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Friday, December 28, 2007

Thought for today

Due to some emails that I have received lately about some subjects that I said I would not currently be posting on, I have decided to post this quote as a thought for today. You know who you are and as you have all refused so far to answer my questions that I asked you in regards to your letters, that leads me to believe you have no answer. That the statements you have made are not truthful. And that the story your believing has no merit so therefor you have no answers. If you can answer these questions that I have asked perhaps I could see where you are coming from...........

Anyway todays thought for today

From Ouspensky's The Fourth Way

The most serious lying is when we know perfectly well that we do not and cannot know the truth about things and yet never act accordingly. We always think and act as though we knew the truth. This is lying. When I know that I do not know something, and at the same time say that I know, or act as though I knew it, it is lying. For instance, we know nothing about ourselves, and we really know that we know nothing, yet we never recognize or admit the fact; we never confess it even to ourselves, we act and think and speak as though we knew who we are. This is the origin, the beginning of lying.

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