinking hey wasn't there some stupid place called Vitamin something back another couple of miles, the wrong way. I think okay I will call home ask husband to get number and call them. I try calling. No answer, no answering machine..... GRRRRRRRRR What the heck here I am running myself all over looking for ginger root and he isn't answering the phone.

Then I noticed a Papa Murphy's, So I pull in there and go in and pick up a couple of their take and bake pizzas. After they made them all up and I climb in the car, I finally get a return call. I was on the phone with someone else, I am told. I am now cold, weary and hungry and could really care less about the stupid ginger root. Hey I don't need it. So not a nice attitude, I know. I am working on it, okay? I mean hey what if we were being hijacked or held for ransom or the car broke down or hey what if I needed to ask him a question and I only had the one call for some reason. SIGH....... WHY DID YOU NOT ANSWER??? Of course that last few things I thought to myself. I said hey I was gonna have you look up this place and see if they had it, but just never mind now, I am heading home.

So he asks me, how far away are you, SIGH......... Man, I am such a sucker pushover sort of gal. Okay Hun, you look them up and call them and if they have it I will go and get it, I will start driving that way, but I will not get out unless you get and answer. Well he calls them and they have it and so I go and get it. YEAH!!!!! GINGER ROOT!!!! Can't you feel the love, the enthusiasm, the excitement, the joy. NO??? Me either, just checking!

Okay so it is 7:00 and cold. I drive home 30 minutes. I stop to pick up the movies I promised to rent and then we go home. I was going to put gas in. But you know the mean part of me won that battle. I decided my husband could put the gas in tomorrow morning while I sit warm and comfy in the car on the way to church. Yeah, not the nicest. I know. I am really trying otherwise. No not a good excuse, but come on it was sooooo cold. Sniff sniff, come on you all know you feel sooooo sorry for poor ol' me.

So, I get home dinner is made, I wait until after the movie and then finally cut my 14 year olds hair. I brush him off, send him to the shower first and say be fast I need a shower too. I always take a shower after I cut hair. Otherwise I feel like way itchy, LOL. So kiddo gets in the shower and I hear I am done. I was honestly not watching the time. And incidentally, we are having to use the shower in the laundry room/bathroom, as one of the youngest got mad, kicked a little wooden door in the hall and cracked the PVC pipe for the shower in the front bathroom. So we need to fix that now, and the laundry room shower head has a much higher pressure and flow for the water. So I finally go to take a shower to wash my hair for church and get the cut hair off of me.

I HAVE NO WARM WATER..... IT IS ICY COLD.... WHY, I AM SO TIRED, I JUST WANT A SHOWER, WHINE WHINE WHINE. I did start to cry. With everything going on in my life and then today... I am just plain ol' worn out. So that's why I am here whining at you all. Cause I have to wait.

I hope everyone is having a better weekend then me. I hope you all have a delightful Sunday.

Be Blessed

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I am new here! What a great blog :)