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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Me and a very long suffering dog you know I see that look on my youngest face all the time, LOL. Now I know where he gets it rats thought it was his dad, hahahah.

Me a ham no not me I could never ever be a a ham okay I was a ham. LOL

Me a bit more composed such a sweet looking child. I think I might have still be a bit naughty. I do recall telling my sister that dog food was cereal and talking her into eating it with milk. Hey I was just a kiddo.

Ahhhh school pics. I hated having that long hair I hated having it combed.

A school field trip. We went camping near the ocean, easy to do in California. I am the third one in on the left. Ahh the early eighties....... That is Terry and Jesse Hampton in the back in the middle, they sang and had guitars, they were a blast, that's my mom in the big glasses over to the right. Weren't the early eighties great?? The clothes, the hair, the glasses, sigh. Okay I am so glad that we are not in the 70's or early 80's now, LOL..... Also apparently I had a thing for stripes when I was a kid just keep watching stripes will appear again, LOL

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Lallee said...

What adorable photos ;-)