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Sunday, July 29, 2007

The problem with being snippy and other fun things

The last two days were long days. I had so many troubles it is not even funny. Let me give you a brief run down of a few of the things that made today SPECIAL

1 washed pair of shorts with my laundry that my youngest had accident in. I then dried the load of laundry got dressed for church and realized when I got to church that my clothes smelled like previously mentioned accident, yeah!!

2 discovered that the Orange Marmalade Cupcakes that I made from scratch and then covered up and put on the counter had been walked all over and layed upon by a CAT!! thankfully they were not frosted yet.

3 ran behind getting food finished for baby shower since I ran behind due to having to rewash laundry after I made it home from church yeah yeah!!!

4 stood in pouring rain waiting for people who were standing under an overhang to bring me things to load in the car, finally walked over and discovered they all figured I was going to move the car so were standing there waiting on me.

5 daughter has helium balloons tied together and attached to a bracelet. They blew away in the pouring rain, I discovered while moving the car to the parking spot, that they had come down in the street, now I was not sure what bracelet they were tied to, so I drove out onto Douglas Ave in Wichita a 4 lane road, rounded a corner cause they were blowing west parked the car jumped out in the pouring rain lost my shoes so ran barefoot into the street to grab the balloons yeah I got them right, they were tied to a 50 cent bracelet from a vending machine.


Due to the many things that had occurred, I was weary and became snippy in my replies to some people. I hate being grouchy. I am almost immediately sorry as I was today. The saying you will catch more flies with honey than vinegar is very true. As my snippy comment did not get a response really which is how it should be.

I can't remember the verse, but I think it goes "A soft answer turneth away wrath" not sure and right now I am too weary to look it up.

How easy it is sometimes to fall into the habit of just being snippy with people. I have been working on remembering the old saying "If you haven't anything nice to say don't say anything at all" And while alot of the time my snippyness is in response to someone else being snippy does that give me an excuse to be that way,ummmmmmm probably not.

God wants us to love on another and to bless one another, and being snippy is not doing either of these things. And I have been praying to for the wisdom to be able to know when to speak and when to say nothing, I do not want to be "the fool who goes where angels fear to tread"


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