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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Myself and Picale showing. She was a sweet girl.

Me and my soon to be hubby looks like I am gonna whack him with a stick doesn't it, LOL He probably deserved it though, hahahahaha.

One my wedding pictures. R to L, My Grandmother Shirley, my Great Grandma Wilma, and my Mother Gail with wedding hair, LOL, then myself and my husband Tony. About this picture it is and interesting picture for me as it shows some of my heritage as well you just can't see it with the naked eye. My Grandmother is 100% Swedish, my Great Grandmother is 100% German (she is my Mom's Grandma on her Dad's side, and my Mom who is half Swedish and Half German, then me a quarter of each and then a whole bunch of other stuff, LOL. Yes, my Mom has big hair she DID NOT fix it like this most of the time. I was married in 1991 and this was a hairdressers idea of hair for a wedding, LOL. And the dress and veil were my Grandmothers. I always wanted to wear it and I was blessed by her allowing it.

My husband and my first kiddo and myself, I was sooo tired in this pic. Not sure why just remember being tired, LOL

And yes a big ol' gap until last year. Yup that's me. I guess I should take some new ones, LOL.

So there that is my life in pictures, with yes some gaps, up until now. Okay then done!!!

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