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Friday, November 2, 2007

I have internet yeah

It took only 8 or 9 phone calls and hours of my life explaining to person after person about the previous calls. I also spent alot of these calls bitting my tongue so as not to yell at people, as I never managed to speak to the same person twice. So each time I called they were asking me what can I do for you today........ AHHHHHH, but it is fixed yeah, no more frustrating phone calls. So I can back to being more pleasent, LOL.

Remember scroll down to the next post and sign up for the soap giveaway. There will be two lucky winners. I love this soap, and we buy nothing else anymore. I may have a few more post later.


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Cheryl said...

Hi Amy,
It is really a treat to clip on your blog! Great work! Your giveaway sounds wonderful; please count me in! (Does the first comment ever win?)