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Monday, August 10, 2009

She did what she could and it was ENOUGH

I do not know about you, but I have always had a compelling feeling of I just have to do more and be more. I have struggled for many years feeling like I have never been good enough, and that I could never do enough, that I was never enough. Then recently I read in a devotion called a Gift for Jesus, Mark 14:3-9, it is in the Women's Devotional Bible. It was the part about the woman who came to him bringing perfume. She broke it and poured it on his head.

To many present it seemed like a waste, that is served no useful purpose. Many criticized her and told her the better things she could have done with the money she could have gotten had she sold the perfume. But Jesus saw into her heart, He new her actions were because of her love for Him. The value of the gift was not the point, but the motive behind what she did.

What struck me the most is verse 8. It says SHE DID WHAT SHE COULD.

And that WAS enough.

She did what she could and it was enough....I did what I could, I still do what I can and it is ENOUGH...I am enough....that is enough...not sure if I am explaining this well enough, LOL, but for me reading that she did what she could...it made me feel so much better, she did something so little, but it was what she could do and all my life I tried and tried to do things for someone to show them that I loved them and to them it was never enough...but God knows my heart and he knows that what I tried to do and that I am enough...

Now I am not saying that we all do not need to grow, and that we should not strive to be better connected to God and to try to fulfill the purpose He has placed in everyone of us. But just saying that WE are enough. We are who God created us to be and there is a purpose there, we may just not know it yet. So even if what we can do is a just a small thing, done with a heart for God, it is enough. To God I AM ENOUGH!

Thank you God!!


1 comment:

redink said...

Beautifully said, Amy.
How many times I beat myself up for not doing more...sigh*

It literally saved my sanity to read these Scriptures and know that Jesus saw not just my effort...but my heart. And He declared me a faithful servant.

When I began to heal, I saw myself through His eyes once again.
And the lies I believed about myself vanished.
...because we are the daughters of a King. :)