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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Our new house

This is the living room of the house we will be moving into! A good sized room and large windows in the front. Yeah!!!

This is the dinning room, it is so nice has a built in hutch which is cool and very nice tile floors. I love the different lights that can be used in the room.

This kitchen is really nice, you can't see the pantry on the other wall, but yeah!!! And a bunch more cupboard space on the wall behind the photographer. Plus there is a mural of a seascape on the wall. Pretty neat. Oh and window into the family room so those washing dishes are not totally out of the loop.

And here is the family room. Behind the person taking the pic is a wood stove. The ceilings are also nice and high and the room kinda reminds you of being in a log cabin, which my DH and I like. The door there leads to the fenced in back yard, which we have never ever had. We are so excited that the kids and the dogs can go out and run and play!! We will start moving in sometime next week. Please keep us in mind and pray for smooth sailing.

Have am awesome Thursday


Anonymous said...

THe house looks really nice with lots of room. I am happy for you! Love, Mom

Day4plus said...

It looks beautiful. Congrats. MB

Beemoosie said...

Very nice house!!! Good for you!