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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Sorry so long

I have put off posting anything as I am still feeling kinda bad, also we have had such a huge amount of bad news it was hard to post. I am still coughing quite a bit and think it might have something to do with the house we are living in kinda of making it worse. There has been a leak in the kitchen roof since we moved in and it has gotten way worse so that some tiels have fallen down and others are stained black. And I seem to get worse when I come home after being gone for awhile. Sigh......

But that is not the worst news I have! We were given 30 days to move out of this house as the landlord is trying to sell it and feels 8 people living in it will hinder that. So we have been trying to find a house, and you know no one wants to rent to someone with 6 kids. So we have been given till the 21 and we have been turned down flat a number of times and told nope you won't fit with 6 kids.

I would like to know when did the world decide you must have a bedroom for each child. I mean come one. Way back when huge families lived in one room houses with lofts. Not that I want to live in a one room house with a loft, but you know we have to have a roof over our head. If we could afford a travel trailer we would buy one right now, as we have a couple of offers of space to put one, but no money to buy one.

Some good news my hubby does now have a job, yeah!!!! Took a little longer then we would have liked, but he has one. Praise God.

Still searching


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