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Friday, November 23, 2007

How was your Thanksgiving

We had a very good one. WAY WAY too much food. Even more then usual as my sister had her husbands side of the family there as well. So they made all of their favorites too. And you know what we had tons of food left, although no one minded that. I am making a thanksgiving dinner here again sort of tonight.

My husband likes how I cook everything and wanted me to do it again no biggie. As we did not get into my green bean casserole that is already done. Plus I have the stuffing baked already, and I took hom my gravy, plus we have 2 pumpkin rolls and a sweet potato pie, although I may get roped into making something sweet with apples, oh yes and we have some ham rolls left.

Anyway I must go brave the local walmart sigh....... although by this time of day the sales should be over and there should be less people there. But I need some rolls I don't feel like making homemade ones today. I am still tired from yesterday.

I hope everyone traveling has a safe trip home.

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