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Friday, July 20, 2007

Thoughts for my blog

I think next month when I HOPE to have more time, LOL, I plan to add more to either the cake blog or even another blog linked to mine. It will have information on my tea parties and family occasions. I have pictures to add and information to share on how to throw and decorate for tea parties, wedding receptions, dinners etc. Alot of these ideas are for those on a budget. Cause with 6 kids unless we some day become millionaires ; ) we will always been on some sort of a budget, LOL Of course I have lots of awesome ideas for those not on a budget as well!!! I should also have more pics of cakes here soon. I also plan to perhaps offer a variety items for sale as well. Purses with darling trims, decorated picture frames, aprons, notebooks, cards, etc. Perhaps a purse filled with a matching notebook and cards!! I am not sure what the interest will be but we shall see. It can't hurt to try. I also plan to begin "catering" tea parties for ladies groups and perhaps ladies and little girls birthday parties, which I plan to offer a full service for hand stamped invitations, activities,and goodie bags as well as providing all glassware and silverware for as well as teacups and even down to the tablecloths and napkins, birthday cakes and all food etc. I will use the best ingredients no margarine or shortning fake vanilla, etc, in fact I make alot of things from scratch using organic flour and sugar farm eggs and fresh milk and cream and butter. All you will need to provide is the place and table and chairs. Anyway lots of ideas and lots of things planned.

Be Blessed Everyone

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