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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Today is the day

Okay if you have read before today is the day we need to be out of here. Guess what I forgot to do????? I forgot to transfer the phone and Internet starting tomorrow. AHHHH
Okay I will have to make calls first thing tomorrow. I will leave the wireless here and bring my sons laptop when I come to clean and check emails and stuff. Hopefully they will not take to long to transfer the service. I mean isn't it all done by computer now??? Anyone know??

Well I have two of the bedrooms upstairs totally emptied and one almost done. We just need to bring down a couple of boxes from the 3rd room and a small dresser, oh and the clothes from the closet. Not too much and then I gotta vacuum so not bad. Then just the couch and rug and tv plus my bed and night stand oh yes and the computer and desk. LOL. I could not live without those.

I am hoping it all goes smoothly today. The big kids are ummmmm a tad bit uncooperative. Makes for a cranky mom. ; ) Sigh we will live through this. So please everyone keep us in mind today. Good thoughts okay???

A bit frustrated still about the move and no permanent place to go, but we have been blessed by the fact that we have a warm clean safe place to go even though it is not permanent. So that's okay today's needs are taken care of.

Praise God

He will never leave us nor forsake us!!


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