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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Another year

Well I am another year older today!! I was blessed with a surprise birthday party in the park, and also a gift and some cards from people at work.

My sister, niece, brother and parents came and set up a surprise birthday party in the park complete with pink balloons, pink lemonade and chocolate cupcakes.

I did have a nice day, I was so blessed by my family, and then the people at work. It was awfully nice of them. I did not expect for my family to be ripped apart this year. I am hoping and trusting in God that the next year will hold many blessings for my kiddos and some peace for me. God does not want me to suffer. He wants the best for me and my kids.


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redink said...

Happy Birthday, Amy!
You and I are both August babies...how wonderful!
I pray the following year will strengthen and encourage you.
I know, especially now, it often seems like the world is crumbling, but you are wise enough to depend on the One who loves you best. He has a future for you filled with good.