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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Anniversary Cake

This cake turned out rather lovely especially considering all the catastrophes that occured with this cake...

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Mozzila Firefox Markup

What do you think of the following? I am just curious...

"An open Net embraces free culture. That doesn't mean disrespecting the copyright of others. It means instead enabling others to share and build upon the work you want the Net to love. Practice the freedom you expect from others, by licensing your work as freely as you can."

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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My baby is 8

My babys birthday was Friday. He is 8... It seems like only yesterday I held his sweet little self for the first time... He had beautiful auburn hair and a sweet little round face. He has been my most determined child, but my most cuddly as well. He loves to sit with mom and read stories and play games. He wants to help all the time. He even helped frost his cake. I am so proud of him and cant wait to see what he is going to do as he gets older.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Party at Prairie Flower Farm

Join the Party over on Prairie Flower Farm. Linda is a lovely Godly women here in Kansas, that post so many wonderful recipes, give-aways, and wonderful Godly wisdom, please stop by and visit her. You will find it time well spent, a refreshing breath in your busy day! Oh and if you just click on the title to this post it will take you right over.

Struggling with Doubt

Why is it that even when we no better, and I do, that we still can fall into a season of doubting. There I said it. I don't like to admit it. I have been struggling with this. I know for a fact that my Heavenly Father will carry me through all things. And yet, over the last two months I have been really struggling with this. I avoid conversations with people, blogging or asking for prayer, because I don't want to admit my struggle.

I want people to think, hey Amy is doing great. A single mom with 6 kids, she's smiling, making things work, doing things for others. What happens is I become quiet when I am stressed. Because once I start I unload and I so did not want to bring others down. I want to be a positive person, the cheerleader, the I have faith that is unshakable person! But I'm not always that person that I so very much want to be.

Well, I am weary! Things have been a bit tough lately. Some days, I worry that I can't pay my bills, and I don't have major bills. I have been living in a bit of a state of panic and worry, praying Lord please don't let someone ruin another pair of shoes or pants or whatever. Lord please don't let them be quite so hungry ALL THE TIME! Lord please make that $20 I put in my suburban last the week so I can get to work to make enough money to pay rent. Lord please hold the truck together til I can afford to fix the oil leak.... SIGH.... and that is just the tip of the iceberg. Lord I can't afford tithe. I know before I even have my check that there is NOT enough.

I know so many others are in the exact same boat without a paddle. And I honestly don't mean to whine. I just wanted to ask for prayer from anyone who may stop by. This is me being honest and humbly asking for your prayers for peace, for favor, for strength when I am tired. I will be tithing this week. I KNOW better. I am believing that the Lord will bless what is left and make it go farther then it ever should. Thank you in advance for your prayers.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Having a house party

I joined this really cool thing, where you get really cool party packs from companys trying new products. This will be my first one. It is for Velveeta. They have 4 brand new Velveeta Cheesy Skillets coming out. We are pretty excited, the party packs often come with coupons and lots of goodies My sister has done a number of them and we have always had alot of fun!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

More of whats keeping me busy, LOL...

This cake was for my 9 year old. I have never tried to cut out and decorate any sort of cake like this. And while this little penguin might not be mistaken as an escapee from the zoo, he turned out kinda cute!

A graduation cake for a friends daughter. They loved the one I had done for the bridal shower and so decided on a similar one except for blue and pink.

Friday, May 27, 2011


The weather has been bad as I am sure everyone knows. Two days ago we had wave after wave go over and I went out shortly before dark and caught these pictures. It was very eerie outside, the wind had died down and it was very quite until more of the storm reached us and the thunder and lightning started. The neighbor and I were both out there just watching. I am very thankful that the tornadoes skipped over our area. While being very saddened for those that the tornadoes did hit.

What I have been up to!

I have been so busy over the last 3 weeks, well months actually, but especially the last 3 weeks, when I was not working or at church, I was making cakes.

This is a cake for a bridal shower for a young lady at church. I love how this one turned out.
This cupcake was one of 24 for my son Elijah's birthday celebration at school. I love how the colored sugars look on these.
My son Josephs birthday is in July, but we always send treats to celebrate with the class near the end of school, he wanted all sorts of colors on his.
One of two graduation cakes for my bosses daughter. The other was my dark chocolate "I love you" cake, LOL.
One of two graduation cakes for the daughter of a friend from church, the other was my apple spice "Will you marry me" cake... I told people I was going to rename my cakes what people say to me about them... : )
Some whimsical baby shower cupcakes. Polka dots and stripes. The turned out cute although not my favorite, I have to say.

We have also had an igloo cake for my Elijah's birthday, ummmm as I was in the process of decorating it another way, and then he came home and wanted an igloo, it did not turn out exactly well, anyway, it will not be making a preview here, LOL.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Well, spring seems to have sprung, well mostly, LOL.... We have been so busy. We still are not quite settled in. We had sooooo much bad, or uhhh snowy and icy weather that I have not been able, translate that into willing to move my stuff out of storage. I hate the cold. The kids are doing well. Enjoying riding the bus to school now as we live out in the country. There are neighbor kids to play with, forts to build, bikes to ride, and trees to climb. They are pretty content.

We are keeping busy with church and work. My oldest has his first job. During the divorce and the following ummm restructuring is a good word, he was irreplaceable at home, as I worked a second shift job. So he was unable to work previously. He has a job at a restaurant and is doing well. I am so proud of him!!

My second oldest son who is 16 went to prom... EEeeeeeek... What has happened here? Where did time go? Wasn't he just a baby a couple of days ago? David looked so handsome in his tux and Cierra looks so lovely as well. I took some pictures, neither of them was very inclined to let me snap away to my hearts content, LOL... We might have still been there..

I have been busy baking and it looks as if I will have a number of cakes here in May for graduations. My new job is going well. I work hours that the kids are at school. So it is working out well. I am still thoroughly happy at my church and am thankful for the wonderful church family I have there. I have adapted back to this "huge" town, LOL... But after the tiny town of Hillsboro, where I am at now felt really big for quite a long time. Well better head to bed.

Be Blessed

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Valentine Treat

I still do not have my cake decorating stuff out of storage, but the kiddos wanted to make one anyway so we cheated.... It tasted pretty good even without alot of fancy decorations.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day

Yes I am reposting this again!! I think that it is worth posting again as it has such a good message...


Today is Valentines Day and what do we think of when we think of Valentines Day? Candy maybe, flowers, cards perhaps, jewelry, and of course Love. There are many different kinds of love. For instance there is the love we have for our first huggy toy or blankie, that our parents probably wish they could toss out. Something we never even wanted washed. For us at that point it was a true and everlasting love.

We of course have the love for our pets. A kitty or puppy for some perhaps a lizard or even birds for others. Although personally I do like my pets fuzzy. And of course our love was returned unashamedly and unreservedly by our pets. Isn't that a wonderful love.

Then we often stumbled into puppy love. Awwwww. The love we often have for a childhood friend. Perhaps the person was your best friend or maybe even someone you never ever talked to. Maybe this other person loved you right back. Puppy love can hang on for a long time. Some of these "puppy" loves can last a lifetime. Through all the school years until the can marry and hopefully live happily ever after.

Of course then we grow up, or so we think and we fall in love in high school. This can be so dramatic. I met the young man I dated through high school at church. We hung around for awhile giving each other all of those mushy looks kids can give each other. Kinda hinted around through others that we liked each other. And finally at a Family Church Camp, we were sitting by each other and the preacher said he wanted everyone to hold each others hand for prayer.

Well he took my hand and long story short we dated through high school and then married and had 6 kids. I loved him alot. And I was sorry to have our love end. So now we have the until death do us part love which is strong, compelling, even overwhelming at times. The belonging to and with another person, that's a big thing, and exciting thing a frustrating thing, and then an eventually, sad thing either due to a divorce or the until death do us part stuff comes along.

Okay going on then you have the love for your babies, sigh.... I will never forget the first time I saw my babies sweet little round faces. The sudden and complete falling in love with a little scrap of a person! I never wanted to put them down. I cuddled them all next to me all night until they slept through the night on their own. This is another love that is exciting and often frustrating. As babies become independent toddlers and then go off to school and then become teenagers that all of a sudden know everything and we as parents suddenly become some of the dumbest people on the planet!

We also have the love for our family that is important and changes as we grow. Our parents are everything when we are babies. We do become less dependent on them as we grow, but love them none the less. Now the love for our siblings that is another tough love. Sometimes it does not feel much like love but more like well let's just say extreme dislike. Perhaps your sister kept taking your clothes, or maybe you were kind of mean and teased your sister alot about everything. This doesn't mean we don't love them, just that were kids. We love our aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents all of who supply us with love. Large games of hid and seek with all the cousins, grandmas hot homemade rolls, the time just spent together because you love each other. What a blessing love for and from our family is.

As we have grown up we find friends along the way. Special friends who can help cheer you up when you need it and who need you to do the same when they have a down day. To have a friend to love you and one to love back is a special thing indeed. To have someone who will put up with you when you can't even put up with yourself, that is an awesome love. I believe God put those special friends there because he knew we needed each other.

As wonderful as all these loves are there is a love that has no comparison. God's love. God's love will never die. He never decides, well Amy did not come to church today so I am not going to care about her anymore. God wants the best for us and loves us so much that He sent His own and only son to die for us. So that we would not have to pay the wages of sin ourselves. A firey burning pit in hell. That's how much He loves us. I know I could never do that. I love you all, but I could not sacrifice my son, my child for you. Sacrifice myself, maybe....

God's love is everlasting. Kids grow up and move away, not that they don't love you but they aren't there everyday to say it. Friends often leave, families get busy, husband or wives may divorce or eventually pass away, but God's love is here forever. No matter how mad at the world we get, or even if we have managed to make the whole rest of the world mad at us, God will love us. No matter what we do we can't make Him hate us. He may hate what we do, but He will love us forever. His arms will always be there. We just have to let Him carry us.

So even if you did not get a dozen roses, a thousand pounds of candy, diamond jewelry, or even if you are alone and think no one cares, you are indeed loved. You are blessed enough to have the best, most awesome, complete, never failing, will never leave you nor forsake you, beyond death, love that you can imagine. The most important love of all, God's Love!!!

Happy Valentines Day.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

We have moved

I finally have a home in the country... As soon as I have time I will post some pictures to update.. Oh and I have started a new job as well...... Life is exciting right now... See you soon.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

God is good

God is good all the time, He put a song of praise in this heart of mine, God is good all the time, in the darkest night His light will shine, God is good, He's so good, all the time......

I am not going to go deep into it, but it has been a long couple of years, especially the last 8 months. I have been for all intents and purposes homeless since last April. And jobless since last September. Not the best of situations, but I knew without a shadow of a doubt, God had plans for me and my children. And good ones to boot. LOL

This week I have not only been blessed with a job, one that is during the hours my children are at school. That way, I can be home with them, eat dinner with them, help them with homework, and tuck them in at night. The job also has benefits even for those working part time, as I will be. But I also have been blessed with a home, and in the country just like I have wanted. Praise God, and for even 50 less per month then the man originally wanted. He gave this single mama a bit of a break.

It has often been a long dark weary lonely road that I have been traveling over the last couple of years, but I have proclaimed before and will continue to proclaim forever, that GOD HAS ME AND HE WILL NEVER DROP ME....

Be Blessed and stay warm!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Happy Birthday

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TODAY TO MY LOVEY, FUNNY, FUN, AMAZING, TALENTED, ADORABLE, SWEET, BEAUTIFUL, CREATIVE, OUTGOING, AND ONE AND ONLY DAUGHTER. I can't believe your fifteen!! Where did the time go? Just yesterday it seems like you were so tiny and cuddly all wrapped in your little pink blanket with bunnies on it. I was so happy when you were born. Just so sweet and pink!!! I am so thankful that God blessed me with you!! I love you Katelynn!!

A time for celebration

This morning I was having a bit of a bad day. Got a text 5 min before I needed to be up. That always frustrates me.... 5 more minutes!!! LOL... I ran behind getting out the door.... I prefer to be at church 30 min early... I just like to sit in the sanctuary, unwind and focus on being ready to worship.

Well, today I did not leave the house until almost the time I like to be there... SIGH..... So after the text, then being late, things just weren't going well. Not all of my children, who are still staying with their dad, were going to be ready to go to church with me. I prefer to have all my precious kiddos with me, and that made me even more frustrated.

So, I am driving down the road and thought okay I need music... I adore music, I sing all the time... My favorite way to get rid of stress is get in the car drive, and turn the music up loud and sing along... : ) I thought YES, music, so I turned on K-Love... and after about 30 seconds I was smiling, singing and saying you know what it does not matter... I still have no solution for a house, I still need some things fixed on my car, I still need a job, I still do not have my kids living with me due to the house, I still have a back that is iffy, my Grandmother is still gone, and I am still divorced, but so what....

Yeah all these things hurt, terribly, I would give about anything to have my Grandmother alive, to hear her voice, see her face, I want a home for my kids and myself and that job. I need to get the car fixed, waiting on tax return, and I would not mind someday being married again. I like having someone else around... Share concerns with, keep my feet warm, LOL. ; )

But what I REALLY mean is this.... I am ALIVE, I can see GODS beautiful creations, I was driving down a street that was lined with trees and had snow filled yards, it was lovely, I have come out of the last 2 years stronger, more alive, more in touch with God, in a better church, with more amazing friends who support me, then I have ever had. I have not given up, I am not going to. I have not fallen apart, I know that sometimes you get so far and you need help for anxiety or depression and I am not knocking that. But I DO NOT need these things, I am better now and have a better relationship with God than I have ever had before in my life.

So this is a time to celebrate!!! I am alive, and GOD lives in me and will carry me through anything that the world can toss at me.


Saturday, January 15, 2011

Mr and Mrs Peacock

You know I always used to feel sorry for the peahen. So somber in her coloring, browns, whites, a bit of black, she does have a touch of green around her neck. But she really is quite a sweet little thing.

But honestly she does not have to be a show off. She can sit gracefully watching and waiting, not having apply makeup, have expensive haircuts or designer clothes, LOL, and it is the male who must catch her eye.

With all his bright flashy colors he is quite gorgeous, all those blues and greens. Did you know they shed them? This fella a number of months back had no tail feathers at all. I wonder if he felt naked, exposed or ugly, kinda like we women can tend to do if we must go with out doing our hair or our makeup.

All in all its probably better to be the peahen instead of the peacock. She looks the same one day to the next with her lovely browns and her little crown on her head, that's what those little feathers up there remind me of. Plus she can hid in the brush better. While he has to occasionally become quite plain and with no tail feathers to show off, I wonder if he gets confused. But then I do remind myself, they probably just take it all in stride not wondering about any of it. Why, cause they are exactly what God made them to be and not too darn worried about being something else. I doubt she looks at him enviously and wishes for long green tail feathers. They are most likely happy in their little peacock world. Unlike so many of us who yearn for prettier hair, or better skin, or smaller thighs or larger bust. LOL.... Peacocks are just content, just the way God made them....

My insightful thoughts for today, LOL

Friday, January 14, 2011

My love affair with sunsets....

I adore sunsets. I love the gold ones. The purple and orange and pink ones. I take nearly as many photos of sunsets as I do of chickens and of my children making goofy faces, LOL.
I love the uniqueness of each and every one. The way the light shines through trees.
They are like witnessing a miracle every day. I draw and would love to learn to paint, but I know I could never create such gloriousness as I witness all the time.
God has created so many wonderful things for us to enjoy. That even when I am hurrying home from somewhere if I see a beautiful sunset, I will stop take pictures enjoy it for a few minutes.
I just cant seem to help myself. They seem to be for me a moment to think wow look what God can do. It is such a show of Gods glory and the miraculous, some people may not see it that way, but seriously could you create something that happens every day and make it different and glorious unto its self every day. I don't think I could in fact I know I can't. I drew pictures on the white boards at my previous job, as the seasons changed, and while the residents and the staff at the nursing home enjoyed my pictures, there is no possible way I could have come up with a new totally original design each and every day. God you are just so amazing, to take something that could be mundane in the way that it is an everyday thing and make it special and unique and beautiful.

Be Blessed today and enjoy your sunset.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Winter 2011 has struck...

Winter has finally struck here in our area of Kansas. I had kinda hoped that we might miss it.
This is my Joeybug he was not too thrilled. He wanted to be out and play in it, but not excited about the cold and wet. I think he gets that from mom...
My Elijah... he was enjoying it quite a bit came inside and warmed up for a couple of minutes and then was ready to go again.
Elijah and Chloe, a friend, were in the process of building a castle...
Tossing a snowball...
Filling up the trash can, a clean unused one, again to build another part of the castle. They were ambitious.
I wonder if his little squirrely feet are cold...
I love squirrels as you can probably tell.
Look at his fluffy little self.
Wonder if he found what he was digging for out there....
Obviously no train has been by here today...
Pretty evergreen coated in snow... I love the look of snow on the trees and the landscape. I just don't like having to drive, walk, or work in the snow.
Frozen circle pond. My kiddos thought the water was all gone, but nope it's just frozen and the snow is sitting on top.
I always feel so bad for the ducks, swans and geese this time of the year... I mean their toes have got to be cold right???
Snowy bridge over the frozen pond......Yeah I am sure everyone could have guessed that one. ROFL
A look at the bridge from across the street.

The snow always makes everything so nice and clean looking. Well at least until it all starts to melt and gets dirty... But it covers up all the gunk and brown grass and any trash lying around and makes it look beautiful and perfect. Kinda like Jesus covering our sins... He died for us and that sacrifice covered over all of our junk to make us spotless before God... Not a big revelation I know, but I can see it.. And appreciate the snow... So cool...

Thursday, January 6, 2011


Okay anyone besides me have a big fascination with chickens? ROFL...... I have recently discovered that I have this fascination... I mean I have always known that I liked chickens..

They are kinda soothing to watch as they wander around quietly looking for things to eat. They are cute and feathery.

They make sweet little clucking sounds. They lay eggs, and well heck even taste good.

They come in so many colors and varieties and sizes... It just amazes me sometimes what God has made.

Chickens are relatively secure in their place in the world I think sometimes, I mean not that they can't be scared but these particular chickens hang out with a pair of gorgeous peacocks.... Shame we can't all be as secure in who we are, ROFL...

And chickens such as this hen are good mothers. This momma has to chicks if you pay close attention. This picture was taken a couple of days ago. She is doing a fantastic job of keeping them safe and warm especially as these chickens roam free on the property. They have no locked up chicken house. What a good momma...

What got me thinking that I really have a big fascination with them is the fact that over the last 8 months I have taken hundreds of pictures of chickens.... Now to be fair if there were herds of horses in the places I hang out I would be taking pictures of them as well... But my subjects have been chickens.