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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Well I guess I was wrong

LOL I did not lose my biggest fan after all. Hillsboro is still visiting frequently. HAHAH I would have thought after yesterday you would have been done fishing but with I believe 8 visits yesterday and over 40 minutes spent on my blog, you must really not have anything better to do. Which all I can say is I am sorry about that. Perhaps you could read your Bible. Thats always good for the soul.

I believe you have at least a couple of kids. Perhaps you could do something fun for the holidays bake some cookies, or some sort of breads. Take some to your neighbors, I bet they would love that. My neighbors do. Take a drive look at the festive holiday decorating. I am sure yesterdays post led to the record number of visits in 5 hours. So hey if you want to keep visiting it does look good on my site meter, it really helps bring the numbers up.

Anyway enough of this. I am done commenting on your visits as well as most anything to do with this issue for now. I do hope your children have a Merry Christmas and that after all this is finished everyone involved can get their lives back on track and with the right perpective and a more CHRISTIAN attitude. I know mine can be a bit cranky so I have been working on it. Which again why I will no longer comment on this, as I do not feel very charitable toward my "neighbor" as in "Love thy Neighor as Thyself"!!!!!

So Merry Christmas Hillsboro, I hope your New Year is better. And I do truly mean that.


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