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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Life and the fun that goes along with it

We have been so busy this last month. I do not have time to blog like I used to. I miss it and miss reading all the blogs that I used to read. Life has been somewhat difficult lately, but I know that God never promised me or any of us a smooth road. So to get you up to speed here is what has been going on.

Good things first, my kids are doing well they are adjusting to school and becoming involved with things there. My little ones really like school and riding home on the bus and as I am pretty happy with the schools, this area is feeling better.

Secondly I am still growing all the time in my understanding and love of God as well as my personal growth in just being able to live as a now single mom of 6. I am very blessed to be in a church were the Pastor tells it like it is and the members are not afraid to encourage you and will tell you like it is as well. Kindness but not sugar coating that I can live with.

Next my suburban is mostly all repaired. My step dad, a couple of his friends, and my two older boys, put in all new spark plugs, a new heater fan motor, and a brand new radiator. They worked on it on a really cold day, but were blessed by the company he works for letting them use a heated shop. Praise God. I also repaired my drivers side door, I took it all apart repaired the handle and put it back together. It was a bit frustrating as when you take of the inside of the door and lower it the window lowers and then you have to muscle it back into place, but it is done.

The water leak in the basement is repaired. Praise God. I had to purchase a sump pump recently as we were getting about 4 inches of water a week. That was not good. We also have a brand new large sump pump as well. So hopefully things will dry out down there.

I still have my job and I love working with the residents and many of the people there. I am still struggling with the fact that I only see my kids for an hour or so a day when I work. But I do have a job.

Okay now the not so good things, I am on my second round of pink eye, first the right and now the left..... Not fun... My eye is hurting, the skin around my eye is hurting, however my eye is a lovely festive holiday red and green...hhahaha yeah I try to find the humor in everything. I am still struggling with the tail end of a cold as well, so I am tired.

The heater in the house is still not working, but we have space heaters and really it is not bad the core part of the house stays around 70 the edges of the bedroom not as warm, but I heat up rice bags and tuck them in around my kiddos and my feet and tuck them in and they stay warm till morning. So that works.

I do still struggle now and again that my husband ran off and left us. He insists that he only left me, but I figure some day he will get it. I can only pray for him, but I focus on my kids.

Tonight was my weekend off, and we watched ELF and had Christmas party food, LOL. It was fun. We are having good times when I do NOT have to work.

Well I am beat, need to get kiddos to bed and then myself.

I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and remembers to spread joy and love to others this year. Let us remember the true reason for the holiday and His gift to us, our salvation and eternal live... He paid the ultimate price for us so that we would not have to and no present could ever compare. I am not sure where I read this but something else to think about. Yes, He died for us all, but you know even if it had only been you or me just one of us, He would still have done it. That is amazing.

I bet there are many who would die to save the whole planet full of people, but what about just 1 person. Someone you do not know, are not related to, just a stranger, a homeless person, a thief, a murderer, a pesky neighbor, an ex-spouse, just one. Would YOU die for one of those? If I am being honest, I would have to say ummmm I would probably not. And I most assuredly would not give up even one of my sons for any of them. But God would and Jesus did die for just that one. He died for just YOU, because you are precious and just that important to Him.

Thank you Heavenly Father for that gift.
Merry Christmas