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Monday, September 24, 2007

The road to Sickville and Back

Okay I know we all have been there. Sickville. An awful place, full of germs and coughing and well lots of unpleasant things. Have you noticed that the trip in is fast, you hardly know your going there till wow look I'm here in Sickville. Yeah!!!! So you hang around seeing the sights Coughing Corner, Headache Lane, and Misery Drive. You stop to visit the pharmacy of course. Come out with 2 prescriptions, plus Tylenol and Advil. Whooohoooooo I mean who does not love to shop will on a trip. And think you have all the lovely script bottles for souvenirs. You could store oh I don't know medicine in them........ SO anyway you see a sign that says this way to WELL. Your like oh thank you God, I found the way out. So you turn off and head out. Only to discover that the road out of Sickville is not like the 4 lane highway it was to get in. It is a little, narrow, filled with blind curves, dirt road barely 2 lane. You have to drive through places such as Wheezing Falls, and Heaving Point. You have detours through, ER CITY, yeah were you experience the thrill of a breathing treatment and shots of epinephrine. And then maybe just then maybe after the another stop at the Pharmacy for some more souvenir shopping of 3 more prescriptions, you discover that the bottle of antibiotics has a map on it. One that shows the way to Well. So I am hoping that if I follow this map I will soon be home in Well again. Then I shall post on better things. I promise.


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