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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

These things

Okay you can probably guess what this first picture is. My two youngest begged for rainbow Slinky's. Now I do not usually but them things just because they asked, but their big brother got one on Saturday and boy have they been envious. Well yesterday we were at the dollar store and they had bog rainbow Slinky's for 1 dollar. So okay I thought you can get a slinky. The smiles were well worth the 2 dollars. And now do you know what I have been doing for the last now 24 hours, I figure I have untangled them approximately 3,240 times, LOL. They are having lots of fun with them, making them walk down the stairs, making smiles with them, making rainbow hair with them, making necklaces, bracelets, you get the general idea. So I spend part of my day untangling them. It is so worth the priceless smiles of joy when Mom fixes the toy yet again.

So what's this you ask.

Okay now do you remember from my Saturday post what I wanted to shop for??? Well after an hour and 15 billion different bras. I finally found one that makes me and parts of me happy, LOL ; ) Gosh darn it who makes these things. There are those lovely creations of lace and pink satin that look nice on the hanger and then you put it on and you ponder WHO on earth made this thing???? I mean your "parts" are headed east and west, not just say north, LOL... HAHAHAHAHAH Then there are the peach colored ones who again look good on the hanger and then you put it on and it looks like either a bra from way back when pointy was good or remember Madonna in the 90's???? Okay so you know what I am taking about. Then there was the lovely brown one that had both the aforementioned problems. I will not bore you with all of the details, but, after trying on that many, I had a lovely rubbed area on my back, OUCH!!!! Now what you might ask does the above picture have to do with all this??? Come now there must be another not very tall yet well curved gal who knows what these are..................................... No, well this is what I have to do to every single last bra that enters my home. The lovely under wire/torture devices, must come out. They dig into my ribs and even worse right up into my underarm. I am only 5'1" so my shorter stature makes these hideous things just evil in my book.

LOL now that some of you may have gotten much more info then you wanted, I AM HAPPY. I am thankful for my small things. And a new bra with only 1 hour of trying them on and only having to go to 1 store well that makes me happy.



Beemoosie said...

I totally understand the bra issues!!! I'm not even that well endowed and they are a struggle!!!
Have a lovely day!

madrekarin said...

I;m glad you found one! I am still on the search. lol
And I knew exactly what they were. Painful, evil things.