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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Soap giveaway

Okay I am so running behind. With the move and the fact that I am still not connected to the internet at home. SIGH........... so far a total of 5 hours and 8 phone calls maybe and we still have no internet service. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH okay fussing is done, LOL.

So onto the soap giveaway I have racked my brain for something for you all to comment on and I have come up with this very un-original idea.

In honor of the fact that today is halloween. LOL What is your favorite candy or treat. Or both, cause I know that I like homemade popcorn balls around halloween, and I also like SKOR bars. I am partial to toffee, LOL.

So I have named my some of my favorites so leave a comment and be sure to post your name and I will enter your name in the "hat" yes the riding hat still do not have another, LOL, and I will draw two names on Nov. 10th.

Oh yes please be sure to leave your name in the comment. Much easier to draw it that way, LOL

I hope everyone has fun again. I know I did and have another giveaway in the works for Nov. as well.

I have had sooooo much fun with this. I appreciate the chance to be able to give to someone else. it is always such a blessing to me so thank you all in advance!!!!!!
; )

Monday, October 29, 2007

Still no internet

SIGH................................... after 1 week and many phone calls, I still have no internet. I will post about the soap giveaway ASAP. I so miss having a computer working at home.

Not so patiently

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Due to naps........and other disruptions

SIGH.....................LOL I am just weary. We are still not done...ahhhh just a little fuss there, lol. We hopefully will be done today. With a child or two that stops working when I have to go do move a load or go to a parent teacher conference, and I have caught my kids trying to nap a bit more then usual. I just want to be done, I am so tired. My back and knee and ankle hurts.

Okay done whining. I don't want to worry anyone, I said no more depressing posts. ; )

; ) ; ) ; ) ; ) See lots of smiles, LOL. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA okay gotta run.

Hope everyone has a lovely day today.


Monday, October 22, 2007

Okay about done

We will be done here soon. Yeah!!!!! I hate moving and this has not been fun but thats okay. I have been pondering alot of things this last week or so, and will share them here in the future. I will not have internet access until Wed. I may go down to the library tomorrow night to check emails and stuff. But will be back for sure on Wed. I hope everyone who stops by has a great couple of days. Keep positive thoughts for me and my back and ankle.

Thanks a bunch
Amy ; )

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Today is the day

Okay if you have read before today is the day we need to be out of here. Guess what I forgot to do????? I forgot to transfer the phone and Internet starting tomorrow. AHHHH
Okay I will have to make calls first thing tomorrow. I will leave the wireless here and bring my sons laptop when I come to clean and check emails and stuff. Hopefully they will not take to long to transfer the service. I mean isn't it all done by computer now??? Anyone know??

Well I have two of the bedrooms upstairs totally emptied and one almost done. We just need to bring down a couple of boxes from the 3rd room and a small dresser, oh and the clothes from the closet. Not too much and then I gotta vacuum so not bad. Then just the couch and rug and tv plus my bed and night stand oh yes and the computer and desk. LOL. I could not live without those.

I am hoping it all goes smoothly today. The big kids are ummmmm a tad bit uncooperative. Makes for a cranky mom. ; ) Sigh we will live through this. So please everyone keep us in mind today. Good thoughts okay???

A bit frustrated still about the move and no permanent place to go, but we have been blessed by the fact that we have a warm clean safe place to go even though it is not permanent. So that's okay today's needs are taken care of.

Praise God

He will never leave us nor forsake us!!


Thursday, October 18, 2007

And the winners are!!!!!

The winner of the journal and 6 cards is GatewayGirl

The winner of the 6 cards is Denise (levisgrammy from MJF)

Yeah!!!!!!! Okay ladies please use my contact link and email the address's to send this to also GatewayGirl please email me your prefrence in cards as well, Christmas, pink Notecards, or kids birthday cards.

Thanks everyone for playing please check back next Friday for the drawing for Kansas Milkmaid Soaps.


Happy Anniversary and Fun Fall Drawing Day

Hello Everyone

I hope everyone is having a nice day. 16 years ago today, right now I was working on my wedding cake to get it finished, and my mom and our neighbor were decorating the sancturary. My soon to be husband was working for a french bakery at the time, and he had made me some of my favorite Chocolate crossiants. I ate them for breakfast and then did not stop until after 9 pm for anything else.

That afternoon I had my hair down by a lovely man named Wilson from our church he worked at Salon Salon in Modesto, Ca. A VERY nice place and he did my hair for free that day and even talked a lady there into doing my makeup for free as well. So I was really pampered.

After that we ran to Costco picked up the sheet cakes, and was informed by a gentleman from our church that I was running late, he worked there. LOL. Got everything back to the church and my grandma helped me get ready. I wore my grandmothers wedding dress, and pearls.

My sister and my hubbys sister were my bridemaids. My youngest sister took care of the guest book and gifts. My youngest brother was the ring bearer, and my other brother was an usher. My hubbys best man was his brother and then one of his friends was a groomsman.

The wedding was well let me explain. The pastor, ummmmm, well was very long winded. Very longwinded. I was not too thrilled. This pastor was not the one I would have liked to have married us. Ummm we did not like each other is was mutual. And I swear he spoke so long, and it was so hot, I stood up there and was blowing down my dress cause I was getting way way hot..... LOL.

A couple of people from our church sang. It was not that bad, I can laugh now at me blowing down my dress, I can only imagine what the pastor thought, LOL. But it was sooooo hot up there. The cake was good, of course I made it, LOL. One way to be sure you like your food is to bake it yourself. I think everyone had a good time, I will post a pic later today.

Okay on to the drawing. The drawing will be held today shortly after 5:00 pm. I have so enjoyed the responses you have all shared. Thank you for sharing and joining in the fun. I will see you later today.


Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A rainy wednesday

Hello all

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week. Fall sure has arrived here. Cool rainy weather has been the normal this week. Yesterday was somewhat clear, so I got a couple of loads transfered yesterday. Today I have not been as lucky. This weather makes me want to bake a lovely batch of scones and some tea, and curl up by a fire with a good book. Alas, no fireplace, and no time to do any of it. I will be baking some scones next week though. Maybe take a batch to a friend or who knows. I enjoy blessing other people. I will miss my neighbors. I have baked scones and cookies and made candy and chocolate covered pretzels for the quite a few of them.

We have been blessed to have nice neighbors. The lady on our right came to my summer tea in 2006, and they have a nice boy who is good friends with my kids. Then the lady across the street got me more into schnauzers then I was already and bred my Emmaline Harris to one of her males and she had a couple of puppies and I kept my Anne Shirley and then she gifted me with a nice male Mini Schnauzer, Lucky. She has been very nice and so generous. Then her sister and brother in law live down the street and raise schnauzers as well.

My daughters best bud as well as fellow church members live on the street behind us on the same block as we do. And another homeschooling family that are 4-H friends live down at the end of the block and another couple from church live on the street in front of us on the same block. We are also 2 blocks from our sons school and 4 from church. Sigh.........................

God has a plan and I am thankful that we have a temporary place to go, it is clean and dry and no leaks and no mold. Praise God!!!!!!

Don't forget tomorrow at 5:00 pm is the cut off for the drawing. My 4 year old will draw shortly after that. Also don't forget that next Friday I will start another drawing as well. Bars of soap made by my friend the Kansas Milkmaid.

Be Blessed and stay dry if your where it is raining, but most of all don't forget to enjoy yor fall. Maybe call a friend, or take one some baked goods. I don;t know many people who would not appreciate a nice home baked goodie fresh from the oven.

Aiming at cheerful

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Only 2 days left

Only 2 days left until I draw names. I am excited to see who wins. The next few days will be busy for me. I have to move as many of our belongings as possible. This weekend my husband and I will be moving the heavier stuff. Then we will offically be moved from this house. I will be transfering the telephone and internet service, so I will be able to blog and get emails. We will only be able to stay for a short time in the place we are going. Please keep praying for a home for us everyone. We must find one quickly.

God has got a plan and I will just keep on going. He has never dropped us and why would he now. Nope it won't happen. I refuse to believe it.

I hope that everyone has a lovely day today and if you have just stopped by for the first time today, please be sure to scroll down and enter the fall giveaway.

Be Blessed everyone. Enjoy your day.


Friday, October 12, 2007

The Band Staynlis playing in McPherson

If you live in or around the McPherson area, the Christian rock band Staynlis will be playing the worship service at the New Life Foursquare Gospel Church at 10:30 am on October 14th. It will not be their "concert" set, but you can still hear them and meet them. And also for no charge, so hey thats cool. And if you can't make that one they have 3 more events scheduled for Ocotber here in ks. Here is the whole list.

New Life Foursquare Gospel - McPherson Ks 811 N Ash - October 14, 2007 10:30 am

The Hub - Peabody, KS Oct 20, 2007 - 8:00 PM

Haunt Fest - Hutchinson, KS Oct 27, 2007 - 8:00 PM

Crossroads Assembly of God - McPherson, KS Oct 28, 2007 - 10:30 AM

Win free pair of shoes

Win a free pair of shoes from Ryka. They are giving away 50 pair of free shoes and 50 free tees every day until October 25. 50 pair not to bad of odds I guess. So hey check it out.



No fall color

I was planning on heading to the park take a few nice pictures of the lake, all the geese and the trees in all their fall glory, not to be I guess!!! It's raining it's pouring the old man is snoring, bumped his hed went to bed and couldn't get up in the morning, LOL

Perhaps tomorrow will be a better day for some fall color.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Okay onto more cheerful things, a fall giveaway

Rain Drops on Roses and Whiskers on Kittens... Bright Copper Kettles and warm woolen mittens.... brown paper packages tied up with string these are a few of my favorite things.........

Okay I am giving away this pink journal shown below and 6 cards of your choice, pink floral blank notecards, 6 Christmas Cards, or 6 kids birthday cards.

And just for the fun of it there will be a runner up who will recieve 6 assorted cards.

All you have to do is comment with 5 of your favorite things about fall. I will put names in a hat and have my 4 year old draw one!! I will get us started.

My 5 favorite things about fall.....

1. My hubby's and my anniversary on the 18th of October

2. Cooler weather

3. Pumpkins/ jack'o lanterns

4. Thanksgiving

5. The crunchy sounds of the leaves when you walk through them

The drawing will be held on the 18th seems like a good date. So you have until 5 pm on the 18th to post.

PS Please be sure to leave a name....... I can't draw your name if you don't : ( So if the anonymous person who did not leave their name in the comment could please let me know who you are.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007


I have stumbled upon a good analogy for our lives. our life currently is like a snowball. When a snowball is sitting at the top of the hill it is nice and clean and contained all in order, then someone or something gives it a nudge down the hill and it starts to grow into something you no longer recognize, it picks up sticks and leaves as it rolls down hill, you might roll through some piles of ......... yeah that, and by the time you get to the bottom, you no longer would recognize what it was to begin with as it usually splats into a big yucky mess. I feel like we are rolling faster and faster toward the splat part. I know sometimes you have to get to the splat part and be fully broken and then God can truly work, sometimes it just feels as if I am already there yet, we keep on rolling, more leaves more twigs, more .......... yeah that.


Okay the next post WILL be more cheerful, LOL. No more snowball analogy's, LOL

Days of frustrations

I keep wondering how much can one person take before the break. I guess for me it is alot. I am still going but today is a struggle. You go through your life going to church, you home school your kids as you feel led, you work hard, you try to bless people, you try to be a good friend to your friends, you have an outlook on life that people are good and honest, and all of it just falls apart.

You discover, that you aren't too sure you believe what you church does, you struggle to home school because you sick sick sick in bed for a month, that no matter how hard you work you just can't get a head, the people you try to bless don't understand and you end up just feeling used and taken advantage of, your friends turn out to not be friends, and you discover that people are not true and honest, that people will lie about you, and then you discover your world is falling apart and you are a broken person.

I have been blessed by this Kim Hill song. It is a blessing to discover that you are not the only person who has felt this way, not that I want anyone to suffer, but you know someone else gets it.

A Million Pieces

She’s crying out tonight
She can’t do this anymore
The pieces that won’t fit
Have her shaken to the core

She’s been hiding from the truth
She’s tried so hard to escape
‘Til there’s nothing left to lose
‘Til there’s nothing left to fake

Another smile, another day
She gives herself away
Cause “pretty is as pretty does”
And pretty will not fuss

She did everything she could
To hide away the pain
To keep her house
The way her mama told her to
Nothing ventured, nothing gained
Oh how will she explain?
What do you do with a million pieces?

She’s finally seen the light
That He loves broken things
So, let all the pieces fall
And see what that freedom brings

Another smile, another day
And “pretty does” just walks away
The woman she’s becoming
Is the one that’s real

She did everything she could
To hide away the pain
To keep her house
The way her mama told her to, but
Nothing ventured, nothing gained
Oh how will she explain?
What do you do with a million pieces?

I know the plans I have for you
Is such a sweet refrain

She did everything she could
To hide away the pain
To keep her house
The way her mama told her to but
Nothing ventured, nothing gained
This heart won’t be contained
What do you do with a million pieces?

I am struggling. It really looks like we are about to be homeless. Th 21st is our last day with a home. I know God has never failed us and I am sure he has a plan. But when you have 6 children to take care of and provide a home for it becomes harder to not worry. God will provide, He has a plan.


Monday, October 8, 2007

Okay self promotion

LOL I have decided to post some pics here. I know people can be a bit standoffish when the know you have 6 kids, however we have always strived to leave things as good as or better then we found them. We moved into this house in Tennessee. It was the last house we were in before we moved back. All of the lower kitchen cupboards were a disaster, the cabinets were full of termite damage and mold. The owner did not care, but agreed to take some off the rent if we repaired the damage as they intended to sell the house when we moved out. I posted the before pics of the kitchen cupboards first then the finished kitchen.

SIck Kidos

Man if it is not one thing it's another. My oldest has walking pneumonia, my next few have severe coughing and it is getting worse, waiting on a call from the doctor, the two youngest have couging, fever, and some throwing up. I mean come one can't I get a break???? I was not joking when I have said to people if someone gets sick at our house it becomes like a plague.

All this and I am trying to get things packed to get the house emptied by the 21'st wether we have a home or not. I will post as to what happens. SO please everyone pray for healthy kids, a good home, and easy packing.


Sunday, October 7, 2007

New Pic up in bakery

There has been talk on a chat board I visit about Christmas and gingerbread houses. I decided to post the one I made for last Christmas on the bakery page. It is not the best pic, or the best gingerbread house, however it turned out cute and not to0o bad for a first try. If yopu would like to see it please just click on the link for bakery on the right of this page.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Still looking

We thought we had found a place to rent near my Mom. But as things turned out we did not have the funds right then to put down and the very nice gentleman really needed to get it settled before he left for his home in an another state. Sigh oh well. And it was such a lovely home to. Still praying and we might have another option.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Looking looking looking

Yoooohoooooo I know your out there. I do I really do. I believe that somewhere here in central Kansas, there is a house just waiting for us. Perhaps you who are reading this right now has one. We would love to move to the country if there was one there. Perhaps you have a farm house that needs a bit of updating or a bit of work, we don't mind work. We have 6 kids, 5 boys and 1 girl who are strong and helpful and we even replaced an entire kitchen before. While a large 5 bedroom home would be awesome. We can make it work in a 3 bedroom. Bunkbeds are awesome, LOL.

We lived for almost a year in a 2 bedroom house in Tennessee. Please do not say nahh won't work because of that. Perhaps your just sitting there waiting for a home to sell, we would love to do a owner finance or contract for deed type thing,or perhaps you could finance for a couple of years and then do a bank loan or even a home to rent. We are good honest church going, on the worship team at church, type people. We do not smoke, do not do drugs, or drink.

If at all possible we would love to be able to get out of town and breath the fresh air, have some chickens, a cow, etc. Room to stretch, room to run, the quite solitude of the country. We have been praying for years for a place in the country, in act my 4 yearold today wasvery upset that we were not going to the farm,not sure what farm, but he wantedto go to the farm.

We have many interest, we have been involved with 4-H, I quilt and craft and sew, I cook cook and cook. I throw tea parties and bake from scratch. I make my own butter, and currently we buy farm fresh milk and eggs as we can not have a cow in town. If perhaps you have such a place or know someone who has such a place or as I mentioned a place in town even, please do not hesitate to email me.

We need to move ASAP as we have been given till the 21st to get out.


Sorry so long

I have put off posting anything as I am still feeling kinda bad, also we have had such a huge amount of bad news it was hard to post. I am still coughing quite a bit and think it might have something to do with the house we are living in kinda of making it worse. There has been a leak in the kitchen roof since we moved in and it has gotten way worse so that some tiels have fallen down and others are stained black. And I seem to get worse when I come home after being gone for awhile. Sigh......

But that is not the worst news I have! We were given 30 days to move out of this house as the landlord is trying to sell it and feels 8 people living in it will hinder that. So we have been trying to find a house, and you know no one wants to rent to someone with 6 kids. So we have been given till the 21 and we have been turned down flat a number of times and told nope you won't fit with 6 kids.

I would like to know when did the world decide you must have a bedroom for each child. I mean come one. Way back when huge families lived in one room houses with lofts. Not that I want to live in a one room house with a loft, but you know we have to have a roof over our head. If we could afford a travel trailer we would buy one right now, as we have a couple of offers of space to put one, but no money to buy one.

Some good news my hubby does now have a job, yeah!!!! Took a little longer then we would have liked, but he has one. Praise God.

Still searching