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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Good Morning

A cloudy morning for us here. I was hoping for sunshinny. But it could change cause after all it is Kansas and the weather does change rapidly here. So I will hope for a brighter afternoon. My youngest brother is celebrating his birthday today. We may be meeting them for an ice cream party this afternoon. But since it is his birthday..................

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Mark John, Happy Birthday to you!!!!

I will hold the drawing for the winners of the bars of soap later today. It may be this evening, due to the birthday. So I hope that everyone who is interested has posted their comments. If you haven't the post is down the page so please go and do so.

Well with a full day ahead of me, I had better run. I gotta head to the laundry mat, sigh....... my washer stopped agitating while we were packing stuff and moving and since my hubby did not have the time to work on it it was put into storage with everything else, soooooooo off the the stupid laundry mat I go. You know the price of doing laundry is enough for me to consider selling and arm, leg, or kidney, and going out and buying a brand new one...... Ah well, life goes on.

Have an awesome Saturday everyone.

Be Blessed


Beemoosie said...

Good Morning to you, Amy! What a beautiful blog you have! Looking forward to getting to know you!

Amy Ellen said...

Hey there BeeMoosie

Thank you for the nice comments. I have enjoyed looking at your blogs as well. It surely is nice to get to know other ladies who blog.