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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Looking looking looking

Yoooohoooooo I know your out there. I do I really do. I believe that somewhere here in central Kansas, there is a house just waiting for us. Perhaps you who are reading this right now has one. We would love to move to the country if there was one there. Perhaps you have a farm house that needs a bit of updating or a bit of work, we don't mind work. We have 6 kids, 5 boys and 1 girl who are strong and helpful and we even replaced an entire kitchen before. While a large 5 bedroom home would be awesome. We can make it work in a 3 bedroom. Bunkbeds are awesome, LOL.

We lived for almost a year in a 2 bedroom house in Tennessee. Please do not say nahh won't work because of that. Perhaps your just sitting there waiting for a home to sell, we would love to do a owner finance or contract for deed type thing,or perhaps you could finance for a couple of years and then do a bank loan or even a home to rent. We are good honest church going, on the worship team at church, type people. We do not smoke, do not do drugs, or drink.

If at all possible we would love to be able to get out of town and breath the fresh air, have some chickens, a cow, etc. Room to stretch, room to run, the quite solitude of the country. We have been praying for years for a place in the country, in act my 4 yearold today wasvery upset that we were not going to the farm,not sure what farm, but he wantedto go to the farm.

We have many interest, we have been involved with 4-H, I quilt and craft and sew, I cook cook and cook. I throw tea parties and bake from scratch. I make my own butter, and currently we buy farm fresh milk and eggs as we can not have a cow in town. If perhaps you have such a place or know someone who has such a place or as I mentioned a place in town even, please do not hesitate to email me.

We need to move ASAP as we have been given till the 21st to get out.


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BlissnBlossomFarm said...

Hey there Amy. I just know that you will find a way to get the farm you dream of. God has a way of working things out. I will pray for you all.
(((farmgirl hugs)))