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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Okay time for a party game, LOL Can you pick me out??? Look at the first 4 pics and see if you can find the common factor in each, LOL Look under the 4th for the answer, LOL...

In the top picture I am the first kiddo who you can see clearly in the shot coming from the right. Second picture I am the first in on the right. In the third I am the second kiddo in on the right. And the last one I am the third in on the right. Awww aren't I cute. Okay I really am not happy with the paint brushed and troweled on makeup, LOL, nor the BIG FLOPPY STUPID BOW. I have a few other pictures that were old fashioned type, and my sister got a bear to hold and what did I get A BIG FLOPPY STUPID BOW, LOL.... What did they see in me that said hey give this kid a BIG FLOPPY STUPID BOW, LOL.....

The Gusheas. This family was awesome. We did loads together, went fishing, played at each others houses, and well went to the rodeo obviously. Uriah was my best friend as well as my first crush, LOL. Of course I said nothing and he "puppy loved" a girl named Naomi. Oh well. Sadly the world lost 2 shinning stars when both Uriah and his dad Greg died the same year. The world is so much darker with out their presence on it. Also tidbit of info here. I know my Grandpa Noel took the picture just by looking at the shadow, do you see the pipe??? I love the smell of pipe tobacco. Also my sister and I were trend setters!!!! LOL ; ) Do you notice the Birkenstocks and socks, we wore them WAY before anyone else ever thought of it. LOL Thanks Mom!!!

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