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Wednesday, November 11, 2009


After some discussion I found today that I am still tying WHO I AM up too much in my used to be husband, just because he chose to leave our family does not make me a failure and does not define me. WHO I AM IS A CHILD OF GOD, which yes is true, but more importantly even, and this was pointed out to me today, that WHO I AM IS A TEMPLE FOR GOD, and if nothing else isn't that absolutely amazing??

I mean He is GOD he created everything and we are meant to be a temple for HIM.... WOW Honestly I would never have seen this. I guess with my stress I can be pretty wrapped up in life, but I have an answer now to the question WHO AM I. That IS enough....

I am sure at some point more revelations about Gods plan for my life will be brought to light, but seriously I can live with this, it is WOW

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