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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

On Birthdays and getting older

I was born August 25, 1973 Wow now that's a long time ago, LOL. As the years pass they seem to be getting faster. I will be 35 this year. Sigh..... Now I know that 35 is not old at all. The problem is my mother was 35 when I was a teenager and of course to teens their parents are Ohhhhh Sooooo OOOOOOOld, LOL. I have always thought that as you get older you gain wisdom, okay who really thinks this???

Okay yes I have gained alot of knowledge as the years have past, but I have also really come to understand how much there is now that I don't know. And as brilliant doctors, or scientists, or computer techs discover or create new things, I seem to just be falling behind in comparison. At this point there is so much to know out there there is no hope for me of ever catching up.

But I am thinking that perhaps just maybe that is okay. I know what I need to and I can learn more when necessary. So that's enough for me. Now alot of people have asked me to post new pictures of me. Well these may not be new as in today, but they are all new to anyone on this blog so here I am from shortly after birth all the way up until last fall. LOL Okay I did skip a few years. I went through a stage that no one gets to see. VERY skinny and with a very very strong perm, ekkkkkk. HAHHAHAHAHHA; )

Myself and my Great Great Grandma Harris. My family is fairly long lived.

Just me look at all that hair!!!

My first Easter awwwwww!!

My first Easter, yeah they took a variety of shots with a variety of outfits and blankets, I have a few more, figured 2 was enough, LOL.

Myself and a very long suffering dog, considering all the pics this poor little guy posed for with me, hahahahahahha.


Sharon said...

What a little cutie you were! I love all the pitures. You were just adorable. Hey girl, 35 is not old! I will be 47 in September and that is just crazy to me! Enjoy your day!

Hugs, Sharon

madrekarin said...

Oh, you little cutie pie!! In August, 1973, I was getting ready to start my sophomore year in high school. You're not old. :)