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Monday, November 5, 2007

Hey, it's time for dessert, LOL

I am so enjoying reading all the comments left. Ladies, you all are making me hungry, LOL!!!!! You know, today while I was making dinner, I glanced over at the bananas sitting on the counter and thought....... I need to make Banana Pudding. Now I am not talking about a box of banana pudding. YUCK!!!

What I am talking about is a wonderful sinful layered dessert that I never knew exsisted until I lived in Tennessee. Layers of yummy vanilla waffers, french vanilla pudding, bananas and whipped cream. The first time I saw this I was thinking I don't really like bananas, but then I tasted it OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This was so not what I expected. I am not sure who made the pudding Miss Helen, Miss Minnie, or Miss Charlotte but it was awesome. I tasted all of theirs and they were all excellent.

Thank you ladies!!!

Anyway with Thanksgiving and Christmas coming I have just been thinking of all sorts of thing I want to bake this year. I adore baking well you can probably tell from some of my other blog pages specifically the bakery one, LOL. I also have been thinking of decorations and have been making Christmas Cards. I hope my life is a bit more settled by the time all the holidays get here.

Anyway if your just now visiting my blog for the first time, welcome, and be sure to go down a few posts and sign up for the soap giveaway.

Gotta run it is getting late.

Have an awesome day everyone.


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Sue said...

Glad your back online! My hubby loves this pudding, I may have to make him some now! lol