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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Okay onto more cheerful things, a fall giveaway

Rain Drops on Roses and Whiskers on Kittens... Bright Copper Kettles and warm woolen mittens.... brown paper packages tied up with string these are a few of my favorite things.........

Okay I am giving away this pink journal shown below and 6 cards of your choice, pink floral blank notecards, 6 Christmas Cards, or 6 kids birthday cards.

And just for the fun of it there will be a runner up who will recieve 6 assorted cards.

All you have to do is comment with 5 of your favorite things about fall. I will put names in a hat and have my 4 year old draw one!! I will get us started.

My 5 favorite things about fall.....

1. My hubby's and my anniversary on the 18th of October

2. Cooler weather

3. Pumpkins/ jack'o lanterns

4. Thanksgiving

5. The crunchy sounds of the leaves when you walk through them

The drawing will be held on the 18th seems like a good date. So you have until 5 pm on the 18th to post.

PS Please be sure to leave a name....... I can't draw your name if you don't : ( So if the anonymous person who did not leave their name in the comment could please let me know who you are.


Shu said...

i'll get the ball rolling...
1)the beautiful colors on the trees 2)cooler days and bare limbs later in the season 3)thanksgiving & my birthday 4)yummy soups to warm up cool nights 5)christmas is coming!

Anonymous said...

1 amazing colors
2) freshh smells
3)being outside with the crisp breeze
4)sewing with new color
Carrie (cinnamongirl on MJF)

girlwithasword said...

Fall is great! I love:
1) being in the mood to bake again!
2) the light...i love the way the light looks in fall
3) punkins and squash, yummmmmm!!!
4) getting ready for the holidays
5) the scent and sound of crunchy leaves squnching underfoot as you walk outdoors....

Anonymous said...

Oh only 5?
Well here are mine, 1)the tang in the air,also know as wood smoke here :) 2) My daughter's birthday! 3) punkins and mums 4) apple cider in the crockpot and last but not least 5)preparing for Christmas
Denise (levisgrammy at MJF)

Jennaluv said...

Oh what don't I love about fall?

1) beautiful colors all around.
2) cool crisp air
3) pumpkins
4) halloween and seeing the kids are dressed up running around on sugar highs
5) the crackling smells of a camp fire (leaves burning), apples baking, and the smell of autumn in the air

Jennaluv said...
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CountryintheBurbs said...

My favorite fall things -

1. The cool breezes
2. Pumpkin Farms
3. Watching my kids jump into the piles of leaves we rake up
4. Halloween
5. Thanksgiving/ Family

Tammy (Tammy Claxton of MJF)

zoomer1 said...

5 things I love about fall:

1)having a woodstove fire to cozy up to

2)baking again, after the long hot summer

3)completing the harvest and appreciating the full shelves of canned goodies

4) walks through the woods when multi-colored leaves are swirling through the air and around my feet

5)Sweater weather! :)

nikpresley said...

My Favorite Things About Fall:

1. The crisp cool air

2. The colorful leaves dancing down from the trees.

3. The Pumpkin Patch

4. The Beach! Yes, it's must better after the tourists leave! :)

5. Lying on a blanket looking at stars with my children at night.

L0rdsServant said...

What a great topic! Let's see...

1) Watching my children gleefully dance with the falling leaves like a fantastic ballet.

2) Lying on the ground, as I did as a young girl, watching the tree canopies swirl and release a flurry of golden leaves.

3) The return of the cool, northern wind breathing into the branches of the Oaks.

4) Bustling around the homestead together, gathering and preparing, taking in all of autumn's splendor.

5)Warm nights snuggled under the covers with my husband and children, drinking gingerbread tea and reading stories, while the wind howls outside the window.

Anonymous said...

What I like about fall:
1. cooler weather
2. the changing colors of the leaves
3. that Christmas is around the corner
4. That my birthday is before that.
5. That my anniversary is one day after my birthday
6. That it is not last year at this time

momof2jrt said...

I love the fall trees, I absolutely love the cooler days..
Being able to sew on sat and sun and not feel quilty that you are not outside doing yard stuff. Being able to enjoy a cup of coffee on the porch and not sweat.
Punkins and apples...

Denise Lantz

Mary said...

1. amazing leaf color
2. anniversary of first date with husband
3. warm days, cool nights,
4. annual quilt show
5. snow is coming
quilt8305 on MJF

Jennifer said...

Here are five of the gazillion things I love about fall:
1) Living in the midwest.
2) The crackle of a log in the fireplace.
3) Cake donuts and cider.
4) Dreaming about fall/winter projects i.e. quilting, scrapbooking.
5) The smell of food in the crock pot.
Jennifer :)

Melissa said...

1. Cooler weather
2. Thanksgiving
3. Pumpkins
4. Fall Flowers
5. Christmas is right around the corner.

Anonymous said...

Ok only five.....

1.leaves to rake and then jump in!!
2.Go on walks and not die of heat stroke.(we live in FL)
3.All the sewing of christmas presents.
4. sitting out side and making winter blankets while the kids are shaking all the leaves off the tree for more leaves to jump in.
5. Fireside reading with the family at night and of course home make carmal apple cider.
Christina (new port richey FL)

Anonymous said...

Forgot to post a name the anonymous comment at 10:17 pm is from Marcia(in Ks)

Candy said...

Hi Amy! My list of 5 favorite things:
1) Pumpkin Pie
2) fall leaves on my front lawn tree
3)Thanksgiving get-together with family
4)cool weather
5)baking season - love to bake (and eat-lol) pumpkin bread
and another thing I love is Christmas music which I start listening to right after Thanksgiving

Candy - Huglist

Alisha said...

1 Having my windows open again.
2 I love sweater weather!
3 leaf piles to jump in. (or take
pictures of my kids doing it!)
4 Making soups again
5 driving to see the leaves changing.
6 Thanksgiving Dinner (Even if I do have to do all the cooking.)
7 Our Wedding anniversary.
8 Nature walks in the crisp air.
9 Cleaning out my house before winter sets in.
10 Getting ready for CHRISTmas.

Mayhem Mommy said...

Fall....let's see....5 favorite things:

1. baby's first fall season
2. digging out "punkin gups" with my daughter
3. Spending new seasons with family again
4.watching husband try new "northern" things
5.eating fresh and warm cookies baked by my little brother

Sue said...

1. Cooler weather
2. Turning leaves
3. Crafting for Christmas
4. Baking
5. Thanksgiving

Courtney said...

1. My absolute favorite thing is the smell of woodsmoke in the air.
2. The pretty and tidy stack of freshly chopped wood piled next to the door.
3. The fiery color of the trees here in the mountains.
4. The cool weather and occassional rainstorms.
5. Pumpkins and spiced cider.

OK that was six. Fun contest!


Gateway Girl said...

Fall is my favorite season of all!

1. taking a drive and looking at the berry effect the changing of the leaves has on the landscape.

2. Kids in Halloween costumes

3. wrapping up in a cover and reading a book, while laying in the hammock enjoying the cool crisp air.

4. Pumpkin Pie with LOTS of whipped cream

5. Cuddling with my hubby on the couch watching the flicker of flames in the fireplace, sipping a glass of wine.

Amy Beth said...

My 5 favorite things about fall are:

1. Being able to light a fire in the fireplace in the evening.
2.Wearing flannel pajamas again.
3. Sipping hot cocoa when you are chilly.
4.Candy Corn.
5.Baking all those fall treats-pumpkin log, pumkin bread, pumpkin pie,apple crisp!

~~Mikki Jo said...

What a fun giveaway. My favorite things.

The beautiful pallete that our God has.
Just the slower pace of fall.
The wonderful harvest time.
The nip in the air that brings warm memories.
A warm cozy fire, and a mug full of hot chocolate.

Farmgirl said...

5 of my favorite things

1) My son, first and foremost

2) the beautiful fall colors

3) sitting snuggled up by the fire on a blustery day reading a good book

4) Good chocolate!!

5) My good friends

What a great way to get me to think about those things I take most for granted.

Bella Modiste said...

Five things I love about Fall...
1. The crisp clear air
2. Getting outdoors more to prepare the gardens for winter
3.The change of the leaves
4.It will soon be cool enough for a warm cup of apple cider
5.The rush to start and finish X-mas presents before it is too late

scrappinminnie said...

1.fall colors
2.the smell of the Autum air
3.pumpkin pie
4.apple picking
5.jumping in the leaves with the kids......

Anonymous said...

1 Cool Crisp Weather
2 Taking walks in the fallen leaves
3 Fall Colors - even the shades of brown we get here in Kansas
4 Dankefest - German Thanksgiving at my church
5 Trick or treating with the kids

Renee N, in Mac

Anonymous said...

1. the smell of wood burning in the fireplace
2. Back to school time with my children. New backpacks and notebooks
3. Going with my husband and the kids on our yearly "hunt for the perfect pumpkin"
4. Apple picking
5. Studying catalogs with my 5 year old who deeply delves into what his costume should be.


Nin said...

1) the smell of earth that fills the air

2) warm apple pie and custard

3) early morning mist that hangs in the trees

4) the feeling of cosiness as I sit in front of the fire

5) knowing that christmas is just around the corner

Anonymous said...

1 the leaves and their colors.
2 crisp air especially after the hot summer
3 pumpkins
4 fall colors everywhere, the clothing people wear
5 change in the winds they pick up.

Debbie Tn