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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Neat things about blogging

One of the neatest things about blogging for me is being able to see how many people are interested in what is going on way out here in Kansas. I get quite a few visitors from California, which is really cool. I grew up there and alot of family is there. So hi everyone!!! There are also quite a few visits from other countries!! I am so glad you stop by! Also other bloggers visit now and again. There are some fantastic ladies out there with some wonderful blogs, thanks ladies for stopping by. I hope everyone has a fantastic day.


Aunt Jenny said...

It IS fun, isn't it? I grew up in Calif too! (Arroyo Grande..on the central coast)
Have a great rest of the week!

madrekarin said...

I like how blogging makes the world just a bit smaller. :) I've never been to Kansas and I've only been to California once. My world travels take place on the web.

How cute! My word verification is chickp. Yum, one of my favorites!