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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Happy Anniversary and Fun Fall Drawing Day

Hello Everyone

I hope everyone is having a nice day. 16 years ago today, right now I was working on my wedding cake to get it finished, and my mom and our neighbor were decorating the sancturary. My soon to be husband was working for a french bakery at the time, and he had made me some of my favorite Chocolate crossiants. I ate them for breakfast and then did not stop until after 9 pm for anything else.

That afternoon I had my hair down by a lovely man named Wilson from our church he worked at Salon Salon in Modesto, Ca. A VERY nice place and he did my hair for free that day and even talked a lady there into doing my makeup for free as well. So I was really pampered.

After that we ran to Costco picked up the sheet cakes, and was informed by a gentleman from our church that I was running late, he worked there. LOL. Got everything back to the church and my grandma helped me get ready. I wore my grandmothers wedding dress, and pearls.

My sister and my hubbys sister were my bridemaids. My youngest sister took care of the guest book and gifts. My youngest brother was the ring bearer, and my other brother was an usher. My hubbys best man was his brother and then one of his friends was a groomsman.

The wedding was well let me explain. The pastor, ummmmm, well was very long winded. Very longwinded. I was not too thrilled. This pastor was not the one I would have liked to have married us. Ummm we did not like each other is was mutual. And I swear he spoke so long, and it was so hot, I stood up there and was blowing down my dress cause I was getting way way hot..... LOL.

A couple of people from our church sang. It was not that bad, I can laugh now at me blowing down my dress, I can only imagine what the pastor thought, LOL. But it was sooooo hot up there. The cake was good, of course I made it, LOL. One way to be sure you like your food is to bake it yourself. I think everyone had a good time, I will post a pic later today.

Okay on to the drawing. The drawing will be held today shortly after 5:00 pm. I have so enjoyed the responses you have all shared. Thank you for sharing and joining in the fun. I will see you later today.


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