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Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Thanksgiving Myspace Graphics

You know if I was this turkey I am not sure that I would be smiling. He looks entirely to happy for it to be thanksgiving, LOL. So whats your weather like??

Today we are actually getting some snow. If it keeps up I will take some pictures and post them. Okay I need to get busy we will be going to my sisters house this year. Both sides of her family will be there totaling 26 people, I am bringing a second green bean casserole, 2 pumpkin rolls, ham and salami rolls, the stuffing, and since I am the designated gravy maker for the family, I will be taking the stuff for that and doing that there.

You know I have always thought it such a shame the way families are so spread out today. Thanks to planes trains etc... families are spread all over the world. One of my brothers, a Marine, is in Ca, on base he will be home for Christmas, but will be shipped out early next year for overseas, sigh.... my other brother, a Marine, is in Arizona with his wife, they are unable to come home at all this year, he will be shipped out early next year as well. Lots of praying for them. I have two sets of grandparents and tons of aunts, uncles, and cousins in California. Then there is all my family in Minnesota, and Oklahoma, plus my husbands family back east. Geesh if we were all local we would need to rent a hall to get together.

I hope each and every one that reads this has a blessed Thanksgiving and I hope that no one is alone for the holidays. Such a sad thing to be without family or loved ones. I am so very thankful for my 6 children and my wonderful husband as well as my two sisters and three sister in laws and their families, and my 3 brothers and 4 brother in laws and their families as well.
Also I am thankful for my parents and how much they love my kids even when they are stinkers, LOL. I am also thankful for dear friends some I have had longer then others, but all special and encouraging and willing to help when needed even when not asked. How wonderful to have friends like that!!! I am also thankful that a dear friend is in remission from lymphoma right now and pray that it lasts a very very long time.

I pray that everyone makes it safely to where ever they might be traveling for Thanksgiving. Be Blessed and let us all remember to be thankful for what we have. Even in my situation I know that we are indeed truly blessed.

Happy Thanksgiving

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Amy said...

Hope that your Thanksgiving was warm and wonderful :-)

Farmgirl hugs!