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Hi, I am me... I am a mom with a great sense of humor, a kind heart, a giving spirit, a desire to please, and enough strength to keep on going even when life knocks me down... I am me... : )

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Work in progress

Hello I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving. I am in the process of switching everything over for the Christmas season.. Please bare with me, I am not really liking the pic I have up and plan to change it, but for tonight, I am watching a movie with my girl!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Just a closer walk with Thee

A heard this song yesterday at the retirement home where I work. Now, normally I am a pretty modern sort of gal, and love a contemporary song service, but I love Patsy Cline. I think sometimes it is because I can sing alot like her. Her voice is deeper, and so is mine. I can do high notes, but I so prefer this. But I also really love this song, so hey bonus!! But with everything I have going on, this song is so true of my life right now. I want a closer walk with my Lord.

Daily I need Him near to make it through. I can not imagine my life without Him. If this all had happened and I had not had my faith in my heavenly Father, I would have been so lost. The Lord is all I need, and truly where I am weak He is strong. I am still sometimes working on the satisfied part. I sometimes take my eyes off of my Lord and worry about what I do not have instead of be thankful for what I do have, my Heavenly Father. And all I need is a closer walk with Him.

Let it be dear Lord, let it be!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

What I am working on

Okay so since I am now a single mom, and I can not afford repairman....I am learning to do things, I already mentioned the head and tail lights. Next with the car, I am going to get someone to teach me how to do spark plugs, that way I can do them myself. I also need to replace the radiator, I am hoping I can find someone with patience for someone who wants to learn and will teach me. Not that I WANT to do car repair, but hey it has to be done.

Wednesday, I took apart the freezer part of the fridge I am getting pooling water in the bottom of the fridge. I tried flushing it and then blowing warm air down it. I am not sure if I have totally solved the problem yet or not....I guess I will see. If not well I can do it again if I have to.

Next up, fixing the major water leak in the basement. It is bad enough that, I just pumped 4 inches of water out of the basement. SIGH.... I asked a man at church who knows plumbing how to do it and he is going to lend me the tools to do it and I will get it done. That way I can get someone down there to fix my heater, as the motot on the blower is shot. Who knows perhaps I will fix that as well. I also need to fix the water line under the kitchen sink, the connection to the filter faucet leaks so I have no cold water in the kitchen. Thankfully I have hot water back in the main bathroom, Tony fixed that awhile back. YAY!!!

So I guess I have some things to keep me busy!! ; )

Busy quick hugs

Loss in Divorce

You know when I first found out that my husband planned to leave me, I was in shock, astounded that this person I have loved, yes through many hard times although there were good, is leaving. The heartbreak of this was so overwhelming that I just kinda narrowed my focus down to this one aspect, I am losing my husband. The man I had shared over 20 years with. The man who really even through the struggles, was my best friend in many ways, we had alot of good times.

Talking at night while laying in bed and laughing over the silliest things, the movies we just laughed over so hard that we would rewind some parts a few times, just to laugh some more. Or when we took the kids to the state fair and they wanted to go into the fun house and the first part you could see as they tried to walk through the hall of mirrors and kept crashing, we almost were rolling on the ground with that.

Or when we started "dating" up at family camp and we were hanging out together and we went walking on the landing strip, and then heard a group of little old ladies coming and though hey maybe we should hide, yeah that always looks better, hiding, LOL. Anyway so we duck behind some trees, and for some reason my Tony decides to throw a huge rock over the cliff as he tossed it he ummmmm how to say it, passed gas loud enough to echo off the surrounding mountains, LOL.....ahahahahah I was having a hard enough time not laughing then he asks "Ummm you didn't hear that did you"? LOL Oh my gosh I said No and started laughing so hard I almost peed my pants. We had alot of funny times. I miss those

Or that more tender moments the birth of our children, the warm hugs and understanding when I lost an uncle, the compassion when I lost a friend, or those many moments that married couples have. The closeness of having your husband there at night warm your toes, LOL. Or knowing you can just reach out to him and he will be there beside you to catch his hand when you need to feel secure. The strength of his arms when I was worried.

Then the worries and concern over my children. Will they be okay, how am I going to support them, I have been a mostly stay at home mom for 18 years. Will they be as miserable as I am, or will they do okay. These eventually turned into, I hope and pray my kiddos do okay at school since I can no longer home school. To worries of I hope they are okay all day long without me being here.

These things overwhelmed me so much that I even missed other painful aspects of this loss. I am losing family and friends. Not just my husband. The band is no longer speaking to me and has removed me as friends on various sites. These men and their families were my friends too, at least that is how I thought of them. I MISS these relationships. I miss being one of the group. Also, I am missing my sister in laws and brother in laws as well as my nieces and nephews and my mother and father in law, and while I can still see pictures and stuff and send cards for birthdays, I will never again be part of the family, especially as I am replaced. The heartbreak in this is amazing. I am unsure some days on how on earth I can live with this continuing pain and loss.

I miss them all so much.

I know that God has a plan for me and that some day all the sharpness of this pain will fade, (I hope) and that I will be able to go through a day without crying. God never intended for it to be this way. When your family, your family!!!

Sadly but not without hope

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


After some discussion I found today that I am still tying WHO I AM up too much in my used to be husband, just because he chose to leave our family does not make me a failure and does not define me. WHO I AM IS A CHILD OF GOD, which yes is true, but more importantly even, and this was pointed out to me today, that WHO I AM IS A TEMPLE FOR GOD, and if nothing else isn't that absolutely amazing??

I mean He is GOD he created everything and we are meant to be a temple for HIM.... WOW Honestly I would never have seen this. I guess with my stress I can be pretty wrapped up in life, but I have an answer now to the question WHO AM I. That IS enough....

I am sure at some point more revelations about Gods plan for my life will be brought to light, but seriously I can live with this, it is WOW

Happy Veterans Day

Thank you all who have served our country, even when we have not always supported you nor deserved your loyalty.....Thank you for your courage, your hard work, your sacrifice, your commitment, your honor, and your bravery!!!! I am proud of you all!!! Thank you again to my brothers, Christopher and David again I am prouder then you know. Thank you Veterans, on this Veterans Day!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

What we have been up to lately

A couple of weeks ago the kiddos and I went to a bonfire at a church friends house. We roasted hot dogs and made smores....had a hay rack ride, witnessed the wonders of God up in the sky thanks to the lack of street lights unfortunately my camera batteries were dead so I took a couple with my camera which really does not take the best night pictures.

These are my new boots, I got them at a major discount. They are Fatbaby boots by ariat...They have nice rounded toes and are really comfortable, besides way too cute.. They had a variety of colors and I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have them all... Hi my name is Amy and I am a shoe-aholic, sigh....yes I have a problem I doubt I will ever take a pic of all of my shoes and share it. I once joked that smart cars are dumb cause they would not even hold all of my shoes, I was only mostly kidding...sigh. : )

Kitty on parents farm, it almost let me hold it okay well it did let me hold it for like 3 seconds and then apparently it got a good look at me and was like HEY, I DON'T KNOW THIS WOMAN, hissing and scratching insued....SIGH....he is pretty cute stripy legs solid colored body

And this way too cute sign I found a TSC just like my boots, and while yes I am not a little kid, I found the sign to be way to cute and it matches the colors in my room and I like it.

We have been busy in church and I am taking membership classes and plan to join the church when we can. I am so glad that I have found my new church family.. Our lives are kinda smoothing out, SIGH... although today was a hideously bad day and I even ended up in the ER with one kiddo getting a staple put in the head, a block fight accident. God has carried us through in so many ways as He has promised.

My tires were bald on my car and I could not afford all 4 at one time. No one would touch them until I did all 4 as they told me they were so bad it was illegal for them to touch them unless replacing them. The man my parents get their tires from said he would replace the two I could afford and put the best two old ones on the back. Well when the appointment was made and he heard about how bad the tires actually were, I had holes through what was left of the tread, he said he would replace all four and I could just make payments on the other two. He did not want me and my kids to die as they were at serious risk of blowing.

God provides, what a blessing this man has been to me and my kids. I am so thankful he allowed God to work through him. There have been all sorts of things that popped up like this alot of them little things. These neat little reminders that God is indeed there and that He has a plan.

Wednesday night, my ex-husband kindly check the fluids in the suburban, as I know the radiator has a crack in it, that's next on the repair list. Anyway I had NO oil in it at all or at least not enough to read. This makes no sense. I had the fluids check not very long ago and my suburban has NEVER leaked oil. Come to find out the oil filter is loose. It is not on as it should be. God kept my engine from blowing, I know that with every fiber of my being I had put over 3 hours of driving time on the car that day. The nice gentleman at the car place here in town tightened it all back up for me for free.

I have had a number of other things happen that I will share later, but for now I have a movie to watch and pizza and floats to eat with my kiddos.


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A gift for a friend

I thought this turned out pretty!!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween this year was.....

pretty good I guess although I had to work both Friday when our town hosted a main street trick or treating, and Saturday on Halloween....and as I am generally the picture taker...we have no pics of anyone in costume this year to share, LOL... The kids carved pumpkins, we made popcorn balls yesterday morning, and then the kids dad brought those who were not exhausted over to my work last night. I work at a nursing home and they came in and visited with a few residents, got a couple of pieces of candy, and I got to see my two youngest and my 14 year much taller then me son, for a few minutes on Halloween. YAY!!! So all in all it was pretty good.

I know I have said a couple of times that I will be posting more. This next Wed I do not think I will be going anywhere until church time, and I will use that time to write many of the posts I would like to post, and then just post them every so often. I have learned so much about myself, and really honestly about God in the last 8 months that it is amazing. God has been so good to me and my kids.

Hugs and happy first day of November, yeah, November can you believe it already??