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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Thoughts on blog readers and the Kansas Milkmaid

Oh and a note to the readers of blog. It is nice to know that I have repeat readers. It make me feel good. I must not be too boring, LOL. I know a some are my family and friends, Hi there!!! ; )

Some I know are from a few groups I belong to. There are so many of you nice ladies who have alot of good advice to offer. I also enjoy reading a number of others blogs myself. And I have noticed some from those. And for those who just have stumbled on here hello and welcome I hope you visit again.

What is especially interesting about you dear readers, is that I have noticed that I have an especially frequent reader from here in Kansas. One who I would have thought might not be here as often as she is, due to my support of the Kansas Milkmaid and her obvious leanings the other direction which is her right, I feel someone must be fishing. I have been amazed that you have sometimes visited 4 or more times in 24 hours sometimes staying almost and hour. What is most interesting is the attempts to defame the KsMilkmaid to other blog writers, and supporters of the Kansas Milkmaid. This is interesting to me due to the fact that I have not received any more of these lovely notes, since the first anonymous comment, most likely because I have set in the courtroom and heard the truth. It's kinda hard to dispute what I have heard with my own ears and witnessed with my own eyes. Anyway hello to you.

I am praying for all those involved that they can be healed. And by everyone I mean EVERYONE!!!

I hope I have offended no one with this post. I just felt the need to address this.


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