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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A rainy wednesday

Hello all

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week. Fall sure has arrived here. Cool rainy weather has been the normal this week. Yesterday was somewhat clear, so I got a couple of loads transfered yesterday. Today I have not been as lucky. This weather makes me want to bake a lovely batch of scones and some tea, and curl up by a fire with a good book. Alas, no fireplace, and no time to do any of it. I will be baking some scones next week though. Maybe take a batch to a friend or who knows. I enjoy blessing other people. I will miss my neighbors. I have baked scones and cookies and made candy and chocolate covered pretzels for the quite a few of them.

We have been blessed to have nice neighbors. The lady on our right came to my summer tea in 2006, and they have a nice boy who is good friends with my kids. Then the lady across the street got me more into schnauzers then I was already and bred my Emmaline Harris to one of her males and she had a couple of puppies and I kept my Anne Shirley and then she gifted me with a nice male Mini Schnauzer, Lucky. She has been very nice and so generous. Then her sister and brother in law live down the street and raise schnauzers as well.

My daughters best bud as well as fellow church members live on the street behind us on the same block as we do. And another homeschooling family that are 4-H friends live down at the end of the block and another couple from church live on the street in front of us on the same block. We are also 2 blocks from our sons school and 4 from church. Sigh.........................

God has a plan and I am thankful that we have a temporary place to go, it is clean and dry and no leaks and no mold. Praise God!!!!!!

Don't forget tomorrow at 5:00 pm is the cut off for the drawing. My 4 year old will draw shortly after that. Also don't forget that next Friday I will start another drawing as well. Bars of soap made by my friend the Kansas Milkmaid.

Be Blessed and stay dry if your where it is raining, but most of all don't forget to enjoy yor fall. Maybe call a friend, or take one some baked goods. I don;t know many people who would not appreciate a nice home baked goodie fresh from the oven.

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