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Thursday, July 12, 2007


You know how when it rains it pours. Things just continue to line up to wear me out. But you know that's okay. God never gives us more then we can handle although I am sure alot of us wish God did not believe we were so strong!!! LOL. I liked to say hey God can we pretend this year that I am a more wimpy person. Maybe I can be that rich person so and so this week. You know they must not be able to handle too much I mean look how things seem to always go right for them. Over me there are some dark storm clouds but they have nice sunshiny birds singing days. SIGH..............

Okay I know I am not the only person to suffer with what looks like never ending rain clouds. There are people whose troubles I would never want. I mean look at Jonah, what Jonah went through would likely kill me, I hate water, I hate fish, I am claustrophobic so being inside a whale would do me in fast, but then again as I hate boats I would never have been in one to have been thrown out of it first.

Then there's Moses, having to stand up to a Pharaoh and led all those people out of Egypt. Well heck all the people Moses led out had it pretty rotten. Having their babies taken, okay right there would have killed me. And as I can be somewhat irreverent I would probably not have lasted long as a slave!! ; )

My friend Christina having to deal with both a divorce and this criminal case. She is struggling but she doing awesome. I am so proud of her. Through all her trials she is dealing with them with dignity. She has been very godly in any of the information she has shared at all. She has not pointed the finger and cast blame. She has asked for prayer for all those involved and I am proud to be her friend. So please continue praying for her.

I know that there are alot of women well and men who go through trials and suffering. I have Kim Hills latest CD BROKEN THINGS. All of her songs touch me so deeply, and others as well. You can tell she has walked the road your walking maybe not in the exact shoes, but along the same path. Every song on this CD is awesome. If anyone is going through anything or even if your not this is an awesome CD and it was worth every penny it cost. I am putting a link for her site in my list of links.

Well now I am off to run errands and do some shopping. I hope everyone has an awesome day.

Be Blessed

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