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Monday, March 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Babe I love you

Well today is my husbands 36th birthday. While I told him I would not plan anymore surprise parties, LOL. Okay so yes in the 20 years we have been together, I have planned only 2. But anyway, while I am NOT planning a party. Our 6 kids and I are planning something. And while he does read my blog, he is at work and will not be reading it until he gets home later today or after that. So we bought his present yesterday. The kids actually picked it out and that's fine with me. They know what he likes too! He has a favorite cake that I will be making later and it really is yummy. I started it the first year we were married. There is chocolate, strawberries and whipped cream involved. Lets just say that. I do not tend to give out my recipes for cakes very often, so I just give the general idea, LOL..

Babe I pray that your day today is wonderful and you next year truly blessed. I love you.


And if you all read this and would like to pray for my husband to have a blessed day and a wonderful year, then hey the more the merrier!!!

Be Blessed everyone


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