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Saturday, December 1, 2007

We are expecting puppies

The proud parents are all dressed up for Christmas. Lucky is the dad and Emmaline Harris is the mom. We are unsure of the exact date and also how many puppies we are expecting, as we did not plan to breed this time as we have been in the process of moving, well you all know, LOL. But due to a child's error in judgement,we are expecting puppies.

Also Emmaline hates the vet and gets all uptight and he can't feel a thing when she is like that so there would have been pointless for him to try and feel around. Oh well. No biggie we will just keep a good eye on her.

At any rate they are purebred and papered, and will be ready for Valentines Day I am thinking. So that's cool. I will post a pic tomorrow of Anne Shirley she is from last years litter and will be 1 year old tomorrow. But she definitely needs a bath and a bit of a trim before she can have a picture. LOL


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