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Sunday, December 30, 2007

As we worship you


As we worship You
Let all the world come and see
How the mercy we've received from You
Can set them free
As we worship You
Let all this joy that fills our hearts
Bring a hunger and a hope to those
Who've strayed so far

As we bow in adoration
And stand in reverent awe
Show Your majesty and glory
Let Your anointing fall
As we declare Your name Lord Jesus
As the only name who saves
May the pow'r of Your salvation
Fill each heart we pray

As we worship You
Let all the nations hear our song
The song of Jesus and His blood
That proved His love for all
As we worship You
May all the lost and broken come
May they hear Your still small voice
Call out their names each one

As we worship You
As we worship You
As we worship You
As we worship You

We sang this song today. I love this song. Worship this morning was so awesome. OUr worship team is pretty great. We have always been blessed to have worshop leaders and teams that are pretty great. Our whorship leader now is awesome, however I do miss the one we had prior. His name was Tom Seaman. He was head of the music department at Central Christian College in McPherson, Kansas.

He was an awesome worship leader and teacher as well. Some of the best sermons we ever heard were given by him. Nothing against our Pastor, we love him. Anyway, the worship service does not make the church, but if can be such a blessing. The two songs I added this afternoon, were songs we sang in church today. I wish I could have found As We Worship You, as well, but it was not there.

I hope that everyone was a blessed as I was this morning, but not only the worship service, but the sermon as well. Our Pastor talked about The Star of Bethlehem.
And what the Star must have been witness to. And finally pointing out that we need to be as that Star and be a light to a dark world. Simple....... Makes sense..

Everyone have a blessed Sunday.

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