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Friday, July 6, 2007

Wow busy week!!!

Okay we had an awesome 4Th of July. My very pregnant sister and I both made huge batches of taco salad and I made 4 gallons of a lovely fruity ice tea. It has lemonade, orange juice, and pineapple in it, yummy yummy. My sister made 2 gallons of lemonade. Plus I made a cake. My mom made homemade ice cream. We kept the menu very easy this year as we have a rehearsal dinner Friday and my brothers wedding Saturday. My mother did the altering of the wedding dress and my grandmother bless her heart is doing the altering of my dress. Which is so awesome as I have to alter one of my sons dress pants and cut another sons hair. Oh yes and make a 4 tier wedding cake!!! ; ) Plus show up at the wedding, hahahahhaha oh and lets not forget I have to convince my 3 youngest children they need to be quiet during the ceremony, that's not a scary thought......... Went to the Kansas Milkmaids today to pick up milk and soap. MMMMMMMMMMMM the car smelled so good driving home with all the soap. Lavender Calendula, gentleman farmers soap, which is great for those that garden, loopy limon, tea tree mint, double mint, lemon grass spearmint, oh and prairie rose. My bathroom smells so nice ; ) I was also glad to get the milk I need to make more butter. Plus the fresh from the cow milk is oh sooooo good. Hope everyone has an awesome weekend and I will post pictures of the cake ASAP Plus a picture I took at my moms farm yesterday before the storm came rolling in and boy did it come in with a bang. It poured, but it was soooo cool.


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