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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Good Morning

It looks to be another sun shiny day here in Kansas. Although this summer that has been kind of rare. I know farmers can appreciate rain, but this much has to be making it hard for some to have been able to harvest what they had left from the late snows and freezes we had.

Please if you can remember to pray for Christina today. She has a hearing this morning on the divorce procedings. It was rescheduled from yesterday. I am praying for as easy and non stressful day as posssible.

Also today my sister went in for a c-section. I was hoping to get a call by now to let me know if it was a boy or girl. They decided they did not want to know. Wow someone who waits for the surprise until the end. I did not think that happened much any more!!!

Well gotta run have to go to the store and other errands this morning. Be Blessed, enjoy the day, stop and smell some roses, hug your kids, kiss your spouse, whatever it is you do today have a good one.


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