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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Thankful for.....

Today has been another long day, I am thankful for

1. That I got the bridal shower cake finished and it was quite pretty despite the heat messing with the frosting a bit
2. That today is cool
3. That my oldest kiddos is feeling better
4. That I am almost done with my project
5. That there is a lovely breeze today

Saturday, June 28, 2008


I am thankful

1. For my family who is willing to help me make cards
2. For kids who are willing and able to help cook
3. The already smoked and cooked hams I had in the freezer, no need to heat the house
4. That people are ordering cakes, gives me a bit of extra money
5. That my littlest guys foot is looking way better

My project

I have been working on being more thankful. So I figured why not make cards for our military overseas. I am thankful for their willingness to serve, so why not show it. I will be shipping out 100 cards to each of my brothers who are stationed over there for them to share. 200 total. I did have to recruit my family to help. It goes alot faster if everyone is willing. I will take pictures and post them when I am done.

Friday, June 27, 2008


I am thankful that

1. My kiddo will be on the mend here shortly
2. That it is bed time, LOL

Okay to tired today, can't think of anymore.

A couple of long days

On Wednesday my youngest poked his right foot on some carpet tacks in an area where the carpet is a bit thin, it looks like the last persons dogs really did some digging at it. Anyway, we called the doctor we did not get ours but his associate. She said get a tetanus shot done. Our youngest had some issues early on that has kept him from having immunizations. So we went to the health department, and due to some of those, we needed a doctors orders for him to have it.

Well, the doctor said to wait, keep antibacterial ointment on it and watch which is what I preferred to do anyway. This morning, it was red and swollen and so they got us right in. This involves a drive to Hutchinson. Which is @ 50 miles from us. We are not willing to switch doctors. Ours is the best, PERIOD. Not tetanus thankfully. He cleaned it bandaged it, and wrote to prescriptions, an oral and a topical. So we drive back to the Walmart nearest us where we fill our prescriptions. We give it to them, and wait then find out the insurance did not go through.

We had switched things around. I was told he had coverage now, but they tried 3 different ways to get it to go through and it would not. Also they did not have the oral medicine. So they transferred it to another pharmacy. Long story short 5 hours a few phone calls later and alot of waiting in the heat as we are not near home I get a return call saying it is fine, they can not bill by computer, but then can call us.

Get to the pharmacy, tell them this they call and it takes her repeating the story 4 times to people, and another hour to find out that they can't actually do it today, but it will all be able to be run through tomorrow. So they got the name and the number of the person they were talking to let us have the prescriptions and we finally got to go home. 9 and a half hours after we left it. I am tried.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Things to be thankful for

I have had a bad week, but not gonna go there. 5 things I am thankful for today are

1. That the kids have their insurance back, whoohoooo, clerical problems, sigh...
2. That so far the storms have missed the farmers around us, they are south and north of us, but not here right now and the farmers are frantically working
3. That right when we needed it I got paid for the graduation cakes I made
4. the patience I still seem to be able to tap into, not sure how long that will be happening, but it is now, LOL
5. That the 4th of July is coming soon. Big family get together, every year.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Today is another day to be thankful for

Even though I am still dragging from my allergies or cold or whatever..... Today I am thankful

1. That my oldest is on his way back from camp and that he had fun!!
2. For the vast variety of color in the world.
3. That I did not get further sunburned, long story, LOL
4. That it is not too hot yet.
5. That we have very lovely neighbors!!!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Thankful me

I am thankful for

1. Each and every breath I take
2. Healthy kids
3. Almond Biscotti lotion bars from Hick Chicks Soap Barn yummy and feels so nice
4. My wireless keyboard and mouse, long story, LOL
5. That I have the Lord Jesus in my heart : )

Every one may post more later, got a few things to do around here right now.

Thursday, June 19, 2008


Darn it I remembered to bring in the dogs, but forgot about the laundry. Oh well, I guess another rinsing never hurt anything. Rain water rinsed clothes could be good right??? Okay I am gonna blame my allergies on this one. The sinus achyness is why I forgot about the laundry. Might have forgotten the dogs as well if they had not happened to be barking, LOL. MAN........ Oh well


Being thankful

I am thankful for

1. Fairly cool temperatures
2. The constant reminders from so many directions to keep Psalms 91 in my mind
3. My husband rubbing stupid oregano oil on my neck it seems to be helping my allergies( I do not like the smell of oregano oil, even if it does help, yup I am wimpy)
4. Rain that helps keep my lawn green.
5. Our library here it has an awesome selection of Christian Fiction

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Thank goodness for.....

I am thankful for

1. Birds, yes even the owl who started whooowhoooing really early this morning and still is
2. That the storms last night stayed relatively calm
3. That I finished the cards I needed to make now just gotta mail em
4. That I finally got to read the new Beverly Lewis book and it was great
5. That life does indeed go on..... I guess we just have to with it


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I forgot to post yesterday, LOL

I had so much going on yesterday that I just did not really get on the computer at all. First my oldest son headed out to summer camp. I really hope he has fun. Then a number of phone calls and other things. I had to do a repair on some pants and then on a shirt for the kiddos. Then we had to go to Hutchinson. We were there Sunday, but my Brea was not interested in ummm hmmmm well not interested in "dating" the lovely young male we took her to see.

Soooo back we went again yesterday. And well we should hopefully be expecting a litter of puppies now. LOL. Brea was not happy with me. However we stopped and got some dinner and one of my kiddos brought her out a piece of chicken, and a shrimp. This made her quite happy. Then we had to run a few more errands. With the price of gas we do as much as we can in every trip. Okay gotta run get lunch.

Me : )

A simpler life

I have mentioned before our desire to be out in the country to have a cow, goats, sheep pigs, chickens and of course horses. A simpler life, but then again not really. There would be ever so much more to do.

We were out near Yoder Ks yesterday. We have been there a few times and mom purchases things from them alot. It still surprised me to see off in the distance coming toward us on the road, a horse drawn buggie. We slowed and moved as far to the right as we could. Having ridden horses I always try to be respectful of their space. There was a lovely young family, out for maybe an evening ride or well who knows. They had to lovely little girls.

I often think that would be so much simpler, but you know I am ever so thankful for my electricity. I just could not live without it. And how would I blog if I did not have a computer?? LOL So for now I guess I will stay with my electricity. However I still feel as if I need to be in the country and who knows maybe some day soon, I will be.

Until then.... God knows where we should be

Thankful for........

I am thankful today for

1. A comfy bed
2. Cool nights
3. BBQ leftovers, mmmmmmm not to mention easy
4. A nice crive in the country
5. Flip Flops, nice comfy ones, LOL

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Fathers Day all

I hope that everyone can manage to do something nice for their fathers today. And if any Fathers stop by here, I hope you have the most awesome day today, full of fun and laughter.


Thankful me!!

I am thankful for

1. That my husband is a GREAT Daddy!!
2. My Mom's husband LeRoy, who is the best PaPa to my kids and who loves all of us who were already out of the house even though he does not have to.
3. That I am saved and have a heavenly Father to lean on..
4. A really good book.
5. That my kiddos made it home from camp and that they had a good time.


Saturday, June 14, 2008

Today's I am thankful

I am thankful today for

1. My Ipod, I can listen to only what I want Thank you my DH : )
2. Shoes, I love shoes, of course I do prefer to go barefoot, but an attractive pair of shoes, sigh...... LOL
3. Children's laughter
4. Music
5. That I am doing better!!!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Summer seems to call for Salad

It seems that summer calls for salads. Green salads, fruit salads, pasta salads, and lets not forget the BBQ staple potato salad. I think that since the weather is hot, and salads are usually cold it just makes sense. The salad above really puts a bit of all the food groups in it, LOL. There is small pasta shells, cauliflower, broccoli, onions, bacon, dried cranberries and a homemade dressing. This is the best salad. What are you favorite salads??? Anyone care to share??

Oh and Yes Mom I will make it for the 4Th of July!!!!!

I love these pics

I placed two pictures on my blog yesterday and think they are way too funny. The Calvin one to the right is just my thoughts on life sometimes, LOL. And then if you scroll down on the right you can see a pic that for some reason has struck me as one of the cutest I have seen and I have laughed a few times. So decided to place what made me giggle here on my blog. I have not done as much with my blog as I had before and so decided it was high time to place more of "me" in it. HAHAHHAHA I hope that everyone has an awesome day today.

Love and Hugs

Todays I am thankful

I am thankful for

1. A good back rub from my hubby, : )
2. Good neighbors
3. Doggie Kisses, LOL
4. Chirping birds
5. Cool Breezes

Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Kansas Milkmaid

I have noticed that I have had a some people stop by looking for Christina. I wanted to assure those who are looking that she is doing well. I spoke with her tonight and she is good. I know she has not posted in awhile. I am sure she will when she is ready. Until that time I have removed the link to her page. I will update as soon as she is posting, although I am sure all of you that are interested will have her page saved!! ; )

Hugs Amy

My thankful things

1. My two brothers who are in the Marines and are serving overseas
2. All of our military who serve our country with honor and courage
3. My hug list and stamping friends, the love me whether I am laughing or not
4. The hope and possibility in each new morning
5. My sister in laws Jenn and Nicole, who email just to see how I am doing


Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Things to be thankful for

1. My Grandma who loves me
2. My Mom who laughed at my story yesterday and reminded me that I should be, LOL
3. My kiddos who mispronounce things like smarshmellows, it makes me smile
4. My dogs who love me unconditionally
5. Another June morning that is NOT disturbed, ; )

Will post more later

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Zoo birthday

We had a lovely birthday party for my now 6 year old. We went to the Hutchinson Zoo. We had a birthday cake with zoo animals on it as you can see above, it is looking a little soft as it was VERY warm that day. We rode the train which made my kiddos day. Since it was his birthday he got to ride up front on the engine and make the train whistle go. He was thrilled. All the family seemed to enjoy it. You realize there are alot of you when you fill up all the cars but one on the little zoo train. HAHAHHAHA

I need to look for more things to be thankful for so.....

I plan to post in the morning about 5 things I am thankful for. Not sure how long I will continue for, perhpas until I just can't think of 5 new things. Maybe then I will go down to 1 or 2 things every morning, I don't know. We shall see what we see. Please feel free to join me. I figure I will do it if I say in public that I will and by starting each day by finding things to be thankful for perhaps I will be able to start my day so much better. Please share what you are thankful for. Perhaps we can be an encouragement to each other. So here I start...

1. My God
2. My husband
3. My kids
4. My family
5. My blog that allows me to vent, ; )


The things that keep getting thrown at me..... you may laugh my mom did, LOL

You'll understand the pics as you read the post, LOL.

Okay so I have been struggling. I keep praying and wondering when all these things will stop being thrown my way. How strong do I need to be, God will never give me too much, but geesh.......

So anyway, this morning was a lovely June morning, not too hot, the windows open to catch the gentle breeze, we had a long day yesterday and I had to drive my hubby to work this morning at 5:15, so I was letting everyone sleep in. I was laying relaxing in bed, kinda pondering things, and feeling not too bad. The boys, dogs, where outside in the back yard and all the girls were laying around me. Not too bad. Then the boys start barking......

I hear voices, a man and some kids. I thought well someone walking past. I got up pulled on my robe, walked to the bathroom and they really started barking in earnest. My oldest was up and I asked him to look outside. He comes back mom there are some kids trying to get into the garage that is outside the fence.

Background on this garage.... We pay for the rent on the whole thing, we mow the property that this garage sits on, we pay for the electricity to this garage. The landlady has some stuff in there. They had a garage sale out of it, they have been in and out of there all hours of the day and night running the electricity that WE PAY for to a tune of 245.00 this last month. We run no dryer, we leave all the lights off as much as possible, we have cut back on showers and make time limits, as water is included in this bill, we have not turned on the air conditioner and won't until we just can not stand it anymore, and they run the lights out there and have left them on.

Anyway, I get dressed and the kids come to the door saying they need my husband. Well he is at work. So I grab my shoes and look out the back window, SIGH................. The landladies boyfriend is stuck in the window he was trying to climb in. His pants hanging part down showing things I did not want to see. Darn it ..... Why does he have to do this stuff. I assumed and correctly he was drunk again. I see the kids digging his cell out of his pocket. So I go out the backdoor, walk over to the fence, to hear him telling the kids the address, which he got wrong, he named the name of the town not the street we live on. I got the phone from the kid, told the police the correct address.

What I gather happened this morning, is P.... who was drinking already at 9:00 this morning, was walking around outside with a glass of beer, which incidentally I found sitting by the garage door, saw the neighbor kids and decided to get out a small 4 wheeler that was in the garage. Finding the garage locked he decided to have these 3 little kids help boost him through one of the little tiny windows they left open, and he got stuck on the rim on his ribs.

Once I got out there he asked me for help, and I can not do any lifting not sure what he thought I could do. I told him sorry the police on on their way. Two police officers show up, then two city vehicles with buckets, then more city workers, then a few neighbors, finally an ambulance. One of the police assumed he belonged to me. I said NO HE DOES NOT. The two held him up until more people got here and they managed to get him down. The asked me for information. He told them he and his wife owned the garage and when they asked him his address he said he lived out at her house in the country.

Well first may I say this OH REALLY so where is your car did you walk the 7 miles in from where she lives out of town with a glass of beer to crawl through the garage window to get a 4 wheeler for the neighbor kids and get stuck??? He said he has the trailer rented out to someone, well his vehicles are sitting out front of the mobile home right down the street. I told them I do not believe they are married, and she has the key to the shed and she keeps it locked, I gave them her phone number. They called her and of course she will not do anything.

My question is this, I thought public drunkenness was a crime. I would have thought wandering around drunk, carrying glasses of beer down the street, crawling through windows and getting stuck and having to call out all those people would have been enough to do something. I guess I am just hard hearted now.

I have been nice and gracious as I can be, despite the fact that he and his son have repeatedly shown up and asked us for money. Despite the fact that he had my husband help him move the fridge to a repair shop and then refused to go in and give them info, so my husband gave them our phone number and address, and we received his bills in our name until I called them and gave them his phone number and name. Despite the fact that her creditors call us looking for money, despite the fact that we are going to have to move, because the house payments have not gotten made, despite the fact that I had to scrape dog and cat mess of the carpet when we moved in.

I have been nice. I was even pretty nice this morning although I felt like screaming. And the thing is he does not even get it. He sits there smiling and laughing about it all. So I smile and just say no big deal P.... But you know what it gets to be a big deal. I have 6 kids. We have told them to keep the doors locked at all times and to never answer the door when we are gone. My oldest will be 17 and I do not want him answering the door to have to deal with someone drunk.

Yes it is kinda funny now, and boy do I wish that like my mom said that I had video camera, Americas Funniest Home videos might have paid out good for that... LOL

Does anyone still wonder how I am sane with all this. I do sometimes, hahahahah okay I can laugh now, and may I just say that I am more thankful for my husband right now than I have been in awhile as my hubby has never gotten stuck in a garage window drunk with his pants showing more then anyone wants to see. See I found something to be thankful for in all this. There is always something you just have to look for it.

Have and awesome week all!!!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Letting things get me down.

I have been very frustrated the last couple of weeks. I have not posted much nor have I answered emails or called and talked to anyone. I really am one who tries to stay positive, and I think people have come to expect that from me most of the time. I expect that from me most of the time. So I have felt like I have just been a big let down all the way around, so, I have avoided people.

I have avoided life, I have been avoiding writing in my journal, frankly I have even been avoiding God, which honestly is awfully sad. I have pondered what on earth I am supposed to be learning from all of this. I guess I have always been one that is pretty trusting and always looking for the good in anyone. Perhaps I am needing to learn to trust not in man but in God alone. Although I would still think that God would want me to look for the good and decency in anyone. I don't know.

With all this I have also been struggling with panic attacks, and am taking St. Johns Wart to try to ward those off and to be able to keep calm.

I know that I need to pray more, and I know that I need to read the Bible more, I do. I am struggling, and while I hate to admit it that, it is the honest truth. And some who read this may find great humor and joy in the fact that I am struggling, you know who you are. But everyone else I hope you can understand my human failings and if your one who prays, pray for me. Pray for strength, and endurance, for understanding, or failing the understanding please pray for peace for me.

We have @ 6 months to find a new home, I am thankful for that. Please pray for God's will in this. We, my husband and I have felt compelled to be out in the country and the be able to be more self sustaining, and perhaps this is why this is happening and where we are being led.

Thank you everyone.
Be Blessed